What To Do If Your E Bike Won't Start | Common E-MTB Problems

What To Do If Your E Bike Won't Start | Common E-MTB Problems

There’s nothing more frustrating than wanting to go for a ride but your E-Bike won’t turn on or start; here’s Chris with some common EMTB problems and how to resolve them ⚡️

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Error codes can normally be fixed by turning the system off and on again, check that all the cables and battery are connected correctly, and that the head unit battery is charged if your system has one.

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Readers Comments (37)

  1. João Paulo Sousa December 31, 2020 @ 10:13 pm

    There are reports from users that the "bottom bracket" bearing start to playing after one or two thousands of kms. Do you know if the Shimano engine has some maintenance like the bosh engine like you showed in one previous episode? And if it has, you could how make an episode about that?

  2. Buying a non ebike solves the problem of not starting. 😀

  3. what if ebike motor completely broke down. Can we use as a normal Mtb?

  4. I encountered this issue on my Specialized Levo Expert with the plug in on the motor housing. Once with a slightly oxidized contact and another where it wasn’t fully engaged. To help prevent oxidation a slight application of a silicone lubricant keeps the electrical contacts moisture free. Happy Trails.🤜🤛

  5. I have a Shimano E8000 and the display is stuck on "Shimano Step" display screen and bike will not turn off. Took battery out, same issue when replaced. Anyone have this issue? Rode my expensive emtb 3 times omly!

  6. I put wrong type of fuel in my bike for some reason I chose to fill it up with Norwegian electric and my bike requires European electric.

  7. Solved Shimano E8000 startup problem by moving the lock mechanism 1mm down to tighten the hold on the battery.

    Long story short (or longer): Got E7000 hardtail – loved it. Got E8000 fullsus – loved it even more. E8000 wouldn’t start 50% of the time – battery would light up but not display. Took the full-sus display and battery and placed them on the E7000 hardtail – worked fine. Took the hardtail’s display and battery and placed it on the full-sus – wouldn’t start – so it was definitely not the battery or display causing problem. Removed E8000 motor cover and disconnected/reconnected every cable. Problem still there. Unscrewed lower battery connection plate to check battery cable – problem gone. Fasten screws – problem back. Pushed down hard on the battery when starting – problem gone. AAA-HAA YOU SON OF A BIKE!!
    Unscrewed and moved the upper lock mechanism down to the tightest possible fit. Problem has not occured since.

  8. thanks this helped me fix my problem

  9. I have a shimano 6100 system and I can’t find a diffinative information where to place the speed sensor magnet, do u know where is optimum position. I can’t find details anywhere. I know bosch has a line on it but I can’t see anything on the shimano.

  10. And what if you get W013 without touching pedal, LBS cannot reproduce fault and Shimano says its impossible? Also 010 sometimes. Almost every longer ride ends up with getting back without assist.

  11. Gabriel Dorobantu December 31, 2020 @ 10:26 pm

    Scrap it and buy a worry free , human powered bike.

  12. Martin Mellembakken December 31, 2020 @ 10:27 pm

    My levo just stopped working short while after getting a new motor, Im so unlucky with this, after saving up in gift cards for myself for 18 months, It’s also kind of my wheelchair because I have an injury sending a feeling of electric shock in my spine when taking steps, but I feel no pain when pedaling ebike

  13. I ride a Voodoo Zobop e mountain bike with Shimano Steps 7000 motor.
    Twice I’ve had a 013 error code appear and today this code appeared again whilst riding.The error display looked slightly different generally larger characters.
    I can clear it by switching off for about 5 minutes.
    I’m thinking about taking it back to the shop see if it can be sorted.

  14. Chris can you say what cause Clonking Noise When start to Pedal before Motor engages

  15. I have two ebikes with similar issues on both shimano e8000 meta pro and Kodiak pro bosh performance
    On downhills both will randomly turn off, also jumping they can turn off and you have to power back on. Another issue on the Kodiak pro is a bad creaking coming from the rubber mount and plastic at the batter connection at the bottom.

  16. Is anyone else here discovering they are idiots because they didn’t put the cover back on the charge port?

  17. On my 2018 Levo the last light when it is fully charged is red anyone know what it means, the battery still reads 100% and I have not lost any power or range and I have been riding it for 2 months this way

  18. I just watched your video it helped me a lot I managed to make my bike work thank you 😁

  19. Has it been charged?

  20. Good video, thanks

  21. My canyon spectral on (shimano e8000) turns itself completely off every time I land a jump. Very annoying.

  22. Tip #1
    Don’t buy a Specialized. They are totally overpriced and have the worst
    according to the owners.
    However, the best motor, if it works…..:)

  23. Have you tried restarting it?

  24. Another very relevant & helpful video 👍🏻

  25. Mine took off like in Maximum Overdrive…

  26. "shimano" most common error messages…should have been the title. Didn’t you just do another episode like this one not long ago?

  27. Just got my brand new Commencal Meta Power SX Signature today, did everything correctly, fully charged the battery, checked all connections but won’t turn on at all, nothing! Any one else had this?

  28. Love the Chanel

  29. My Scott E Genius works perfect any issues with Shimano E8000.
    I did some protections and "improvements" using isolating tape 😎. It is important the battery can not move in the socket and space inside frame where battery is placed must be clean.
    The integrated battery is easier to keep clean.

  30. First

  31. Just fitted a new cyclotricty ebike kit with a display LED 890 and it’s show a flashing just one light and not the full battery level. I have tried a new LED a different battery, a new system cable. Also tested these on another bike and all working. This is a real head scratcher

    Just fitted a new cyclotricty ebike kit with a display LED 890 and it’s show a flashing just one light and not the full battery level. I have tried a new LED a different battery, a new system cable. Also tested these on another bike and all working. This is a real head scratcher

  32. Ahhhh, just in time…. Rode last week and hit some massive puddles… Near end of the ride the motor cut off and display shut off.. Kept turning back on, but immediately shut off again. . Still had 2 bars left.. Had the bike 17 months with no previous issues? Bosch CX motor…

  33. Electric Mountain Bike Network December 31, 2020 @ 11:04 pm

    Did you find these tips helpful?

  34. Any fix for the E010 error on the steps motor ?

  35. regarding the magnet, I had an issue with the motor shutting down frequently for no apparent reason until I discovered that the magnet was full of dirt; cleaned it nicely and never had a problem with the motor since!

  36. Ebikes should start including kick starters on the motors

  37. I’m so happy I ride a DIY with no displays, compuers and no errors.

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