Types of Racing Wheel Sets

Types of Racing Wheel Sets

One of the most parts of your bicycle is the wheels. Race wheels can be made out of aluminum, aluminum carbon, and all carbon.

There are also two different styles of wheels. One is a clincher tire, this type of wheel has tube inside the rubber tire. The other type of tire is the tublar, which has the tube seamed inside the tire and it is glued onto the rim. One of the positive aspects of tublar tires is they get the best grip on the road. But a negative is that they usually need to be serviced by bike shop professional.

Aluminum wheels are strong everyday wheels. Great for training no matter the weather conditions.

Aluminum carbon, and carbon wheels have a taller profile which make them more aerodynamic and faster. This type of wheels are mainly used for racing.

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  1. Where is your shop located

  2. i don’t believe aerodynamic of the wheel can make bike go faster but instead if wind blows from left or right side bike can loose balance or speed because strong wind can push that wide flat surface rim total bullshyt fooling people

  3. don’t i know that, Now cycling is much more interesting all of the sudden, i watch cycling on sport channels hoping to see a nice horrible accident, of course i don’t wish cycler harm, its like seeing someone drop an ipad and break it or seeing an F1 car crash, that kind of entertainment.

  4. What is the size of a road bike wheel? I have a mountain bike and that has 26" wheels.

  5. I’m not talking about what was before. I’m saying that buying the bike, then buying wheels that cost the same or more than the bike, it starts to get expensive. Then come other upgrades such as seats, stems, etc.

  6. who shot ya?

  7. ?Simon Cowell from American Idol?

  8. reynolds sdv all day. track.

  9. nonononono tubular has a tube inside made out of latex wich is sewed together with the outer tyre, tubeless has no tube inside whatsoever and in a tubeless tyre they put some kind of sealant in it so you basically never have a flat tyre

  10. fuck you carbon and aero you cheap ass wheels

  11. All of this is bullshit. Want your bike to go faster? THEN RIDE MORE!

  12. I couldnt agree more with you!
    I’m always laughing at those fixie riders with super light frames, aerodynamic wheels and riser bars…whats the point of that?!

  13. Aluminium.

  14. Where can I buy this first aluminum wheel you are referring to, because in my country it has a very high cost of resale. My congratulations for the video !!!!

  15. carpet on carpet on carpet

  16. Aluminium

  17. For the overall performance you are right. Wheels are the most important part if you are thinking about upgrading. Most of the bikes here are sold with entry lvl wheels, so your full ultegra bike has rs10 shimano wheels on it. Going from those to rs80 or a similar wheel will make a big difference, not in speed but how the bike feels in corners etc.

  18. Hasnt it always been expensive?

  19. a tire glued on the rim? no thnx , safety first

  20. what kind of sport car do you have…

  21. Ha! A good set of road bike wheels costs more than my entire car.

  22. "one of the most important parts of a bike…" yes wheels right along side the crank, the chain and oh yes the frame…

  23. wheel hubs are very important, it makes your wheels spin faster or slower, you need very good hubs. Deep carbon wheels reduce air draft, and it will allow your wheels spin faster, it really works. I ride 50mm carbon wheels and I weight 50kg, so it took me about 3-4 months training to learn how to ride in cross wind, mind you I live in the west side of Belgium on coast (north sea), wind can easily surge up to 50km/h easily. Since then, I never have problem with cross wind (you need to learn to deal with it), and when you have headwind, it really helps. So, I suppose if you are heavier than me, area where you live has less wind than mine, you shouldn’t have problem on carbon deep rims (only the front matters, back wheels are fixed, you won’t feel it pushing)

  24. @MRryuhayabusa tubeless tires require no inner tube, they use special rims (almost like clinchers but different in design) you mount the tire on the rim put some sealant in it and pump it, since it doesnt use an inner tube the tubeless system requires and airtight connection between tire and rim (its popular in mountain bikes).
    Tubular tires are basically the tire and tube in one package, the tube is "encased" by the tire and then sewn up into one unit, you then glue it on the rim

  25. Professional grade gear is just more accessible. Walmart bikes are at an all time low, cycling as a sport isn’t more expensive to get into.

  26. man i kniow, but carbon fiber is a premium material and really expensive to manufacture

  27. all 700c wheels will fit, just try stick the the same cassette ratio to save having to re tune your bike every time you change the wheel

  28. MRryuhayabusa
    the difference between tubular and tube is the tubular is lighter and you get more tire contact on the road  now that said they make carbon clinchers as light as tubular  tires tubular tires are a pain in the ass to fix clinchers are way better all you do is pull out the tube witch is 5.99 vs 100 bucks for a tubular tire

  29. To expensive i stick with department bikes lol. Until i got the money to buy a nice road bike.

  30. q7w7e7r7t7y7u7i7o7p December 28, 2020 @ 10:38 pm

    Getting expensive as if it was cheaper before? it started expensive….and stayed that way…

  31. wheels do make a big difference cause it is rotational weight the stiffer the wheel you will get better profornance I do not recommend carbon wheels for your average cyclist 

  32. want some reynold wheels so bad

  33. Alastair Chambers December 28, 2020 @ 10:42 pm

    @trentor7 I have cosmic SLR’s and SL’s and they are both clincher, I would highly recommend either of these wheels in clincher only tubular are crap if you get a puncture your screwed, but ksyrium elites or equipes are really good to, mostly mavic wheels, but don’t get a disk wheel!

  34. Hello

  35. How do I find out all of the different names for wheels? Such as aerospoke and trispoke etc?

  36. how much does the carbon aluminum cost???

  37. i am confused what is the different between tubeless and tubular?

  38. It is pretty crazy. I just bought some Mavic Cosmic Carbone SL wheels, and they were way more than my G35 stock wheels with tires… something isn’t right!

  39. Oh and it wasn’t before!?

  40. Henry C. Hernandez December 28, 2020 @ 10:52 pm

    @Ben Volorney I’m thinking of getting some CC SL’s. How are they working for you? I currently own the Ksyrium elites. Any feedback will be appreciated.

  41. aero helmet/ceramic bearings/ hubs in that order…. then if you got the money get a set of 808’s….on my suggested, clicked on by accident

  42. what do you guys think are the best value aluminium/carbon clincher wheels on the market? 

  43. zipp 404

  44. Does these wheels fit on my bike or any kind of road bikes? I have Scott Foil 30

  45. It’s ridiculous isn’t it? Cycling is getting expensive.

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