Using the Trek Powerfly 4 | Top 5 Reasons to Commute by eMTB or eBike

Using the Trek Powerfly 4 | Top 5 Reasons to Commute by eMTB or eBike

I’ve commuted with road, hybrid and mountain bikes to work and by far my preference is a quality mountain bike, e-mountain bike on top of that! Here are my top 5 reasons to commute by eMTB.

1. Comfortable riding, less cumulative fatigue!
2. Confidence in bad weather or road conditions
3. More access to roads (road, dirt, gravel, mountains)
4. Less stress on long climbs and fast descents
5. Being seen, safety with the bigger bike frame and more upright geometry

What’s your preferred bike when commuting to work? Leave your answers in the comment section below. Also, let me know what future content you would like to see that would be helpful!

Oh, and this wasn’t covered in the video, but at the time of recording of this video, COVID-19 outbreak was causing quite a scare across the world and Europe. One of the things I found helpful to keep myself and others safe was to avoid public transportation. Commuting by bike gave me more confidence.

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Readers Comments (13)

  1. I hope America transitions from the suburban built environment to more of a European style, but for our existing suburban areas especially, an E-bike could be extra helpful in not relying on an automobile.

  2. Actually bought one today! Was looking to upgrade my Cannondale Quick 5, but after missing mountain biking, saw this as a ticket to get back on the trails, so the Quick stays. Planning on road riding as well, what tires are you running? 65 y/o, figured this was all I needed.

  3. Have you heard of the youtube channel "Not just bikes"? He’s another north american (I think from Canada) living in Europe.

  4. Ok this is the video out of 100s that convinced me to this one!!

  5. I’m in violent agreement with you mate. I have the same bike and use it for commuting, for all the same reasons, and also weekend workouts. My fav ride here in christchurch nz is to charge up the port hills in turbo mode and then descend down the mtb adventure park, on a relatively mild trail though.

  6. Great video !
    Many thanks for sharing you commute experience. I’m gonna pull the trigger on this nice bike in a few days !
    What fenders and helmet do you use ?

  7. Great video, great communicator you are. Up to today – when I discovered this TREK Powerfly Sport 4 – I was inclined on the Moustache X Road 3. The specks are pretty similar, except that yours has a CX engine and the 2021 Moustache has a 625 battery. I’m indecisive, but I definitely prefer the black color of this one compared to the white color of the Moustache. Would you have any opinion on that?

  8. Great video well shot and good commentary thanks

  9. Barrington Dower February 11, 2021 @ 9:23 pm

    How many kms on full charge

  10. how many km are you riding for your commute? Do you get there hot and sweaty?

  11. If you ran out of battery, how much different is an eMTB than a regular bike?

  12. Really enjoyed the video! Do you use any type of rear view mirror? Didn’t see one, maybe helmet mount?

  13. Nice video, I have turned my Trek Rail into an Urban Bike recently for photography ventures and am considering a HT Powerfly now too. I am interested in the Transition from US to Swiss life and will check your videos to see if you have anything specifically on that life change.

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