What E-bike Manufacturers Don't Want You To Know. Watch before buying an electric bike!

What E-bike Manufacturers Don't Want You To Know. Watch before buying an electric bike!

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E-bikes are currently still in the “Wild West” state of being as prices and quality are not stable. I blame E-bike brands. They really are Middle men. They purchase bikes in bulk from a manufacturer in China and slap their logo on the frame and mark up the price 200-300%. INSANE.
Whats worse is when you try to get support for the bike from them. Often times the people that work for the company don’t know their own product (trust me) and the brand themselves often times have trouble keeping parts for their bikes on hand for support since the manufacturer sells to many other brands as well.
Hub vs Mid drive


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  1. What do you think of Ariel rider?

  2. Hub motors rule dude, otherwise you’re on point

  3. Jose F. Contreras April 19, 2021 @ 11:41 pm

    Spesh and orbea

  4. Very interesting and useful information, thank you. Hope you’re still alive 🙂

  5. Dude anyone with half a brain can figure this out. You did have to hype this so much.

  6. Abdouallah Universe April 19, 2021 @ 11:44 pm

    About converting, you right you can convert a regular bike to a powerful 1000 watt or 1500watt motor and it will cost you only 400 dollar for the motor assemply (including transfirmer screen display and throtlle, battery not included) and a midium range battey will cost you arround 300 dollar, but if you want a good and long range battery, it will.cost you arround 600 or 700 hundred dollar, so total converting to a powerful ebike with a good battery will cost only 700 or 800 for medium range battery or a 1000 dollar to 1100 dollar, for a long range battery, but if you buy an ebike with simillar power and battery, it will.cost you atleast from 2300 to 3000 dollar. Because just a 750 watt motor with short rang battery 48 and 10amps hour, cost 1400 hundred dollar.

  7. Abdouallah Universe April 19, 2021 @ 11:45 pm

    That normal, the manufacturer gave the products to midleman or merchant, and this fut sells the product on the market.
    Antone who study economic on school knows that.

  8. There’s more to this than just the price though, they are adding VAT to packages to the UK now so that really affects what you can save, there’s customs which can hit you with an extra fee if they pick you out, then there’s warranty, if your cheaper version from AliExpress goes wrong your screwed, you can definitely make the actual purchase for cheaper but just be aware of having no warranty or after sales care what so ever.

    Best ebike route is sourcing all the parts yourself and buiding it, The cost of ebikes is an absolute joke.

  9. Dr. Arnold Benitez April 19, 2021 @ 11:46 pm

    Can you tell me about Ride 1 Up bikes

  10. Are you alive???

  11. The whole world is drop shipping from china –

  12. Help me get a surron !!!

  13. Hence why I want a Gazelle or Reise & Müller.

  14. What do you think about the Radrover ? After watching your vids almost every bike looks the same lol just different logos on it smh but I’ve been looking for a good work commuter 10 miles riding beside the beach all the way to work in San Diego and then 10 miles back 6 days a week pavement, gravel, sand, sidewalk is what I’ll be riding on. Its a car replacement selling my car so I’m willing to put some money into this as long as it’s a great bike lmk what you suggest. Thanks

  15. today’s cars are made from different parts around the world. same difference. you have a lot parts made in China, Mexico, Canada, Thailand, Vietnam, the list goes on.

  16. So could my Stumpjumper be made into an ebike?

  17. Anyone that does not already know about the outsourcing of most manufactures items is well beyond stupid.

  18. Terkel Algevind April 19, 2021 @ 11:53 pm

    Discusting companies use ccp slavery and Markup … ccp is never good quality…

  19. I am not surprised about what you say in this video. I tv’s are the same to an extent.

  20. Hi there! I know I’m late to the conversation, but I’m looking to buy an ebike and was wondering if you can contact me about possibly building one for me. You seem like you know what you are talking about…please message me back when you get a chance. Safe travels 😊

  21. I will buy my next gen Specialized Turbo Levo from Alibaba, yes

  22. Get a Bafang g510 Ultra with a custom german controller. 3kw and 240Nm. Best ebike setup wich is still stealthy!

  23. Mankeel e bike , c2 gyroor ebike , e1 error help please?

  24. Sounds like Stella bikes 🙂

  25. TrueDonDivaBrokeSurvival April 20, 2021 @ 12:07 am

    You just saved me $3000 the ebike I wanted comes from China. A friend of mine did an estimate on what I can build it would cost me $1500 thank you for this video

  26. Omg the rattan ebike looks exactly like some other than I forgot the name of. I was thinking….”what the frick? How is it priced differently??”

  27. Samsung lg panasonic battery are not American made so what’s the point unless u have tesla battery

  28. So who makes super 73 bikes.??

  29. Is the same thing with everything is you think about it.

  30. they all would have a governor on it. I like bafang parts are everywhere.

