What Should You Wear When E Biking? | The EMBN Show Ep. 133

What Should You Wear When E Biking? | The EMBN Show Ep. 133

E Bike Fashion, who better to ask than Steve Jones and Chris Smith! We’re talking what to wear on an E Bike ride on this weeks EMBN Show. Should you wear eye protection? Kneepads? A Full face helmet? Check out how to find something that works for you by watching now 🤘

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What do you wear on an EMTB ride? Let us know!

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. My head protection is polorized but I do use gloves to stop the nettles and thorns I have also broke my back a couple of times
    but not when riding Ebikes.Just stop falling off . Wranglers and a pair of riders for leg protection . Anarchistebiking.

  2. 13:15: The Bosch Vision looks sooo gay! it was clear, that theese Wheels would come, sooo 80ies! And all that Carbon Crap, looks like a Roller, a Mooped.

  3. Bubble wrap is great protection 👍🏻

  4. Standard half helmet , though I’ve smashed my face hard on rocks. Gloves for better grip and fall protection. Rarely knee and elbow protection, but sometimes. Compression sleeves are essential to protect from harsh sun and elements, though it helps some in falls and sharp plants along the trail… Also has a cooling effect when doused with water. Handy neck tube for hot and cold and bandana with liquid absorbing crystals to keep sweat out of my eyes. Wind deflecting safety prescription glasses with light changing lenses. Shorts or pants without seat catching crotch. Padded or chamois undies for long rides.

  5. nike dry-fit only

  6. One for chris on tyer pressures. Could you cover the inserts and pressures ? Cheers.

  7. Shoes I can’t find a pair of flats at size 15 I swear the sizes have got smaller lol

  8. When it’s hot and humid, l prefer to ride in a Borat style mankini.

  9. In Cornwall, shorts all year round, rarely snows and rarely below 5c

  10. I just wear the same as on my `Ye olde ` manual bikes……… Full face only for Dh riding… I see alot of larger size chaps in full Dh gear on a standard loop xc… Each to their own I guess.

  11. I hate riding without gloves. For me it is a definite must

  12. Holy heck, what kind of shorts is Steve wearing to get em snagged on his handle bars. Lol

  13. Javier Arlanzon Hurtado November 25, 2020 @ 7:17 pm

    I live in Barcelona and allways shorts and protection POC

  14. Where what your comfy in,i see to many riders with all the gear & No idea

  15. Giro Switchblade, poly-carbonate eye protection, mesh body armour, gloves and knee pads (to supplement the shorts and jersey). Had enough stitches in A & E for a while.

  16. I use UVEX safety glasses which you can swap colored lenses in/out
    Soccer shin guards because those pedal pins leave MARKS!
    Carry leather gloves for the odd Blackberry infested/overgrown trail of which we have many this year on the leftist coast of Canazuela.
    I double up on padded shorts and light hikers for footwear
    Started wearing supportive knee ‘braces’ which offer some protection.
    I will wear full leg protection on serious technical trails
    Copper wrist bands.

  17. I love the NEW Fox Racing clothing range, long pants, jersey and gloves as I live on the cold north east coast 👍👍👍 new DWR coatings are FAB 😊

  18. Got a couple of sets of Helley Hansen Marino wool thermal under layers for winter. From Cotswold leisure. Bloody awesome.

  19. Thanks for the super nice guys but you showed the wrong photo . So I’m expecting a super nice next week with the correct photo and maybe bike of the week . Love yas .

  20. strange to have a pop up advert for bikmo insurance on the channel when they wont insure e bikes !

  21. Ride on Wheely-Girl! Nice skills!

  22. What I would like to wear is mountain biking clothes but at 193cm and 135kgs I cannot find much my size.

  23. Warm: I use a detachable chin bar full face, goggles and then a long sleeve T-shirt and joggers.

    Cold: Same but with extra layers like a jacket or a skin or water proof trousers.

  24. @20:34 LOVE 70 year old Rob ! Lookin’ tough, mate!

  25. Joc strap and helmet heat index is 108 degrees farenheit. Just joking shorts tank top helmet gloves and knee pads if it gnarly.

