What Is The Best E Bike Upgrade? | #AskEMBN

What Is The Best E Bike Upgrade? | #AskEMBN

In this episode of our monthly Ask EMBN forum Chris is joined by Doddy as they tackle questions such as: what’s the best EMTB upgrade? Is it worth converting to a mullet wheelsize set up? What tyres did Steve use on his Vado to ride offroad?

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. DD tires and cush core are a match made in hell

  2. BLEvo is epic for data!

  3. speed unlock and Throttle ⚡

  4. Upgraded to a Fox fork and better tires, 3.0 rear and 2.6 front both Nobby Nics. Top Peak mud guards on my Cube Reaction Pro

  5. Bleeding Kraken March 12, 2021 @ 10:24 pm

    The battery is fucking $800….what

  6. chris should know soon i got spare Battery Mudguards & better saddle as i suffer with back ache soon

  7. The best upgrade is to stop governments stop LIMITING our FUN.

  8. Just picked up an Intense Tazer today. Tubeless was set up before it even left the shop. I find the touch points satisfactory, for now. We’ll see how that holds up after an extended ride. The only other thing I want to change is the current switch to the Di2 left for a more…analog feel. How crazy is that? Add electronics to make it a more analog experience. I’ll add the nukeproof ARD for peace of mind and ride the piss out of it!

  9. Ultimate upgrade, the badass box 😂

  10. Saint brakes front and rear and dmr vault pedals 🙂 £350 well spent

  11. Squirrelsqueezer March 12, 2021 @ 10:30 pm

    Yes, We put 3.0 Wrathchild studded tires On our Kenevos, And now we have snow bikes! Fat bikes may no longer be necessary?

  12. Lads the reason the bikes have a free hub up front is so you are not peddling the motor after it stops assisting. There would be a lot more drag otherwise.

  13. Some times my Focus Adventure feels like it has some Bosh motor resistance but some times not as I have done a speed of 43mph down into Longleat. I switch the motor off on any downhill sections and even on my shopping rides I’m into 25mph, very rare am I below 16mph and I’m 75.

  14. Electric Mountain Bike Network March 12, 2021 @ 10:35 pm

    Have you upgraded your E Bike?

  15. #ASKEMBN Hey guys, you helped a lot last year with my question about where to hire a bike and go cycling in Scotland/Edinburgh. This year around easter we’re heading for South England, starting of in Rye. Same question like last year, any recommendations? 🙂

  16. The Crud XL front mudguard is a must have especially when using a GoPro 👍

  17. Hey are you planning to review the Norco Sight vlt? Also keen to see a review of the merida e160 9000?

  18. Over tyred..? – Reckon you should be surprised to learn that 2.8s are fast, grippy and offer a suspension element that can be easily adjusted with lower pressures etc….Watch and learn ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8by3v688Ze8&feature=emb_logo

  19. To the lazy rider.
    Look at anything with an m600 series motor in it.

  20. Best upgrade I have ever done both on my Giant MTB and EMTB. (Both hard tails) is fitting a Suntour suspension seat post…. Best money you’ll ever spend by far……

  21. Have you done any videos discussing accessories? Specifically, footwear? This is the next area of equipment I’m looking at to upgrade to ENHANCE my riding experiences. Thank you in advance.

  22. Two freewheels question. If the cassette freewheel is locked, the front chainring is driven by the lower run of chain from the derailleur tension pulley to the bottom of the chainring. This is only possible because of the spring force in the derailleur cage. Generally expect this to break your mech.

  23. Chris coins a new word Brosé 😀 like rosé 🍷 but different 😂

  24. I’m getting delivery of my new canyon ebike tomorrow. Cant wait to start with a few upgrades while I put it together

  25. Singletrack MTB March 12, 2021 @ 10:51 pm

    Good info…👍🏻

  26. The Best upgrade one can do is get rid of the after market restriction place on the assist motor which is design to give full assistance . The limit of assistance of 27 kph was place on the design by governments . It has nothing to do with road safety . This year car registration in the city of Sydney is down. The first time this has every happen. This means Governments are losing tax income. So I see E-Bike in my City will start being targeted by traffic police. This will bring about introduction road registration of E-Bike ride on the City roads. I predict this will happen during the next decade and by the end of the decade you will also see the 27kph limit of assist lifted.

  27. Best upgrade I’ve made for my KTM is losing 12 kg since January on a ketogenic/intermittent fasting regime(and one 7 day fast!)…going for the same again this should massively improve my range and time on the saddle!!!

  28. Hi, I have a 2019 Turbo Levo Hardtail. I have replaced the Suntour forks with RockShox Recon, Shimano Saint Pedals and managed to get the handlebar control fitted as these models were sold without it. Nice bike but the gears let it down. Is it possible to switch from Acera 8 speed to a Shimano 12 speed. Happy doing the mech and lever change, but will the cassette fit and can you get suitable front chain rings for the Brose motor. I believe the hardtail got a lower standard motor than the FSR.

