Trek Super Commuter+: Goodbye, Car

Trek Super Commuter+: Goodbye, Car

The Trek Super Commuter+ is a fast, fun, and stylish way to commute. With a top speed of 45 kilometers per hour (28mph) and a battery you can charge on or off the bike, it is equipped to help you get the most out of your ride. Start enjoying your commute, ride electric.

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  1. E-bike isn’t a bike…it’s a electric-car with two wheels……

  2. Change this to a belt drive ebike.

  3. The big mistake all the ‘e’ commuter cycle companies are making is they absolutely need shocks in front and at least a seat shock absorber. They are driving on the road just like a car or motorcycle, and they all equip with shocks. At 28 mph, hitting a pothole which are everywhere will crack the frame eventually unless there are shocks. For $5,000+, the prices demand shocks. Cant believe they didn’t engineer them into the bikes. There are a dozen ‘e’ commuter bike manufacturers that have top of the line bikes for this price and they all engineer front and rear shocks. I would never pay this price for no shock absorption system. It’s like buying a Ferrari and its delivered with no shocks, would you pay a premium for it, I think not..

  4. e-bikes have delimiters because max speed in Canada for an e-bike is 40km/hr. Funny max speed for a car in Canada is 110km/hr and yet some cars do well over 300km/hr……funny how that double standard works eh?

  5. What mirror is on this bike? I just bought a Super Commuter and I think this mirror would be a nice edition.

  6. Goodbye bank balance. I could buy one of my motorcycles, one of my bikes and my mk1 Renault Twingo (I know, but I love it!) and still have change for this money.
    And wait until you need a new battery…… time to sell one of your kidneys. Or your child.

  7. Minus 20 with a foot of snow on the ground with ice under the snow…best wishes to you. Yep, you can use your ebike half the year where I live. I will just keep pedaling my cheap, average, reliable bicycle. The funny thing is, most of you people who are arguing for the outlandish cost of these machines probably don’t even own one. I think they are a fantastic invention…just too costly for the average person.

  8. sold

  9. Apple commercial??

  10. Please… I can convert my current bike into a far superior machine for like a sixth of what this hunk costs.

  11. Outside of maybe three USA regions: So Cal, South Florida and Hawaii, the winters are too cold to truly ride year round.

  12. Michael Mitchell December 11, 2020 @ 9:28 pm

    Can’t wait for when this gets to SA!

  13. can get an cheap and reliable motorcycle for 1/3 of the price and with that money saved pay its bills for the next 10 years.

  14. Eranga Jayaweera December 11, 2020 @ 9:32 pm

    All these Ebike makers are missing the damn point. No wonder china takes over. Who would pay $4000+ for a Ebike? Only to get stolen at the train station

  15. looks like any other ebike with the bosch system, and to boot apple style narrative

  16. *LOVE LOVE love cannot day enough good things,↝↝>**** quality bike, pulls my daughter in a trailer no problem*

  17. Net_Chix_AnKill? December 11, 2020 @ 9:37 pm

    sooooo…. its a moped.

  18. What at nice bike

  19. wayyyy too expensive

  20. Sure, goodbye car. I can’t even say goodbye car with my motorcycle.

  21. Brilliant commute bike – available in Australia?

  22. why speed so much for commute? can’t we enjoy the ride slower.

  23. could not find this model in New Zealand, so I end up bough Trek Conduit+. Totally happy with this bike, combine between exercise and fun. I like Commuter+ because it has a bigger and thicker tires than Conduit+.

    Great job Trek!!!

  24. Michael Anderson December 11, 2020 @ 9:43 pm

    i lost my car to rust i am retired and i don’t need a car that rusts away outside a bike i can take inside

  25. What is the brand of the rear view mirror ?

  26. Yeah, sweet bike…..$4,999.00!!!!! I don’t know how relaxed I’d be locking that up at the train station and hoping it would still be there when I get back in the evening.

  27. can’t you give distances in miles

  28. One of the best bikes you ever made! I have been commuting for the last ten years, and this bike changed a lot in my daily life. Absolutely love it. And if you drive the car less, it is still expensive – but it is ok. Because basically for a lot of situations you can get rid of the car – even out of town. It is fast, reliable, drives absolutely wonderfully dynamically (not the senior style other bikes have), and the solutions with the battery are also just ideal. Could not have done this any better. I hope to see more of this in the near future. 😉 Absolutely perfect if you love riding MTB or road bikes a lot. If you are not a rider – it is probably too fast for you 😀

  29. Yes commuting is great….been doing it for 6 years 5 days a week, more people should do it. #onelesscar

  30. The biggest reason I bicycle is to get away from motors

  31. Hopefully he closed his garage door

  32. I’m a big fan of trek bikes they very well made bicycles

  33. It should be classified as a moped.

  34. she is hot….nice smile i buy it!

  35. Test rode one today. Its even more fun than it looks like.

  36. lol i bought this model directly from this promo. in reality its just a lot of stop signs with exposed awkwardness with other drivers lol.


    Right… but I dont have a motor… and I do the daily commute across the city every day… Id rather have my surly ogre than an electric bike….

  38. Dude is so excited about his bike he left his garage door open.

  39. I wish I got rid of my car. But the price is not helping though

  40. For a commuter bike with a chain drive, it is a big no no for me. Remember the maintenance and the how messy the geese can be on a trouser when heading to work. 5k for this chain drive is not worth it.

  41. I’m waiting for my FX 3!

  42. A Brompton is $3500. How is this better?

  43. Jhayla Takeru Chavez Takaishi Barbera Liberato December 11, 2020 @ 10:02 pm

    Wayell, I am fine with actually BEING the motor, that is pedaling my own bike.

  44. just wait a year . they will 1/2 price . Craigslist 👀

  45. Peter Abou Gharib December 11, 2020 @ 10:04 pm

    Waiting for the new motors. Gonna be fantastic.

  46. It will be mine after a Stromer ST1. I ride 70 km/day 🙂

  47. Every scene has the rider having the road to himself. Only one scene had a car with him passing it. LOL

  48. you pay $1000 extra for the name,

  49. Few things are worth every penny. This is one of those things 😎

  50. Love it!

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