Which E MTB Is Best For You | E Mountain Bike Guide

Which E MTB Is Best For You | E Mountain Bike Guide

Choosing any bike is a minefield, with E mountain bikes there’s even more variables to take into consideration. Our guide walks you through this important choice and the varying factors that will make the most difference to your riding.

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The specifics of EMTBs, mainly the E bit add a whole new level of complexity to choosing a bike. This choice is an important one to get right, as if the bike just isn’t right it can really suck the joy out of what for us, is often the highlight of the week, riding your bike!

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. Great video with a lot of good tips on buying. I’m pretty big on the brand’s part only cause I’ve had really good luck with them.

  2. People hacking the speed limits on these bikes is going to prevent them from widespread acceptance on most MTB trails. I don’t get it. Just get a motorcycle if you want unlimited speed/power. The wider the speed difference between ebikes and bikes, the more dangerous it becomes.

  3. Great video, lot of information, and the right information! Thanks!

  4. Anyone who says an E-Bike is cheating is really saying, “I can’t afford one”. It’s as simple as that.

  5. Thanks Steve great guide and I have book marked it for when I get the funds to buy one.

  6. I am 53 kut of shape due to destroyed knee since I was 23. I had to have replaced 3 years ago. I used to ride as I live near the mountains and loved riding in the trails as hiking and walking was tough. This winter I broke down and got a rocky mountain ebike and only got to ride a few times so far but man it has made a world of difference. My daughter who is 12 did not like riding I got her one too that was a less expensive giant and she actually likes riding and so makes riding more and longer each time, also do not have to be as picky on the trails

  7. Ebikes have to be careful with the price because if they keep pushing these Ebikes too high people are just going to translate to the next motor bike… Dirt bikes and join that sport within the same family. The better keep the price as low as they can for the sake of everyone

  8. Which one is the best on the market?

  9. Great informative vid ,, would have liked a rough price but guess to expensive for my pockets

  10. Helpful video Steve, I’m just about to push the button on a 2020 merida e160 9000. My dilemma is sizing, I’m 6’1 and can’t decide between L or Xl. I’ve demoed a L and it feels ok but can’t find an Xl to try. Can comparing sizes to my pivot firebird work or do ebikes need a different fit ?

  11. No mention of Shimano Steps?

  12. Prefer to be unfit with an ebike then in fit sitting on the sofa because regular biking is a pain

  13. Electric Mountain Bike Network February 24, 2021 @ 9:39 pm

    What have you had your eye on and what factors make you think it’s the right E bike for you?

  14. i got a hard tail e bike. i take it on those hard technical trails. its more than capable. check me out on facebook. i also have a youtube https://www.facebook.com/RestlessENT

  15. Imagine these bikes with 90v of power :D. I’m pretty excited about graphene batteries too.

  16. Good clear presentation. Thanks!

  17. jonsey

  18. Hi guys, loving the program. I bought my 1st Emtb this year following long deliberation and especially after watching your reviews of various motors. I took the decision to go for a Shimano E7000 powered Vitus E Escarpe VR giving me the benefit of power when I need it and as natural ride as I could hope for…… I was not disappointed ! I love the transition to E bikes (although still enjoy riding my hard tail analogue bike) and can recommend that people at least try an Emtb before shrugging them off as cheating. Keep up the good work. Cliff. PS. Isn’t the brand new EP8 RS powered Corbea Rise re-inventing the wheel a little ? I thought the power delivery of the E7000 motor was already achieving this ? It would be interesting to do a trial of those 2 power plants back to back to see what you get for your extra cash ?

  19. The lightest most powerful ok

  20. when will there be 31" tyres?

  21. Hi good informative video I thinking of the new trek powerfly hardtail. What’s your opinion as I’ll be using it mainly where I go hiking no technical trails.

  22. great video. can u give a tip where to buy a good bike at discount prices?