  29. Why have hold of a garmin and not talk about it!? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  30. Hey guys! GEO here, check out GEOHandguards on YouTube! In a recent video of yours you spoke highly of handguards for mtb and GEOHANDGUARDS are perfect for EMTB. E Bikes are heavier and carry more speed and handguards on a E Bike are a must as far as I’m concerned. They PROTECT your hands and controls, they ABSORB impacts and they DEFLECT oncoming obstacles! Please take a moment to check them out…”GEO”

  31. I’ve had a locked freehub due to malfunction. It made the bike unrideable.

  32. I added Cushcore wheel inserts after a snake bite. I am aware that dented rims are not uncommon on EBikes so sits a reasonably cheap upgrade

  33. Could give a review on the Delta battery moutain bike 29" wheel Please

  34. Upgrade No. 1… Tuning:), descent tires, tubeless, rear insert…

  35. Commencal meta power 29 Team runs schwalbe super gravity magic Mary front and rear Addix soft. Lots of grip. Lots of drag. Take the rear off and save it as a spare front. Put something faster rolling in the rear.

  36. Planning for next month – SRAM XX1 AXS and Trickstuff Daechle HD 223 (incl. 850 Power) for my 2019 Levo S-Works

  37. #askembn I have noticed that a few e-MTBs have a mullet setup (29 front 27.5 rear) I’m
    Thinking at upgrading my rear to a 29. What are the pros and cons of this. I’m looking at this option so don’t need to have 2 different tubes / tyres laying around. Thanks love the show.

  38. I have a 2018 Giant Dirt-E pro hardtail, I ride mostly on gravel back road to work, into town and trails. I was finding that the assist limit of 27 KPH was draw back on the gravel roads, I research about the 27kph limit on the assist. I found out that the motor was design for full assist with a larger ring gear but would face government opposition to allow the riding on the road of this design. Governments Then told manufacturers to place a limit of 27 kph on the assist motor and it would not place any road restriction on E-BiKes. So I remove the sender on the spokes on the back wheel and place this sender on inside of the crank. With the sender of the frame I moved and place it so it would interact with the sender on the inside of the crank. This lifted the limited assist. I also change to a larger ring gear. This increase the speed of my cadence to over 50kph and increased the limit of the assist to 55kph. This does not alter to range. It stays the same. Now when free wheeling the drag now appears at 55kph. This upgrade dose not increased the wear and tear of the motor. Remember the motor was designed to give full assist before the limited assist was place on the design by governments.

  39. #AskEMBN "what is the Best E Bike Upgrade ?" you asked and the the extra battery was your answer…well I did that (it took me almost 6 months to get one available to Eastern Canada) but now I got a big dilema/matter/question, I got an spare Specialized Turbo Levo 700wh BUT THERE IS NOT A PROPER SIZED BAGPACK FOR IT TO CARRY IT?!!! IS IT THERE A PERFECT BIG ENOUGH BAG OUT THERE I CAN USE WITHOUT PLACING IT VERTICALLY ???? 57cm is too long for most bags…Ergo and Evoc not long enough without sacrificing the expansion bag for it

  40. Love the show 👍

  41. I ride since à year on my Canyon Spectral on 6.0
    Extra Battery is my number 1
    Front tyre Maxxis Shorty is my number 2.
    These are the best updates ever for my bike 👊

  42. Where’s the goggles?

  43. Is 2020 the year to buy an e mtb or should we wait another year or two to allow the technology to grow & the prices to drop?

  44. #askembn Hi, I have recently moved from the Vitus E-sommet VR 2019 (27.5) to the Orbea Wild FS M10 2020 (29). The Vitus is a medium with 455mm reach and is a great bike to ride (With exception of the motor issues, hence the change). The Orbea Wild FS M10 is a Large with the same 455mm reach …. the thing is the Orbea feels laboured and sluggish and possibly cumbersome on corners. Any ideas on what I can do to get the Orbea a bit more nimble? I’m just not feeling it but I’m sure a few tweaks will have it running perfectly. Any advice? Cheers

  45. Best e bike upgrade has got to be a new e bike

  46. I have a Norco Sight E-MTB great bike my upgrades are as follows….. ODI fat grips , Hope Hubs, Nexti 45 carbon rims , I smashed the back rim so on with a DT Swiss downhill rim running 2.8 Maxxis tyre DHF, DHR 11sp going to 9sp next mech replacement, Shimano 647 spd pedals with plastic flat cage , full width RENTHAL low rise bars with 70mm stem , Mucky Nutz flaps F-R , Helm 36 170mm forks waiting to go on the standard RockShox forks are fine atm but the Helms are super plush 😉👌 cheers big ears 😬

  47. Beecher Randomness March 12, 2021 @ 11:14 pm

    I don’t know if this is relevant to other manufacturers. To add to the motor drag question, on my 2019 levo expert I also noticed the drag when dropping in. I was told by my bike mechanic (Kris at Zumwalts 4.0) that when descending put it in stealth mode to eliminate drag. It worked, no drag👍

  48. Drüber reden langt offenbar

  49. Where is that ridge line @ 3:50?

  50. Does anyone turn their bike “off” on dh sections? Notice anything from doing so? Other than battery being preserved for another run maybe.

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