What a frame!! 2020 Orbea *WILD* EBIKE!! £6999

What a frame!! 2020 Orbea *WILD* EBIKE!! £6999

SUBSCRIBE FOR WEEKLY EBIKE VIDS!! I check out the all new 2020 Orbea Wild FS ebike. I weighed this one at 23KG. Uses the new 2020 Bosch Generation 4 motor, 625Wh battery, Fox Factory suspension. The range starts at £5200.

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  1. It seems that all ebikes come standard with computers, so why not start ALL reviews and END all reviews with a shot of the computer showing miles ridden, ride time, battery life, etc?
    Btw, how tall are you?

    You’re the best ebike reviewer without a doubt. Thanks!

  2. Please ditch the annoying music ☹️

  3. When is the review of this bike coming please rob !!!!!!

  4. i just hope so for the price

  5. i cannot hear what are u talking i hear only motor noise 😀 bike look sick but motor is just not that good to buy this bike

  6. Yes the frame looks great, but I can’t help but wonder how much damage the “right sized” pebble might do to the chainstay/seat tube gap.

  7. Apart from the price, I think this will makes it’s way pretty close to the Decoy on your chart!

  8. Joshua Lindenthaler January 25, 2021 @ 7:46 pm

    Scott Genius 2020 900 Tuned??

  9. It looks good but the problem with e bikes is the price of them. Why are they at the same pricelist with motorcycles?

  10. Hi Rob, thanks for the great channel. I can’t find the follow up review on the Orbea, is this to come? Thanks

  11. More slacker head angle would have been good.

  12. 2nd most beautiful 2020 bike in my list, first is Commencal META POWER SX 2020

  13. I tested the old one in a demo day and it was really good. I think this one has to be an absolute blast

  14. looks great but the speed sensor is a joke

  15. I was considering buying the H20 version of this bike after watching all the positive reviews when it was priced at £5299. It still is at my local shops but when I saw it on line at £3959 I was there like a shot. Should be arriving any day now.

  16. How is this cost arrived at ? I am guessing r and d.

  17. Jeff Kendall-Weed January 25, 2021 @ 7:52 pm

    Thanks for the good video Rob! Nice fall colors, too.

  18. J. Giralt - Trail Bandit January 25, 2021 @ 7:53 pm

    Hey Rob, what about the review you promised?? I’d love to see it. Thanks!!

  19. i ride this pink since 3 months, is awesome, check my video to see orbea footage

  20. Looks very nice, I love the idea of the `Piggy back` for big days out… That’s the one thing a group of us would like on our 500 watt Bosch motors.

  21. Hey Rob,

    I’m considering this bike and would love to see the review. Is that coming anytime soon??

  22. Rob, when are posting the review for the 2020 Wild FS

  23. Great video shared to "eBike Smile eMTB Community" fb group.

  24. Nedim Sulejmanagić January 25, 2021 @ 8:05 pm

    The only thing is missing is engine metal protection seen on earlier orbea wild models

  25. The range now starts at 3999. And one has my name on it

  26. Hi Rob. Can you tell me what size the dropper was on this test bike? I’m about to place an order for an XL, but am a bit worried that the seat tube won’t swallow a 170mm dropper to the hilt. The side views of the bike you tested look like the dropper was all the way in, but looks like a 150mm dropper to me. Thank.

  27. whats the point of having a key, and storing it on the bike ??? yes that flap is awful, ad behind that break cable, just bad design, but, i bet the next Levo will have the rear shock in that position

  28. Bought an orange/black fs 10 after watching this video

  29. Woow. never considered one orbea but now is definitely on the short list. Looking forward for the next test on it from you 🙂

  30. Great and wonderful video, Rob. I will watch it again. It is worth doing since I don’t want to miss a thing you say. I bought an fs wild just a few months ago and i am very interested in your commentaries. Thanks a lot from Spain

  31. Seán's Colon Cancer Rantings January 25, 2021 @ 8:14 pm

    Rob, the charging plug is meant to be dispensable, that seal has been working for Bosch for over 30 years, its tested tech, just need to know how to get the best. Buy a pack of 5, keep them with your puncture repair kit. Great review, love that bike, can’t wait to get out on a bike when surgery is finished…I’d like the hardtail Keram…but nobody is reviewing selling it

  32. £6999 and still has a 10p magnet screwed to a spoke! It looks good otherwise.

  33. I’d also like to hear more about how the motor performs, such as cut out as you peddle past the limit and noise while riding etc etc. Perhaps a separate vid review. But great video thanks.

  34. I get a bit fed up looking at point of view clips. Would be nice to see other views of you riding the bikes, so get someone to film you.

  35. The best bike ever orbea wild fs 2020

  36. Very nice ebicke, i love it.

  37. Rob can you demo an Intense Tazer?

  38. What size is it?

  39. Hello Rob……Could you mention on all your tests if the motor decouples and if you can ride drag free…..

  40. Olivier Schdanoff January 25, 2021 @ 8:21 pm

    Hey Rob, I tried that very bike on a 3 days/200km crossing with all sorts of terrains. That bike is great! Well balanced and great riding position simply inspire a lot of confidence. The only con is that socket cover: a joke from the Spaniards? The 625 Wh battery allowed me to cover 70km in cross-country mode with a total of 1900m uphill. Great!

  41. Wow, simply a ridiculous price. There is no justification.

  42. Hi Rob, what happened to the full review?

  43. This in comparison to a Levo please?

  44. Nice overview Rob! I totally get your concerns with the battery plug that is quite difficult to get seated, I like what Yamaha uses on theirs with a hinged plug that will never get lost and seals nice and tight. Attention to detail is key with this stuff IMO! Love the design of the frame though also. Curious what the total weight is for this bike! Cheers!

  45. Any update on this Rob? I just ordered this bike so would be good to get your thoughts after using it for a while longer.

  46. What do you think of this Orbea? I love the frame design!

  47. Buy a KTM 300 enduro!

  48. Too much music / sound added

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