What Size E-MTB Should You Buy? | Ask EMBN Anything About E-Bikes

What Size E-MTB Should You Buy? | Ask EMBN Anything About E-Bikes

What should you do when you’re between electric mountain bike sizes? What is the expected lifespan of an E-Bike motor? If you install a smaller chainring will you be able to climb better on your E-MTB? Should you buy an E-Bike to remove the speed limiter? Steve and Chris answer all of your questions ⚡️

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Readers Comments (29)

  1. Scott james eaton December 13, 2020 @ 9:18 pm

    High guys. I am currently riding a haibike sduro hard tail.
    I am looking at the new giant bike.
    It comes in at around £2800 full suspension and a giant tuned pwx motor. This seems a great value bike. Can I have your thoughts on this.
    Thanks Scott.

  2. Bosch battery cycles etc is available over USB cable at dealers.

  3. #AskEMBN
    In one of your last shows Steve said, that there is a Specialized Motor Replacement Package. I own a 2019 Kenevo Comp and i would like to upgrade to the 1.3 Motor of the expert version.
    According to my dealer this it not possible. Do you have any information regarding this replacement package.

    Greetings from Germany,


  4. I have been waiting for the bottle battery booster for my 2019 Levo to be available. I wasn’t aware that using one would void my warranty? Is this really true and why? I thought it was an external add-on.

  5. Wish you would interpret for us Yanks the sizes,in feet etc.

  6. The shimano motors is so much nicer when derestricted, I mainly ride it eco or trail and its much smoother, the way the power cuts with the restricter feels like you have hit treacle. The limit really should be 20mph which is what an fit rider can ride at on a normal bike the cx riders are super fast without an motor.

  7. Yeahh Good Video dudes 🔥👏🏼

  8. Which e-bike is the easiest to pedal uphill with the battery removed.

    The reason for the question is if the battery is depleted which is the best e-bike that can still be used as a normal?mtb.

    Also which is the best up and down with no battery on mtb trails

  9. #AskEMBN lovin the Show Guys keep it up! I want to buy an eMTB to have more fun on climbs. Also in My area (Kempten in Bavaria) There are some nice trails but im not riding them because im to Lazy with my normal Bike. Im riding street literally all the time because of this. *I saved Up* enough Money to buy a Spectral:ON 6.0.
    The Problem is im 14 Years old. Is it okay to buy one in My age? My Parents are okay with it.

  10. Steve & Chris, I’ve heard lots about the Kenevo 180 lyric needing upgrading, because of this or that. Maybe it is just individual forks, but I found once set up correctly, the small bump sensitivity is plush, and mid stroke support can be altered through tokens, and altering pressures by 2 to 3 psi increments.
    Some riders just don’t play around with settings enough, wanting them to be set up for them straight out of the box.
    There’s an argument for asking a suspension specialist help with setup, before replacing with an expensive fork 🤨

  11. Both the Luftcappe and Debonair upgrade do make a difference to both small bump sensitivity and mid stroke support . I have tried them both. Luftcappe is slightly better in my opinion, but more expensive and more difficult to fit. At £42 the debonair air upgrade is worth trying. Plus you can change your fork travel at the same time if you like.

  12. #AskEMBN loving your show. Seen every episode. Before my current Spectral:On I had a Cube Stereo 120, which I used with clip pedals. With my emtb I expierence some difficulty to drive of on steep and technical terain, since I can’t clip in fast enough. Also I want to improve on wheelying and manuals. Do you think switching to flat pedals is better on emtb?

  13. #askembn I love your show. You always recommend testride for eBikes. I am in rhineland area (germany) and I can not find dealers to let you ride off with their bikes. At least not somewhere of their parking area. Maybe somene can recommend me some dealers arround (from cologne down to frankfurt area).

    Also I am wondering if someone could name me some bikes with brose motor and non-integrated battery. Would love to go for a specialized but the battery is a no go for me as I have carry the bike up and down to cellar for storage. Also during winter ….. charging / storage would require me removal of battery all time.