  31. Christian Grail April 20, 2021 @ 12:11 am

    I bought in 2014 a US bike from Prodeco Tech. It was a nice bike, but it continuously broke and the support was awful. Since then I only buy bikes with Bosch motors. They actually can repair it and service it. It definitely has its price. Only the Bosch motor costs 800$. As well as only the battery costs about 600$ or more. You’ll be able to buy complete bikes from China for the same price. But in the end it’s worth if you drive a lot and you just want a reliable ebike. It’s the same as with an iPhone where the charger costs more than a cheap Phone from China. But an iPhone can be repaired and it gets updates and it will work for a few years. A cheap phone from China might never get updates and will not last for years.

  32. Hope for the best

  33. I’m looking at hub motors, it appears I need to do a little more research!

  34. 136 middlemen downvoted this statement, after finding out what stopped their scam.

  35. Great video. Thank you for keeping it real and telling the truth. I’ve recently got into bicycle repair and looking to get into e-bike repair soon, and it’s good to know that there are honest people in the community.

  36. I took a shot every time he said” like “, he’s right it could get him killed …

    Hubs are better the easiest to fit as a kit , no gearbox to fail or other electronics , no chain snapping …LÔÔKS so much better 90 % plus efficient. Higher torque , more varied voltage range , no lump scraping on rocks if your on a mountain bike ….

    Speed of build …somewhere on there is a demo front wheel kit in 60 seconds !

    Finally I don’t own a jig for pulling bottom brackets…

  37. Right, all of these are made in China.

  38. John McElligott April 20, 2021 @ 12:20 am

    Daymak Canada ,is one of those

  39. Georgio Mascagni April 20, 2021 @ 12:20 am

    Hey Johnny great I found your channel. I have a question I have built several offroad e-mountain bikes over the years but the one thing they have in common is they still look like DIY kits. The new e-mountain bikes are fully integrated they just look awesome and IMO just next level compared to a DIY’s type bike. Sure my BBSHD DIY kit performs all so well and the cost savings are there compared to a store bought e-mountain bike but it’s like buying / building a kit car. You can always tell a kit car from a manufacture built car.

    The idea is to buy directly from the manufacture that makes bikes from the other big manufactures like a Specialized, Trek, Giant, SantaCruz, etc but UNBRANDED. Can you share with us which manufactures have a knockoff. I know you dont want to mention it in your video but do you have a site on some fourm where you share more details of which manufactures are offering these types of unbranded bikes. I’m tired of doing the DIY ebike. I’m running BBSHD with the Lekkie bling ring and eggrider with a 17ah battery. I just want to get a fully integrated bike with out spending the $$$$

  40. So, the middle man is actually a dealer/importer. Ever shopped the big box stores? I agree that we’re probably getting hosed in the markup department, but to be honest, if something goes wrong with my purchase, I want the option of taking it back to a store rather than shipping it back to China and waiting weeks.

  41. Hi Johnny, please advise me what conversion kit I should use on Specialized Crosstail 2011. I am fine with 400 plus watts. Also my wife has 2017 emotion Street with 250W motor and small 36vdc with capacity 5.8Ah is there anything to be done to get some more power? I live in Atlanta.

  42. Hey can you build me a bike?

  43. Berry Mucuckiner April 20, 2021 @ 12:27 am


    This guy is in the obituary as of 4-8-2021…

    Sad 😞

  44. I knew this for a long time.
    Lot of companies do this.

    It’s like Amazon
    Everybody recommend Amazon.
    But in my opinion it’s the worst place you can buy anything from.
    Most expensive and haven’t got anything you want in stock.
    You can get anywhere else for cheaper and it’s in stock.
    I’ve seen people on Facebook trying to sell a Ebike for £2500.
    The some ebike but with more options & faster & bigger battery & looks better.
    Only cost me £650 to build

  45. Exactly. I only figured this middle man thing out right after i started doing my research. You can see that the cheetah and many others are selling the actually same bike from same Chinese manufacturer. You can get a cheetah bike for $800 on alibaba rather than paying $2500+…

  46. This isn’t specific to Ebikes or PEVs. This is how a lot of companies work. Nothing bad about it, sometimes the companies order to better specs than they can make it and we get better products. The mark up is normal, it’s how they make money and keep providing the items you buy. I can’t buy 200 Ebikes for $800 a piece so I’m ok only buying one cool looking ebike at $2400 that is from a reputable company who has a decent spec sheet.

  47. Theadore Snibblegoober April 20, 2021 @ 12:34 am

    That what all US manufacturers do well 99.999999 do it. E.g. iPhone etc. Until American start manufacturing in America we live in world of crap.

  48. ElectricBikeReview.com April 20, 2021 @ 12:34 am

    Great video, thanks for the insights! I’ve seen some of what you mention with white labeled brands and larger companies buying parts so they can offer support.

  49. I’ve never heard of an ebike. That means they don’t exist.

  50. E scooters does this alot

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