  23. Hey guys,
    Love your videos; Keep ’em coming!

    I am getting close to a decision on a new eMTB. While I think I’m a good candidate (54 yrs old, 36+ years riding MTB, pretty fit, having a hard time with the big climbs nowadays, pride) for one of the new Levo SL bikes, even the low-end bike at $6500 USD is out of my range (plus I would want the extender so now I’m over 7K).

    So, because I don’t see any more lower-powered, smaller battery bikes on the near horizon, I’ve narrowed down to a couple of bikes:
    1) Fezzarri Wire Peak Elite
    2) YT Decoy Base 29

    Both are in the $4500USD range, but the big differences are 29×2.4 vs 27.5×2.8 tires; SLX vs NX drivetrain. I’ve been on a conventional 27.5+ hardtail for the last 4 years and I like the grip and traction of those wheels but I’m also a bigger fan of SLX than NX. If I could get a 2.5 or 2.6 tire on the YT, that would probably be the decision-maker.

    Any thoughts, especially on warranty, support, company reputation, etc.? Or, any buzz about other companies possibly coming out with something Levo SL-like, but at a lower price point?

    I appreciate it if you’re able to find the time to respond! Other ebike owners: feel free to add your thoughts, especially if there are bikes I’m missing!

    Devin Allen
    Colorado Springs, CO. USA

  24. I don’t care how other riders judge my time, my ride, my money. Just mind your own biz and go have your own fun. If they’re such purest then get rid of disk brakes, tubeless tires,, carbon frames. I’m able to carry my fat ass and wore out knees a little further than I could without an ebike.

  25. Some bikes are waterproof. Get a waterproof one so you can wash it down.

  26. Some good advice there thanks, gonna save for a good hardtail , and save money in the process only do light stuff canals and fire roads in the uk 🇬🇧 at a steady rate , will focus on distance not jumps or technical stuff thanks Shane uk

  27. Beta 300 ?

  28. Best video. Exactly explains the way I needed it. Thank you.

  29. Hello, made my mind up Haibike FullLife LT 7.5 ,now i must rob a bank:-))

  30. No one ever mentions tyre weight! 2.8" 29er tyre…..how many KG?!

  31. All I can is an add for specialized

  32. Whats the bikes name? 1:38

  33. I like power

  34. The World is Your Lobster February 24, 2021 @ 10:06 pm

    I’ve done so much research now I have to decide..

  35. You missed Bafang motors.

  36. Excellent summary!

  37. Hi guys from embn. First of all, thank you for you’re time, money and work you’ve been spent on every single video. They’re very helpfull – I think not only for me. But now, I’ve got a question I’d love to get to know about you’re ideas and comments to it. So I’m about to buy an ebike. I tried different brands, different motors, differen wheelsizes and at the end I’m most confortable on a ghost kato hybride fs 4.9 with the 8000 steps motor by shimano. The last number (9) meens, that i’s a 29" wheel. So perhaps it depends on my actuall bike – it has 29" wheels too – my personal felling is just the best on that bike. Most of the time I’m riding in the woods on normal roads and sometimes I ride down some trails – but at my hometown there are not as much trails. They’re in the woods with roots, some stonegardens and such things. Moreover I began to ride mountainbike, like you’ve to ride a mtb :-), for about just 3 years now. So I would say, that I’m almost a beginner. So now my question: The same bike is offered with a 27.5" plus wheel. The differens between these two bikes are the travel on the suspensions. At the 27.5" wheels (ghost kato hybride fs 4.7) there are 140 mm travel, while at the 29" wheel has (only) 120 mm at the fork and a 130 mm travel at the rear suspension. So what do you think about? What about the pros and cons about the wheelsizes and the travel on the suspensions? In case I wanna to go for ride across the alps (S1 to maximum S3)???? Thanx a lot (and I hope my english writing is good enough – I’m from germany and I think I wrote my last letters about 20 years ago) 🙂

  38. Who or what force is at work to continue promoting 29". Why? I don’t get it. The market was perfect with 26 but when the push came for 29" most said well I guess my only choice is 27.5. Smaller equals faster acceleration and stopping. Stronger wheels. Lower center of gravity. Those forces of nature are undeniable and as much as the push for 29" continues, the body feels nature.

