Why I Started My Own Bicycle Brand After 22 Years Of Racing?

Why I Started My Own Bicycle Brand After 22 Years Of Racing?

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  1. Richard Hutchings January 12, 2021 @ 10:49 pm

    NAIVE brand of bikes?

  2. Will these always be available? I鈥檓 a college student right now but I really like these bikes and want one when I have money to spend

  3. Suggestion:

    Order 25 frames on 60 days credit. Select most popular colours and sizes.

    Buy 25 group sets cheap that you like.

    Buy 25 wheels 28 mm or 30 mm.

    Leave out seat and pedals.

    Make up yourself with friends.

    Sell bike in Aust. Under $A1600. People will buy. Low $A will buy os as well.

    Make $450 margin. Perfectly fair.

    Rinse and repeat.

    Then get own branding DurianRider. Trade mark. Expand. Make $s and help the community.

    You can do this.

    Call me.

  4. WOW just fucking WOW. now i know which bike im going to buy when i buy it: PRAGMA GLYCOGEN. I assume this is on sale at your Durianrider.com web site? Big On Ya Mate !!

  5. Franken Pedaleur Cycling Lifestyle January 12, 2021 @ 11:00 pm

    Couldn’t understand the e-mail adress. Would be interested in a frame. Have some questions about branding and other stuff.
    Is that a screwable BSA bearing?

  6. When is the disc brake aero bike with 100% hidden cables going to be available ? 馃槀

  7. I would buy a drop seatstays frame from you if you made that frame

  8. When are you dropping a disc brake version?

  9. I emailed you some questions on frame size and bb. No reply. If someone has a problem with shipping, frame or anything else what is your normal response time?

  10. do you recommend campagnolo super record?

  11. Does the glycogen frame fit the road racer fenders and 28c tires?

  12. So…You’re selling a complete and sustainable Fitness System, based on cycling. And, it also includes a top tier quality road bike. This is possibly the best new fitness offering on the Internet, for 2020. Genius!!!!

  13. Harley, awesome that you are doing this! Bikes should be simple but the marketing of bike companies make it seem like they are making major technological breakthroughs every year. What a crock of shit! I still ride my steel frame DeRosa from the 90s and it鈥檚 still in great shape after all those miles and since I don鈥檛 race, shaving seconds off hill climbs means nothing to me. Your frames look great and you can鈥檛 beat the price! I wish you luck with your new venture!

  14. Jelmer van Kampen January 12, 2021 @ 11:27 pm

    Get some special own designs, limited banana edition 馃崒.

    I am still happy with my Caad12 but my next bike will be one of yours.

    I started cycling about 2 years back and your tips and tricks really helped me out so much.

    Hope to see more cycling footage and long distance stuff from Thailand soon too!

  15. Do you have an aero discbrake bike?

  16. Franken Pedaleur Cycling Lifestyle January 12, 2021 @ 11:29 pm

    Natasha has an elegant and silent style of climbing. Also when she stands on the pedal. Some riders you cannot watch, because they’re moving like puppets on the bike.

  17. Link for the bike?

  18. You live a clean lifestyle. Good values. What’s the name of your brand? Name it Windspeed or Evolution

  19. Gravel one looks great, I’ve just bought a Merida Silex 105

  20. Forget Cervelo faulty bulding and designs, carbon crappy quality and rip-off make believe lifetime warranties
    (2018 R3 and R5 owned)
    Next bike am going different way!

  21. I looked at carbon i never had one due to cost and if im to big for it i dont crash much been riding over 20 years im 44 now and keep thinking be nice to ride carbon but still not sure i try a tcr i was fixing and it went so fast and smooth than my alloy bikes . Planetx do pro carbon bikes good for money

  22. I鈥檇 be super keen to get one aye. I鈥檓 a mountain biker through and through but I鈥檇 love one of these pragmas for fitness through the week to maintain fitness 馃馃徏 Harley you legend!

  23. Would be good to show off some of the possible paint jobs as you both riding high vis ones probably doesn’t do the possibilities justice.

  24. I don鈥檛 do carbon at all. Will you carry aluminum?

  25. Richard Hutchings January 12, 2021 @ 11:46 pm

    The new Manson: Durian Rider’s ‘cult’. Or ‘family?’

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