update of my A2B METRO electric bike after about eight years

update of my A2B METRO electric bike after about eight years

this is a brief and simple update on my A2B Metro electric bike which I have had for about eight years and was originally a generation one that was converted to a generation two .. it has been an excellent and reasonably reliable bike though I am now thinking of selling it and upgrading to a Riese Muller Supercharger

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  1. You probably would do better by adding a bracket to the top of the guard which then attaches to the underside of the rear battery mount. Lengthening the stays won’t help unless you add some gussets which stop them twisting on their bolts. You could do that mod anyway.

  2. Do you have any info regarding the controller you used on this bike, ie the wiring you used for example.

    I have the second generation EU version and it’s as frustrating as hell to ride.

    You get up to about 16 17 mph and the thing keeps pulling you back as hard as you pedal, it shoots off then pulls you back, so it’s a frustrating bike to ride.

    Perhaps some photos of the controller and wiring and any info would be very useful in trying to find a way around the De restriction of the EU version.

  3. I would seriously be interested in your bike if you were looking to sell.

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