  39. Mubea and LMX have the only ebikes I’m interested in. 3-4kw mid drives, bigger batteries, etc. An ebike built for mountain bikers like the haibike is no fun. An ebike built for the sake of fun is fun.

  40. Ebiking and Games February 24, 2021 @ 10:14 pm

    I love my haibike fullfat six. I cant do teknical but its really comfortabel when desending

  41. "in 2020, this list helped me decide for the best electric bike *scafe.shop/tbeb2020?yu* hope it helps you out too!"

  42. Eric Auditore Cheung February 24, 2021 @ 10:15 pm


  43. I’m going for the Cube Acid 400, I’m 5ft 11′ what size would you recommend its more for leisure and commuting not for the trails. Thanks.

  44. 5:38 the chain xD

  45. Specialized needs to come out with the STUMP-E…. a 160mm E-version based on the Acoustic Stumpy to sit between the Levo and the Kenevo!

  46. Joel Westlake-Allen February 24, 2021 @ 10:21 pm

    What bike does he have at the start of the video. The hard tail?

  47. Looking to get fit, 122kg myself, would you recommend a Ebike for this type of person? If so, any ones that come to mind?

  48. Really informative and helpful video! Diolch yn fawr!

  49. Just some musings….. Okay, I want an e-bike. They’re a bit pricey….but my last bike cost me $350 in 1987. (from about 2004 to last year I hardly rode at all but still I’ve gotten a lot of value out of that bike, still getting it). So if I can find an e-bike that meets my needs and I can use it for the next ten years, terrific! I’m in. I like the EMTBN videos, but when I see guys leaping over stuff, hammering it down insane slopes, nice but not for me. I suspect that because of the cost the e-MTB market is going to be like what I found with sea kayaks, an older (50+) crowd, so a bunch of us gray heads, but not sedentary, hitting the trails on the E-bikes the kids can’t afford. That’s okay, because that’s me. (I really appreciate when a bike is said to be a Downhill bike, that’s not what I’m looking for. Maybe what I want would be called an Uphill Bike: make those mountain trails more accessible. My goal is a bike that I can make the 22 miles and 5000 feet up fire roads and some single track to Mt Wilson (San Gabriels, near Los Angeles) and back down again, with a few technical sections.(44 miles round trip). An important issue is climbing assist and battery life (or if mostly downhill on a dead battery would be okay? 90 percent of the Mt Wilson loop is sloped in one direction, up from my house and down towards it. So 22 miles and dead battery not so bad on the way back…. probably okay.)
    The 150 mm travel is a great tip. It gives me a useful benchmark. Doesn’t mean I’ll only buy a 150 mm. I’m currently peddling no suspension, so anything is going to be amazing, and not wanting to do huge leaps…. if I find a terrific 100 mm, that’ll do, but if I’m trying to choose between 150mm and 200mm, well, you’ve just given me the information needed to decide. Thanks!
    And suspension. Some of my fellow commentators on EMTBN videos made the point, MTB, hardtail–otherwise you just lose too much effort while climbing (clearly not a downhill discussion), but on an E-MTB: full suspension– no question, the battery penalty is insignificant compared to the benefit. Brilliant!
    Carbon fiber? Amazing material. I’ve even made a few things with carbon fiber… but on a bike I hope to ride for ten years? I’m a bit wary (though a deal on a carbon Specialized Levo with the 650 battery over the Aluminum one with the 500? I’d go the carbon just for the extra range, and if the carbon cracked …. I’d mix up some epoxy and apply some patches which would also discourage thieves and frighten children. (I’m a bit wary because fiberglass and resin are not actually waterproof (epoxy is), so all those boats from the 1970s were doomed right from the start. Information about Dyneema-Carbon Fiber (DCF) is making the rounds that it simply does not hold up. So I’m a bit cautious.

    Okay enough of my nonsense.

  50. The World is Your Lobster February 24, 2021 @ 10:26 pm

    Trouble is there’s so many to choose from..

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