While Tesla Isn't Making eBikes, BH Core Carbon Gets 136 Miles of Range

While Tesla Isn't Making eBikes, BH Core Carbon Gets 136 Miles of Range

While Elon Musk hasn’t confirmed Tesla’s interest to build an electric bicycle, this e-bike from the BH Bikes has a 225 km of range per single charge which is roughly 136 miles.

Bikes are a good mode of transport for employees at Giga Berlin. Sell at cost or below for employees plus charging stations etc.

Bikes and e-bikes are huge in Germany and Tesla could easily build them and sell its employees at cost or below. Then the demand for Tesla e-Bikes would grow as more people would see those cool e-Bikes that Tesla employees at Giga Berlin were driving. In fact, Rüdersdorf, a German city not far from Grunheide, where Tesla is building its Giga Berlin factory is already planning to express bike routes for Tesla employees. In fact, Tesla is constructing 623 charging stations at Giga Berlin for its employees and visitors.

Now, while there is no official word from Tesla on e-bikes, combining lightness and high energy capacity, the latest electric bike from Spain’s BH Bikes announces record range.

You know, it is not only in the field of electric cars where manufacturers are engaged in a race for autonomy. In the electric bicycle too, manufacturers are innovating to always offer more to their customers. This is the case of BH Bikes which has just revealed the BH Core, an electric racing bike capable of covering up to 220 kilometers in a single charge. This means the BH Core Carbon e-bike will reach 136 miles per single charge.

In the meantime, FedEx starting a new eBike delivery program in Canada to reduce emissions, but also Torque News learned that FedEx is running out of delivery vans and this may be yet another reason the company is piloting cargo eBikes. In any case, the news is good for electric bicycle lovers and our environment.


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Torque News: Tesla vs BH Core eBike https://www.torquenews.com/1/while-tesla-isnt-build-e-bike-one-has-135-miles-range
Torque News: FedEx starts eBike deliveries https://www.torquenews.com/1/fedex-starts-ebike-deliveries-its-running-out-delivery-vans

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  1. I would love to have a Tesla e-bike — ESPECIALLY if it could be re-charged from my current Tesla Model-Y and/or my future Cybertruck. THE reason I paid $1,000 for a trailer hitch on my Model-Y was so I could carry 2 bikes with me on certain trips.

  2. ►What does providing more charging stations have to do with e-bikes? You’re not going to have a different kind of charging station for an e-bike. That makes no sense.
    ►What does Tesla employees riding bicycles have to do with e-bikes. Nothing AFAIK.
    ►How are e-bikes "companions" to electric cars? I just don’t see how that follows at all.
    ►I think this is mostly about someone’s whimsical like of the idea of e-bikes, not the result of any actual experience with them. I have a feeling they will be inferior human-pedaled bikes, and inferior as motorized bikes.
    ►And yes, if you want to bring up Elon, you need to find out what he actually said, and whether it had to do with e-bikes.
    ►BTW I don’t think you want the same kind of seating position for pedaling a bicycle vs for the motor doing the work. Have you ever seen a motorcycle rider leaning over on French-style handlebars?

  3. Sign me up! 100%

  4. Watt Hours is right.

  5. speculations speculations… where is the news???

  6. Under the agenda for renewable energy, EV is suitable for countries with most ICE. To countries with more and more bicycle, EV is not quite suitable.

  7. Those who are retirement today do remember one thing? postman deliver not on foot but on bike.

  8. Do you think Tesla will potentially enter the e-Bike market?

  9. 0:26

  10. This bike doesn’t seem easy to ride, possibly this is a start of design B?????

  11. " I can not confirm that that is something I heard " 👍

  12. If Tesla makes an e-bike what do you think the range will be?

  13. If you want to be a reliable source for news, you have to do just a little more research. Elon fell off a motorcycle, and said those are not safe. He did not say anything about bicycles. Other than that, keep up the good work!

  14. when ebikes can be made autonomous

  15. Here is a new update on a Tesla e-Bike concept based on the positives. https://www.torquenews.com/1/tesla-owners-say-they-would-welcome-tesla-ebike-model-b

  16. I taught 136 mph Bicycle ??

  17. Most confusing report. How is it called Tesla model B, if it is not Tesla? Are you reporting news, or making them?

  18. My brother has a ebike thats supposedly rated for 280km range. Not news

  19. Imagine the 0-60 on that thing,.. jk unless…

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