Trump Circus Back in Washington for Impeachment Trial #2

Trump Circus Back in Washington for Impeachment Trial #2

The circus is back in Washington for the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump, Republicans are too afraid to do the right thing, the two lawyers defending Trump formed a disaster duo and Trump was said to be deeply unhappy, officials in Palm Beach are discussing whether or not he is allowed to live at Mar-a-lago, Trump sycophants always use his middle initial when saying his name, plans are in place to safely re-open Broadway, and while Jimmy is more than happy to wait his turn but with that being said – he gives a list of people he should get the vaccine before, and he chats with a “vaccine hunter” (Andy Daly).

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Readers Comments (49)

  1. Jimmy is eating his words and I love it……Trump wins….you lose….laugh is on you jackasses!!!

  2. Save the J for the court conviction

  3. Sorry I’m not American but doesn’t the US in 2021 have more important matters to manage rather than focusing on Donald trump so much ? How much money is spent in this impeachment trials ?
    I’m surprised how the land of free speech could censors from all platforms its own president. That’s a strong message you gave to the world. Wake up people.

  4. what in the hell is wrong with her she looks like a meth head talking about Democrats like junkies needing a fix talking bout the pot calling the kettle

  5. Jimmy is such a zero.

  6. What about Homer J. Simpson???

  7. Did this age well Kimmel? Maybe you should fake cry again over massacre shootings for attention.

  8. Acquitted. Cope.

  9. Stop showing him, and mute that voice.

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  11. Who a)…. And 2) 😂😂😂

  12. last bit: that’s just Forrest Macneil reviewing getting vaccinated (4 and a half stars)

  13. Review with Forrest MacNeil is the best show in modern television history! 10 stars

  14. The Only Clown here is Jimmy Kimmel! Meanwhile Millions of People are Struggling to Pay their Bills! Protestors You just got Played! No Focus on The Stimulus Pay! That’s the Joke!

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  16. Jimmy has been pretty quite lately lol

  17. Is jimmy going comment on the impeachment defence video? Lol

  18. You never learn that it’s unconstitutional to impeached a former president, it’s in plain English, go read and study, it might help in the future. Don’t make a fool of yourself!

  19. As far as I’m concerned the only DJT I acknowledge is-DJ Tanner. 😤

  20. Biden’s stimulus gamble: Massive cuts to Medicare, farm aid, here are the real jokes funny boy.

  21. LOL ACQUITTED !!!!!!! SUCK IT !!!!!!!

  22. Can you tell me how Povidone Iodine works to kills co vid 19 virus? Doctors are saying that antiseptic povidone Iodine (povidona yodatada) Kills coro na virus, Isaw you tu be vids. I rinsed my sinus and mouth with it for 3 days before my test and my cov id test came negative. Can expectorants help with covi d 19 congestion?

  23. where does fox get three support $$$$

  24. A circus that you’re making.

  25. Weltweit werden derzeit (Stand: Mai 2012) Homosexuelle in 78 der 193 Mitgliedstaaten der Vereinten Nationen strafrechtlich verfolgt, so etwa in Nigeria, Uganda, Tansania, Simbabwe, Angola, Jamaika, Belize und in den meisten islamischen Staaten, wobei in fünf dieser Länder – Iran, Jemen, Sudan, Saudi-Arabien und Mauretanien – sowie in Teilen Nigerias und Somalias die Todesstrafe für gleichgeschlechtlichen Verkehr vorgesehen ist. In Indien und dem Irak ist die rechtliche Lage unklar oder nicht überschaubar.[31]

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  27. Alberto Severino February 18, 2021 @ 9:49 pm

    Who else comenting after he was acquitted?

  28. I think Jimmy meant to say Thank God the Democrats impeachment circus show is over

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  30. Not gonna lie, when he started naming all the people that shouldn’t get the vaccine before him I was totally expecting a Matt Damon joke.

  31. 🤣🤣🤣 its so damned true though, feel sorry for Jimmy I bet hes inundated with death threats from the nutjob Trump supporters 😂😂

  32. Lol he played the same video Democrats doctored to make it seem he said to fight ! Pathetic play the whole speech or gtfo

  33. Jimmy i will tell you a secret..
    " Donald j trump just won"
    Please make a same video showing he is a hero….can u now?

  34. Tobias Birmingham February 18, 2021 @ 10:01 pm

    The whole Impeachment thing will fail- again!

  35. The J is for jenious…

  36. Peter Ponomarenko February 18, 2021 @ 10:02 pm

    Kimmel = Illuminati.

  37. The only mark you missed was at the end when the nurse firefighter priest sang “baby shark”… had he ACTUALLY known the song and sang it as we hate it, the cringe factor would have been on point and been very funny.

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  39. اسمامة ابو العيد February 18, 2021 @ 10:02 pm

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  40. What race and sub-culture has DESTROYED the Image of HOPE in The America Constitution nationally and internationally. What group or person’s are guilty of PARADING the confederate flag the flag of the enemy of the state in our capital. An turns and beats a man half to death with the AMERICAN flag the flag of FREEDOM. How many GOP senators will turn a blind eye to their part, Mr. Trump and his Constituents. I ONLY ASK: Who will go down in HISTORY FOR DESTROYING ALL HOPE in OUR DEMOCRACY.
    MB •2021®️©️™️

  41. I think its funny trump called his own supporters antifa 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂

  42. And, he’s Canadian!! 🙂❣

  43. Jimmy is not a very intelrjent person. Or he is guilty of something big.

  44. its ashamed Republicans let Trump off

  45. I hope you report on vandalizing trumps lawyers home. You guys are sick

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  47. Aw loser too bad, you lost. The impeachment trial failed

  48. Not a politician you’re a tv show host

  49. Interesting that even though Biden (ahem) "won" in Nov. ’20, these guys cannot get past President Trump…are they THAT terrified of him?

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