Trek Verve+ 2 Review – $2.5k Feature Rich City Ebike

Trek Verve+ 2 Review – $2.5k Feature Rich City Ebike One of Trek’s most popular and affordable electric bike models, loaded with accessories and high-quality components, backed by an outstanding warranty, available in a wide range of frame types, styles, and colors, and supported by a large network of dealers and repair shops. An excellent city and commuting Ebike thanks to full plastic fenders, integrated always-on lights, and a rear rack, the Bosch Active Line motor provides smooth and quiet power that pairs well with the top-tier Shimano Alivio groupset and efficient Bontrager H5 tires. An impressively comfortable ride thanks to many small factors such as the suspension seatpost, large 700x45c tires that provide a lower attack angle and more float, ergonomic locking grips, vibration-dampening solid steel fork, and a wide and comfortable saddle. The Active Line is the least powerful of Bosch’s motors and caps out at 100 RPM which may not be a good fit for less active riders, the Purion display has only basic features and is not removable, some standard functions such as walk mode are disabled and there are no USB Type-A charging ports. EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at:

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  1. Don’t buy a trek when it breaks just throw it away. Customer service sucks

  2. William Morris Music November 25, 2020 @ 7:06 pm

    I bought the previous Verve+ model (based on your original review), which has been really good overall. I’m not sure this offers anything worth the upgrade but would still make a good first ebike for someone.

  3. You should brush up on your knowledge of bike brands. Only 3 brands 馃ぃ

  4. Baltasar Shepard November 25, 2020 @ 7:09 pm

    What kind of glasses are those?

  5. Well done !

  6. Showed this video to Greta thunburg

    She approves

  7. An eBike for those that hate eBikes, lol

  8. Do you even have to pedal when the motor is going or can you just ride?

  9. The Verve+3 has the walk assist and it’s powerful. On a flat smooth surface I almost have to jog to keep up with it! If you’re considering the +2 and have an extra $500 to spare you might want to consider the +3. It has a bit more power and an upgraded battery that’s hidden in the frame.

  10. Thank you for the review

  11. Ali G

  12. I just ordered the 2021 step thru model. This was a really great review. Very clear on what I can expect. I am an older rider and hope the step thru will allow me to mount a load on the back rack and not require swinging my leg over. Step thru colors not as vibrant tho.

  13. Patrick Mcgovern November 25, 2020 @ 7:21 pm

    Love the bike BUT chain problems are real and not easy to fix.

  14. Is this only for street rides. I have a park near me with flat , hard dirt/ground in the woods – not sure if thats "Too off road ‘ for this …

  15. The Verve+ 3 is not available until September, so I’m told by Trek.

  16. November 25, 2020 @ 7:26 pm

    Bosch Purion control system overview: 15:35
    Battery removal & overview: 19:08
    Charger: 21:15
    Ride test begins: 24:13
    Motor closeups: 26:35

  17. My local Trek dealer has told me that they generally recommend the low step version because it handles better due to the lower center of gravity. Haven’t made the comparison, but did test the low step a few days ago and it was a really nice experience.

  18. i will say I was going up a very steep long hill and a very long ride right after purchase and had problems with the gears afterward. My bike shop manager spent a lot of time getting my gears back the way they are supposed to be. Now my gears work perfectly. That is so important. If you develop problems with the gears, take it back to the shop and get someone to fix the problems. It should work seamlessly. Also I have noticed that this bike won’t help you up a very steep long hill.. It will lock up, and you will be walking up it, holding to the bike. If you live in an area with a lot of long steep hills, you will need a more powerful bike. Otherwise, this bike is great for people who need pedal assist on regular hills and will give you plenty of exercise. it is awesome on city trails and roads. I hope to use it to get me in shape and then I will purchase a new regular Trek bike.

  19. Susan Radzilowski November 25, 2020 @ 7:34 pm

    Does Trek still sell this bike? Can’t seem to find it on their site. Thanks!

  20. Guys can you review husqvarna. Their e-bikes look amazing. Not sure if they are available in the states but would like see atleast some review on it

  21. Nice bike unless you ride around hilly areas. Active line motor also under powered for my taste. that said I’m go about 205 lbs.

  22. Everything seems ideal. Thew review is superb & detailed but the elephant in the room: bike weight. At 22.5kg / 50lbs if you’re carrying up/in/out of a house/stairs then it’s a big thing to consider.