  26. Got my new EMBN Core Plum T-Shirt today….Look great and has good quality…Now I am a part of the network 😉

  27. Gray squirrel tree service November 25, 2020 @ 7:33 pm

    Try gform u won’t know they are on u may forget to take them off when you get into your car😝

  28. Use the Bell Super Air MIPS hybrid helmut with either glasses or Oakley MX goggles. Goggles work better in late afternoon to avoid glare and keep stuff out of my eyes but are a little hotter. Usually don’t wear protection but always wear long sleeves and long athletic type pants to keep from getting scratched and cut by branches. Always use gloves for same reason, and choose type that allow touch screen. Using trail running shoes because they have a good grip, water resistant, and tough. Located on Maui, Hawaii, temp is between 23-34 C year round, not much rain on the trails I ride, but lots of tall grass, hard branch trees, sand, dust, rocks, ruts.

  29. FOX flexair is all you need. Also FOX Defend long pants are very ventilated while riding.

  30. Hi there, great news about the extra battery for Rocky Mountain Powerplay bikes…..Awesome news…..I ride and Instinct A70 Powerplay and average about 100kms per full charge, this will definitely allow much longer runs……The integral Battery was really the only down side to the Rocky Mountain EBike…..

  31. whats with the (mini) hairy chest?

  32. IN HALF!!!!!!!!!

  33. What do you guys think of the dirt suits ?

  34. How will I know if my bike photo will br shown in the bike vault?

  35. Please no MAMIL’s

  36. Buy GMBN T-shirts? You should give us the T-shirts to promote your channel in the parks and trails.
    Sounds stupid if I have to buy to work (promote your channel).
    I really love the video by the way! Thumbs up!

  37. Ultra futuristic Bosch ebike with a 19th century drive train…. 🙄

  38. tvkarsfronteriza November 25, 2020 @ 7:54 pm

    I live in the north of Spain, in a region with a climate very similar to south of England. I wear knee and elbow pads, shocks and underwear with protection and helmet with removable chinguard and full face googles. I carry my armour vest on the handlebar with voilé straps and put in on for the descents. Also i wear gloves with protection. I am a beginner and this protection saved me from injuries that would have left me the sport. Not for their gravity but for pain and insecurity. Most times I fall is for losing balance when I go too slow in a difficult passage. So I think your sceptical speech about the use of protection is not the best in a tough Sport. I compare enduro with ski for the downhill feeling but it is more tough and less accesible. So protections are the thing that make it seems to fall on snow.

  39. While riding I definitely prefer the open face helmet better more wider open freedom field of view, only wear sunglasses, but on dark days or forest 🌳 rides wear with clear lenses. Prefer long pants, don’t like the restriction with knee or elbow pads. And prefer my light weight trainers. Have a water bottle on my frame don’t like anything on my back I love the FREEDOM.

    IN HOT WEATHER I will ride in my shorts. I wear lightweight wind proof long sleeve top all the time.

    Nearly always ride with gloves. In summer my gloves have vents. Winter definitely need some thermal gloves to keep those hands as warm as you can! I get white finger while riding my motorcycles so need the best winter weather gloves!

    Any recommendations? Let me know the best for warmth?

  40. Nice fireplace btw

  41. As always AMAZING content! Love both your energy and enthusiasm on presenting the show! No question my favourite ebike channel! Keep up the great work guys! All you guys ROCK!

  42. Guys where can we see if our bikes where in bike vault ? 🙂 can you do that…nice show.

  43. Hey EMBN! I like to wear pants and gloves that are electrically conductive when I ride my Ebike so I can tell if there is a short circuit! Ride ride ride!

  44. Charge Ride Repeat November 25, 2020 @ 7:59 pm

    Jeans, work boots and a hiking jacket.

    Looking good dude.

  45. You bguys should just stick to emtb, sorry but all your advice is kinda terrible for a road user

  46. Liked the bit about clothing. The EMBN shop is good but any chance of getting more stock of the team jerseys in bigger sizes any time soon?

  47. sanford edinberry November 25, 2020 @ 8:01 pm

    What should I wear to protect my clavicle when riding rocky terrain?

  48. Er clothes

  49. Its getting worse

  50. Never worn a helmet … I’d rather be seen in pink suspenders and high heels on my bike going downhill than a helmet

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