Why I Use MTB Frame Guard & You Really Should Too! All Mountain Style For The Win!

Why I Use MTB Frame Guard & You Really Should Too! All Mountain Style For The Win!

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I’ve made a lot of mistakes during my adventure as a mountain bike rider. Not using frame protectant is one of my top mistakes! In this video I talk about why I use frame guard for my bike and why you should too. Big shoutout to All Mountain Style for sending me their product for free in return for a review. As I mention in the video, this is a product I would have bought myself if the company would not have reached out!

AMS Frame Guard — http://bit.ly/AMSFrameGuard
AMS Mud Guard —— http://bit.ly/AMSMudGuard

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  1. That kit is about $35. I got a meter of guard tape from my LBS for $16 and did the whole bike. No designs, just clear.

  2. Oleg Petelevitch December 21, 2020 @ 9:43 pm


  3. Why did u put the down tube sticker on the top tube

  4. I love AMS, I’ve Collaborated with them a ton!

  5. Hey I have a question so I just installed ams guard on my bike so I shouldn鈥檛 be worried about the sticker peeling the paint off right ? Thanks @DailyMTBRider

  6. Goat Rides Bikes December 21, 2020 @ 9:50 pm

    But…but so much weight penalty bro! Is it even aero bro? [jokes]

  7. Sqausht Suspension December 21, 2020 @ 9:50 pm

    Not for that price! I will stick with big sheet of clear 3M vinyl for 10 bucks !

  8. Kevin Unterieser December 21, 2020 @ 9:51 pm

    What set did you get the basic protection, extra protection, full protection, or the total protection?
    Thanks, 馃檪

  9. Mountain Biking With Steve-O December 21, 2020 @ 9:54 pm

    Too bad they don’t have any products for Trek bikes. Seems to cater two or three brands of bikes.


  11. What kind of tape did you mention at the beginning? Mastic is it?

  12. Filippos Liodakis December 21, 2020 @ 9:58 pm

    Well i actually wanna buy a new MTB so can you tell me how xan i check this one out?

  13. Wouldn’t it be easier to wet down the frame/sticker with soapy water so you can slide it into place? I’m a auto body tech and that’s how we apply rock guard and decals. Then you just use something stiff to work out the bubbles and water. We use actual squeagie’s meant for the job but a credit card or something would work.

  14. no mention of Shelter tape? the most seriously protective high tech option available.

  15. why are you doing this in your front yard cooper says

  16. Seems way too positive and like an advert, rather than a product recommendation or review. Disappointed really.

  17. Completely kills the look of the bike. More to the point why does it need protecting, its a bike.. its meant to be used. Do you slam stickers all over your car and house also…?

  18. neil froggy crompton December 21, 2020 @ 10:11 pm

    Makes ur bike look like a zebra lol
    Not on my bike ever!!!!,i’d prefer clear protectors bcos it’s less invasive 馃檪

  19. mtb’s made to be ridden hard and beaten bad… get a fixie.

  20. Looks amazing man! So does that Yaris with the murdered out rims!

  21. Great vid n glad to say I uped the vid with the 1000th like

  22. The AMS on the Wreckoning really took it to the next level in design. Great video. I put this stuff on my Yeti back in July and I can testify that it really is durable and works. I will leave one note. When I removed a couple stickers for replacement, you are right, no residue and no stripped paint….but in my experience, if you do put a sticker over a previously chipped area, it will rip a portion of the paint off depending on the paint type and size of the paint chip/area of damage if you’re not careful. Learn from the fool, don’t be the fool, and I’m the fool. Its not a criticism, just something to keep in mind. AMS has worked really well for me and I hope it does the same for you Daily MTB Rider!

  23. Is that 180mm of travel bike?

  24. but for $40, nah

  25. I protected my carbon roker comp and just bought an aluminum MT bike.聽 Should I wrap an aluminum bike?

  26. It looks like a blue bike with the paint peeling off and showing the black primer. 馃憥馃徑

  27. shoudlve got the frame guards before i scratched up my frame real bad

  28. this product is ridiculously over priced i got 1 like 5 months ago and it literally brings like 14 TINY pieces in it. There is not even a full thing piece to cover your entire chain stay. disappointing.

  29. It looks so good, can鈥檛 wait to see it in another video!

  30. Can I only prep the bike with the iso and no water/soap?

    Edit: I find out that if you look at your previous bike that does not have tape, it’s a lot easier to tell where you should apply the stuff

  31. Sweet design on those stickers man love the new look…hey im in Bellingham until Sunday for work…i dont have my bike, but would be sweet to meet up at least!

  32. ride every day?

  33. Awesome, i was looking int allmountain, one question, did you use only one packet of protection on your bike?

  34. why do you keep clamping your bike by the dropper?

  35. Not to sound like a dick… online language, that means I’m going to…

    But the pattern on that tape looks utterly ridiculous.

    Such a clean-lined bike with nice curves & a beautiful blue, and you put this chunky-ass patterned tape which simulates that played-out 1990’s grunge look?!?!

    I mean, you couldn’t even put the downtube sticker on the downtube because it’d cover the logo.

    DAFUQ is that!

    I’m guessing that the people who gave you all those compliments just felt bad for you & didn’t want to hurt your feelings.

    I don’t know, bro… I think you messed the bike up. I certainly hope they paid you well for doing that to your ride.

  36. Looks sick actually looks better waved an support you awesome video!

  37. Downtube protector is way too short. Need at least 18" not 12".

  38. Looks sick!

  39. It looks crap

  40. I use an old inner tube with cable ties to protect the rear side of my bike and its works so well that i even use it to protect my crank arms.

  41. I probably would have put the largest piece you put on the top of your top tube at the bottom of the down tube. Unless you have one of those bike racks where an arm comes down on to the top of the top tube to secure it. I also protected my bike but I went a different route.

  42. Backyard Shredder December 21, 2020 @ 10:32 pm

    did you just use one pack on the bike?

  43. hanamichi sakuragi December 21, 2020 @ 10:34 pm

    Dont forget guys, stickers makes your bikes faster.

  44. can I use rubbing alcohol instead? the ones they use in hospitals?

  45. Wow! that looks awful.

  46. I鈥檓 thinking about putting this on my ibis mojo 3. My one question, will it really not strip the paint or damage it when you remove the stickers?

  47. Congratulations… u ruined it. Invisible frame protection pls

  48. GurnakeDaSnakeMon December 21, 2020 @ 10:39 pm

    Hope they are giving you some scrilla cause im sold. Looks sweet. Buying one for my friend also.

  49. What kind of bike do you have?

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