    So any good bikes …appreciated

  14. #askembn Steve, what size Levo were you riding on the trials episode. I’m 6’1” with long inseam so right on the border of L & XL. Love the techy steep stuff as well as the more “normal “ riding and worried the XL will be too much of a barge for that. Help!!!

  15. #askembn hi boys. I’m riding my Levo in eco much more now and was wondering how you’ve tuned your motors in the mission control app? It’s all about range for me on the most part and I’ve seen some of the pic rides you guys do. Keep up the strong work!

  16. #askembn I have a Cube Stereo 160 Race with a Bosch CX motor and a Purion display. The one aid to help my climbing, and to extend battery range, would be a Cadence readout. Easy enough to do as the cadence would be a direct function of motor revolutions. It would allow me to keep well in the sweet spot when climbing, yet it is the one readout omitted. I could fit an old school magnet on the crank readout, but surely much simpler to have it built in?

  17. on cx motor unrestricted the torgue is much smooter and better

  18. Oleg Petelevitch December 13, 2020 @ 9:49 pm

    Screw the warrantee they only cover frame motor for 12 months big woop ! after that time crank it !

  19. #AskEMBN Can I get a recommendation for a fork upgrade on my Cube Reaction. The stock Suntour is a POS…

  20. #AskEMBN Hi guys, Could you talk a little about the new 2019 version of Giant fathom E+3 29er. I just bought it, and it seems to be an amazing bike, that is actually priced very fairly at approx 2000 euro. For anyone reading this comment, i highly recommend that bike, but would be nice to hear info from EMBN! Will send some pics in a few weeks, and expecting a "Super Nice" haha

  21. Aleksandar Gospić December 13, 2020 @ 9:54 pm

    25km/h is not slow on the trails or fire roads but it is on the asphalt road, with the acceleration of an ebike you are there in few seconds. 25 is annoying cause on the asphalt I’m always on that limit or above it on my own, would love to go faster but it is hard on such a heavy bike. And 25 makes no sense as limit cause on the normal bike you can go much faster, doing 30 is not rare occurrence. But I would not like to remove the limit completely cause I guess going at high speeds all the time would empty the battery very quickly so I wonder can the limit be reprogrammed to 30km/h by the same people who de restrict the bike? Or is it only possible to remove the limit? 30km/h limit would be perfect for me, like in the US! #askembn or anyone who knows 🙂

  22. #AskEMBN Why are you only riding Specialized, Haibike and Canyon in your videos? Is it because they are your sponsors? It would be really nice if you tried some other brands in your videos.

  23. #AskEMBN Do you think it’s possible that Shimano will sell a battery with more capacity to replace the current 504Wh standard E8010 external bettery?

  24. Sixty Seconds of Stephens December 13, 2020 @ 9:57 pm

    #askembn how much tyre pressure should you run for doing jumps on an ebike with 2.8 tyres on ? Thanks Joe

  25. Can you ride longer on a Hardtail ? Is there any difference in The battery perfomance between hardtail an Full EMTB

  26. #AskEMBN So just how tough are MTB tyres/wheels? I’m new to MTB and I’m concerned about my tyres and wheels when riding some rocky single tracks in the Brecon Beacons. I guess it is a how long is a piece of string type answer, but am I being overly cautious? I have 29" tubeless Rocket Rons on a Trek hardtail and take things easy but I ended up walking up an easy climb yesterday just because the embedded rocks had me concerned for my tyres miles from civilisation. I carry a spare tube and a puncture repair kit but not a spare tyre!

  27. Nice video!!

  28. Electric Mountain Bike Network December 13, 2020 @ 10:13 pm

    Do you find it easy to get the right bike size?

  29. *Great bike~~>**share4.photo/MountainBike?r** I have some difficult trails that are usually hard and dangerous but This help ALOT with riding them. Overall the bike is reliable and afortable.*

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