Which Size Electric Bike Should I Buy? How To Choose the Right Size eBike Frame: Road, MTB, Commuter

Which Size Electric Bike Should I Buy? How To Choose the Right Size eBike Frame: Road, MTB, Commuter

We made this video to help you understand what size frame you’ll need for for road e-bikes, eMTBs, leisure bikes, and more. Timecodes for different styles of bikes:
1:35 General Sizing Guidelines
4:28 eMTB Sizing
4:51 eMTB frame sizes in S/M/L/XL – CM and inches
8:30 Road & Commuter eBike Sizing:
12:01 Leisure eBike Sizing
13:29 Fine Tuning Your Ride

Link to size charts: https://shopsandiegoflyrides.com/blogs/good-rides-good-vibes-everyday-at-fly-rides/how-to-correctly-size-your-electric-bike

Especially when buying an e-bike online, make sure you choose the right size to get optimal comfort, performance and fun! Our electric bike size guide will help you answer how to get fitted for an electric bike. Electric bike sizes vary depending on the brand, but our electric bike size guide will help you determine which size electric bike you should buy no matter what bike you’re getting!

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Finding the correct bike size for your height can be a challenge, especially when buying online. As an online electric bike sales company ourselves, we want to give you a guide to buying an electric bike online. Lots of people wonder, “should I buy an electric bike online?” considering everything that goes into sizing up on a bike. But the good news is, with a few bike sizing measurements, we’ll have you on the right bike in no time.

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At Fly Rides, we want to show the world how life on an eBike is a life better lived! We have been on this mission for a decade. We’ll voice our opinions and educate consumers so that we can build a better future not just for eBikes, but for cyclists in general.

We believe that an eBike can fit into the day-to-day life of just about anybody. Whether you’re searching for the best eMTB to explore the mountains, a Class 3 commuting electric bike to cut down on time in traffic, or you’re an athlete looking for a gravel eBike or road electric bike for recovery days, Fly Rides has you covered.

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Readers Comments (11)

  1. Until not to long ago all bikes used 26" wheel,s no matter the size of the bike or rider so the whole wheel size thing is BS

  2. Green Light Reading December 1, 2020 @ 7:56 pm

    I’m 5’10" and have ridden a medium-sized Stumpjumper for 12 years and always thought that was the perfect size.. Just purchased a Levo SL in a large frame. It fits me far better than I expected. I’m far more comfortable, can handle the bike better, and wish I’d been on this size bike long before now. Plus the 29er’s are fabulous.

  3. Very good!

  4. Really cool and useful, as usual! Thank you.
    PS: are you planning on testing the new Turbo Vado SL? Is it a good competitor for the Gazelle and other commute bikes on your top list? šŸ˜‰

  5. can you do a video on which components customer can upgrade? I think with most bikes, the fork, entire handlebar system and stem, derailleurs, as well wheels can be upgraded but I want expert opinion.

  6. Solid guide to bike sizing! Thanks for putting this together.

  7. The Gazelle e bikes have crazy tall standover heights. Those Scandinavians must have long legs!

  8. Thanks for making this video! Having ridden bikes too small for me, I know just how important it is for stability and comfort. Though, even at 5’10", I find myself liking L or even XL EMTB’s for the weight distribution. People that were into motorcycles before seem to like larger frames, too, because they’re used to throwing around something heavy. On road/cruiser styles, though, I’m still mostly Medium. All depends on how you’d use it.

  9. This has to be one of, if not THE best understandable and detailed videos of getting a good fit. Thanks

  10. 4:51 i am 165cm and I donā€™t want to stop the video, open browser, type ā€œinches in cmā€, open another tab and type ā€œfeet in cmā€, open video and read the first line with numbers, open first tab and type numbers, open the other tab and type numbers, get sum of results, open video and check the table, repeat the process for two mins, in order to understand that table. Instead i want to write this paragraph.

  11. A lot of
    Great info

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