UK Fat Bike – Northumberland 2011

UK Fat Bike – Northumberland 2011

First UK fat bike gathering. Northumberland, UK, Sept 2011.

Eight UK ‘fattistas’ met for a weekend of fat-tyre beach-riding, camping and beer. Oh, and not forgetting the Mead!

Hopefully the first meet of many: “from an acorn a mighty oak grows” :o)

Lots of pics and other videos of the meet here:

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  1. Would it not be easier with thin tyres than big fat ones?  That sand is so compact that you don’t need wide tyres.  I would think it would be much much much easier going with thin tyres, like semi-slicks on a 26" MTB wheel as there would be so much less rolling resistance.  Of course fat tyres look awesome, but also look tiring.  The reason I found this video is that I live 2 minutes walk from the beach and I have a husky who pulls in front and I was trying to think whether to buy slicks or not.  The sand is fairly compacted when the tide is out….

  2. What a lovely video. Glad that it came up as an advised for me. Lovely shot on the reflective sand. Glad that the GoPro’s can produce this quality.

  3. murphy snodgrass January 2, 2021 @ 10:25 pm

    Fantastic video Jason! Unfortunately we live on the Sussex coast and riding over pebbles the size of footballs ain’t so easy! Lindisfarne Shop selling mead? Like………."Mead me on the corner"? So that was the inspiration!

  4. best Fat Bike movie ever!!!

  5. Excellent film of an ace weekend!, roll on next year!

  6. awesome vid!! your be signing up for the iditarod next??

  7. Cool videos, these bicycles look perfect for everything. I should get one. And congratulations, 101 subscribers today.!)))

  8. Great movie! Happy to see ppl who really love bikes 😉

  9. Ignacido Arajazz January 2, 2021 @ 10:32 pm

    name of the song plisss??

  10. what’s that song?

  11. i guess fatbikes are ideal for beaches and mull sand

  12. What a great video, a good bunch of people enjoying themselves and the music was good too. I want a fatty.

  13. Cornelius Maximilianus January 2, 2021 @ 10:38 pm

    I wanna come too 

  14. Oh Cool! So where do you get fat rims and tyres? I’ve built wheels before so that’s not a problem, I’d like a bit more girth for an electric bike. Or should I just start shopping for motorbike wheels?

  15. cant wait for a 29er fat bike or maybe a 36er skiny bike then a fat bike….

  16. this looks like total bliss

  17. bit of a late jump in but I thought i spotted a front rack on one of the bikes would you please tell me which one as I’m having a hell ish time finding racks for my fat bike, great video

  18. That looks like a fun place to ride. Great video, cool song. I’m laid up with a broken arm, from a bike crash. nice to see folks having fun on fat-bikes. I miss my handlebars.

  19. cool

  20. Morcheeba – "The Sea"

  21. Nice video, those fat bikes look like lots of fun…I want one 🙁

  22. Looks like a great time, yall. I want to get a fat bike so bad…I will one day and come cruise down those sand dunes! Great video, chill song! Peace

  23. What a brilliant day you blokes had out….keen fun with FatBikes….!

  24. Rear racks?…I’m looking at tubus, OMM and whatever good recommendations I can get.
    I love my pugs. Wish I was close to a beach. Looks like you guys had a blast. 🙂

  25. where can i get some fat tyres?

  26. cant wait to get out with you lot 🙂

  27. beaches love fat bikes my man beaches dig them tires

  28. this video has made buy a fat bike!! as i live in southport northing but sand!! can’t wait to get it not here until the end of march 

  29. Yes Cool Video Great beach. Video got a great feel about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Really excellent video and I love the bikes!  Had a short test ride on one today at Delamere Forest, courtesy of Mark.  Great fun!  Who needs suspension??  Yes, very interested in one of these: the Salsa Beargrease I think!  Only 28lb.  But sadly £2800!!  Thanks for introducing me to Morcheeba: The Sea.  Really lovely song that compliments the video beautifully.  You need to get in touch with Steven Spielberg.  .

  31. all surly bikes right

  32. Clint the Audio Guy January 2, 2021 @ 11:04 pm

    Looks like a lot of fun! Just make sure to wash all the salt water off when you get home. 😉

  33. very good movie good for the rest of the day 🙂

  34. That looks so awesome. These bikes are so fun to ride!

  35. stephen quadrunner January 2, 2021 @ 11:11 pm

    cool bike wish i could ride a bike

  36. Richard Donaldson January 2, 2021 @ 11:13 pm

    Hi, who’s the song artist? :O

  37. Love biking, love Morcheeba, love the seaside…I am definitely getting a fattie !
    Hey what about sand, snow and salt on tires, brakes and others parts ? Any particular maintenance ? Cause I looked at tires prices and ouch 60 quids !

  38. Good times for sure

  39. Great video and song. I am curious, by purchasing the song through iTunes, do you have the rights to have it with your video? It is so well done!

  40. Awesome guys!!! Sweet sweet time!!! Peace, Joboo

  41. All the ingredients for a fantastic time and a really great video! Surlys, Go-Pros, A great bunch of like-minded people and Northumberland! Not forgetting the beer and mead! Excellent!

  42. Alistair Robertson January 2, 2021 @ 11:19 pm

    Great wee film – full of exhuberance and showing some of the fun you clearly get from these bikes. Perfect soundtrack cleverly edited in too.


    You got better weather than I did visiting Bamburgh last weekend too!

  43. you guys dont need helmets for the beach, wear straw hats!

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