What are the eBike laws in the US?

What are the eBike laws in the US?

We’ve made a few videos on the legality of electric bikes in the United states. This video is going to be a general legality video to help give some insight into what the ebike laws are in the United States and how they work.

0:00 Introduction
1:00 Is it legal to ride an electric bike where I live?
2:55 Three classes of electric bikes
3:40 People for bikes information
5:00 Electric bike laws in New York State
6:10 Do I have to wear a helmet on an ebike?
7:05 Can I ride an electric bike in a bike lane?
8:10 Can I ride my electric bike on mountain bike trails?
11:30 Can I ride my electric bike in national parks?
12:30 Is an electric bike considered a motor vehicle?
14:00 Outro

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  1. Thank you, another great video from Chris and Propel! Really appreciate you helping to bring legitimacy to the e-bike world given its significant fragmentation at the moment and more-is-more mindset. I am optimistic we will have good and fair laws in a few years that work for almost everyone.

  2. what basic equipment should a bike/e-bike have as standard, for example; front and rear lights and reflectors, bell, brake(s)…..etc?

  3. 5:46 What’s really good with those Arrow ebikes? They are like the Toyota Camry of NYC, mostly used for deliveries. I spoke to people who own them and they said they love them. I would like to see a proper review of those arrow ebikes here on youtube.

  4. So many ebike companies breaking the rules pretty soon they will change the rules

  5. Great discussion!
    A big issue right now is that people are buying or building thousands of ebikes over 750w which means they cannot be classified as an electric bicycle in USA, and the bikes often also do not have the safety equipment/VIN needed to classify as a moped/scooter/motorcycle, so they are legally just like ICE dirtbikes (for off road use only).
    I think the pedals are a real distraction in these discussions. People see pedals and assume it is a bicycle, but legally the vehicle may not be usable on roads or bikepaths.

  6. I know you were probably already in the editing phase, but I sort of feel like the topic of this video is because I picked a fight on your last video’s comment section.

    Sorry about that. 馃檪

  7. Is there an advocacy group we can join to fight over-regulation? Is "PeopIe for Bikes" pro E-bike? I don’t want a European style regime here.

  8. Spark Cycleworks February 13, 2021 @ 8:50 pm

    Another great video! Thank you for doing this. Interest in electric mopeds has been growing as well and adds another layer of confusion into all of this. Maybe we could talk about it and tell you what we鈥檝e learned during the development of our Bandit moped?

  9. Michael Sprinzeles February 13, 2021 @ 8:51 pm

    I think given the current federal laws and the 3 class system catching on nationwide terming a class 1 e-bike like a bicycle seems natural. I’d like to see all 3 classes viewed as bicycles but do understand the desire for more discussions on bikes that can propel themselves by the flick of a wrist or press of a thumb. I’m admittedly biased for throttles because I like having a throttle (but only for when I make sudden stops and don’t have a chance to downshift into a gear I can overcome inertia in easily).

  10. States and the Feds need to get their act together and just simplify whether something is an eBicycle or a Motorized Vehicle based on 3 simple criteria:
    Wattage, Speed Cut Off, and Mass. Because those are the 3 key variables involved in the physics of an impact. Not difficult.
    1000w, 25mph, and about 100 lbs is way easier to memorize and make clear sense in Joe Cyclist’s mind rather than the pointless hair splitting between 1 through 3, and 4 for Motorized vehicles. Then the rules become simply Bike vs Not A Bike, and treat it as Just A Bike, not a DMV Money Maker.

  11. Really good – Really helpful in the community and world.

  12. What I’m wondering is how bikes like the sur-ron and segway and other 1000 watt or more bikes are categorized. Some of these things could definitely be motorcycles as speeds get up to 60-70 mph or more, but yet they aren’t registered vehicles. I think they are sold as off road only ebikes more like dirt bike motorcycles, but there is plenty of youtube content with them on the street. They can even come with pedals keeping them mostly bike lane legal.

  13. I find that people that buy throttled bikes like rad rovers, use the throttle most of the time, because pedallin those bikes even with the motor is terrible, heavy bikes with terrible gear ratios.

  14. Hi Chris, curious on the make and model of your helmet …

  15. I think Ebike classes should be eliminated for determining what is allowed on trails. Trails should post maximum allowed speed like we do on public roads. In my area the posted highway speed is 70 mph. If I exceed that a trooper will happily write me a ticket.

  16. Woow woow 馃槏馃拫 馃挐馃挅鉂わ笍

  17. Traditional LivesMatter February 13, 2021 @ 9:07 pm

    I called my local greenway office and they said their rules override state rules. They prohibit anything with a motor unless it’s a wheelchair. They said it’s to keep pedestrians safe and the trails were not designed to hold up over time with heavier motorized bikes.

  18. 32km/hr speed limit i agree with when on cycle paths open road i dont care

  19. mountain dweller February 13, 2021 @ 9:12 pm

    Some good news ……………..On February 9th, 2021, Congressman Jimmy Panetta and Congressional Bike Caucus Chairman Earl Blumenaur introduced the Electric Bicycle Incentive Kickstarter for the Environment Act to the United States House of Representatives. The proposed E-BIKE act has been submitted in order to kickstart and encourage increased demand for electric bikes by way of a tax credit for all United States citizens.
    The proposed bill would cover 30% of the purchase price of a single eBike once every three years, or twice for joint-return couples who are buying two electric bikes.

    The new electric bike must cost less than $8,000 dollars.
    A $1,500 dollar refundable tax credit is the maxed amount that can be awarded per bike. As such, you would receive the same credit for a $5,000 dollar eBike as you would for a $8,000 dollar eBike.

  20. Good information and nice presentation, as always.

  21. Michael Sprinzeles February 13, 2021 @ 9:13 pm

    To anyone that asks me if "you need to wear a helmet?"
    I answer

  22. I’ve been on a lot of trails and never saw anyone checking bikes to see if they are legal or not. I would assume as long as you’re being responsible no one is going to stop you. Might be different in a city.

  23. I don’t understand why there’s all these classes and steps, throttle v nonthrottle… Just post speed limits and be done with it.

    And IC bikes, same thing, but go ahead and limit the displacement (35cc/50cc) and use the same speed limit. No need to make everything so convoluted.

  24. Excellent Vid as always… thanks!

  25. Informative video, but why the frequent ‘kind of’ references when you could be making clear cut references.

  26. MrKeyboardCommando February 13, 2021 @ 9:32 pm

    The USA has laws鈦夛笍 You do surprise me鈥硷笍

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