  23. What brand helmet were you using on this video? Thank you.

  24. You definitely have some great reviews. Thank you just order one for my wife today

  25. So I live in Fort Collins and weigh 184 lbs. Can anyone tell me if this bike will allow me to ride Centennial Drive? If you don’t know the road by that name, it is the "Skyline Drive" between the Horsetooth Reservoir and the city. I’ve only rode it under my own power when I was younger going south to north.

  26. Alexander Harding November 25, 2020 @ 7:38 pm

    People say it’s underpowered are funny. Sure it’s underpowered if you want to go 20mph all the time up a steep hill with 100% assistance. But with this bike I can go up a VERY VERY steep hill in first or second gear at 5-7 mph and barely need any pedal pressure, it just goes. You just need to slow down a bit, just like you would on a regular non-ebike. This bike will have you going 15-18 mph most of the time anyways with minimal pedalling.

  27. Fancy a Bev Mate? November 25, 2020 @ 7:38 pm

    I’m still disappointed with the poor lighting on all e bikes my 2019 sduro trekking 7.0 has a sky beamer 100 lumens and its really not good enough. I have fitted two niterider 850s (mini) and whilst the 3rd power setting is overkill having two along with the sky beamer on medium setting means I’m seen as well as me being able to see. Not everyone rides in cities and the fact that my bike is a semi off road bike it’s utterly useless for trail riding. These manufacturers need to start fitting decent lighting along with a daytime running function as these bikes aren’t cheap. Cheers

  28. i upgraded from the Trek Townie to the Trek 2+ Verve. There’s lot to love about this bike(!) but I have some questions. I’m 5’6" and I got the medium size bike. I love the size but even at the lowest position the seat feels too high. I like the size of the bike otherwise; smaller size bikes make me feel a little cramped up. Is there a different seat and stem I could get that would able me to sit a couple of inches lower. I also have noticed due to the high seat that my hands go numb because I’m putting too much pressure on my hands on the steering bar. If this problem could be solved, my bike would be perfect for me. Thanks for your review, it was accurate about the great aspects of this bike.

  29. Just bought a couple Verve +3s. This review helpful in decision. On the 3 the walk mode works. Short of a flat tire don鈥檛 know what I would use it for.

  30. ExploringWorld A November 25, 2020 @ 7:44 pm

    Hi, I’d like to buy the first electric bicycle. I will use it especially when traveling around the city. The roads are often a bit steep and bumpy. Can you tell me if this electric bicycle is also convenient to use in the city? I would not want to spend more than the price of this electric bicycle. I would like a nice electric bicycle, but sporty and above all comfortable even for the city with slightly uphill and somewhat bumpy roads. Do you recommend it or do you recommend a different electric bicycle for me?
    1000 thanks for your valuable advice.

  31. A few years ago, I was riding an inexpensive Schwinn bike without any suspension. I hit a pothole and broke a bone in my hand. I now try to only ride bikes with a suspension fork, or really loosen my grip on the handlebars when riding over rough pavement, so my hands don鈥檛 take all of the shock. Great review, by the way!

  32. Toad In the hole November 25, 2020 @ 7:47 pm

    Must be a nice world to have money 馃檮

  33. I have a Verve+ and love it. With no power, it is easy to ride. The disk brakes are incredible. High Quality bike.

  34. Great review! You’ve got me thinking about a trek ebike now

  35. Theres no throttle though…

  36. Chic everyday bike. In terms of equipment there is room for improvment. But i woult buy it anyway. Unfortunately, dont find it in Germany. WTF.

  37. The step-through version does have bottle mounting on the middle pillar 馃檪

  38. Best review ever, very clear.

  39. Just bought it TODAY!! Thanks so much for the review. With so many exiles out there, I was overwhelmed with all the specs and tech-talk. You simplified it in plain talk, and I鈥檓 now convinced; I made the right choice!!

  40. Overprice because of the brand name

  41. Great review. I wonder if there will be some nice deals on the original Verve+ now that this is out.

  42. This is a great bike (I have it). It’s smooth and sturdy, like all Trek bikes.

    The one really big downside that I see they still haven’t addressed is the terrible wiring job for the front headlight (you can see it at 7:00 easily in your video). Mine came from the factory just wrapped in electrical tape and was sketchy. I re-did it all with heat-shrink tubing but it looks like they still haven’t come up with a professional solution. On a bike worth several thousand dollars that’s inexcusable.

  43. Fly Rides Electric Bikes November 25, 2020 @ 8:03 pm

    The Bosch Active is so dope. Feels natural, but provides a ton of power and it increases your range so much. I’d highly recommend a bike with this motor to people who don’t need a ton of assistance. The Performance Line on bikes like the Gazelle are great options as well if you’re looking to increase your range

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