Why These Are The Most Popular E-Bikes On Instagram

Why These Are The Most Popular E-Bikes On Instagram

Jarrett Carter is a master technician at BMW, but in his free time he builds elaborate custom e-bikes. They’re a hit on Instagram and even more fun to ride. Each bike is unique and has features ranging from air suspension to speakers.


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Why These Are The Most Popular E-Bikes On Instagram

Readers Comments (50)

  1. top top top 👌

  2. Hardly anything catches my eye any more but you are a true artist. I commend your vision and the first thing i thought of when I saw your bikes was TRON

  3. Fatbike nation 🤘🤛🤜🤜🤛🤙💪

  4. but why are your knees in your face dude, come , who wants to ride like that

  5. i want one

  6. Dude could just make a channel about the process of making these bikes so at least he gets some money from this.

  7. Where can i get one?

  8. Schmidtchens Katze December 26, 2020 @ 9:57 pm

    Back pain joined the chat

  9. How much for the rat rod truck ? And I want to add you did a great job on the bikes.

  10. Mandys Service Center December 26, 2020 @ 9:58 pm

    I must have one of these bikes

  11. Very cool you are doing exactly what im doing . having fun with bikes when you are grown… We all wanna be kids again and a bike will get you there ..very good and truck is kick ass too.

  12. One step closer to the bike Mr Garrison made.

  13. The mess that is your life December 26, 2020 @ 10:01 pm

    BUILD…….do not watch TV. Much more entertaining. …….The purpose is your creation.

  14. I build that electric custom cruiser https://youtu.be/3W6U7_3bV3I

  15. hey i love your bikes very cool i have been building bikes as well but 2 strokes & i was kinda feeling funny about repurposing things to build my bikes but i have found a few builders lately that do the same & there bikes are some of the most beautiful works of art ever seen you said you do it & you have awsome rides back to feeling good about re~purp i hate throwing things out & i love building 1off’s i’m Blair my small business is called mean bikes from Edmonton AB CANADA

  16. Amazing ✌✌✌

  17. Hoping to have this here at the Philippines 😎

  18. It must cost serious money to make these. What I would like to see is a bike that is not only art but is useful to go shopping is powerful can go long distances toy wagon go camping go over anything. I have an ecotric Hammer it’s pretty good but riding long distances with no handlebars old school you will be in pain especially if you’re 58 years old with one leg like me the farthest I have gone so far is 50 MI 31 miles have three bars left recharge keep going

  19. How many miles per charge?

  20. how far can you go or how long a charge

  21. who want cake
    () ()
    (* ,*)
    ( =🍰
    cost one = like

  22. Stayed for the bikes
    *Came* because of the girl

  23. Excellent work

  24. Awesome Idea sir I appreciate it 👍 🔥🔥❤️🇮🇳 love from india ✌️😉

  25. Love it

  26. Notonebuttwo Othman December 26, 2020 @ 10:24 pm

    Just make your own bike it’s so easy and cheap

  27. simeidy Sarai sanchez Rugerio December 26, 2020 @ 10:25 pm

    el costo de una bike de esas

  28. whats his instagram?

  29. Tu pass rah gaye the chutkule

  30. They look so obnoxious

  31. Major props man

  32. -awesome left field cleverness.

  33. Hey I would like to know if you can make a living from this passion? Is there demand for this super cool old school stylish scooter chopper market !!!

  34. It shoes one or two motorized bikes, which use Gas powered engines, very different from e-bikes

  35. Sridhar bhoot ki

  36. Funny how not one person wears a helmet!

  37. These are the kind of project me and my dad did when I was a little kid, we used to get old don’t electric forklifts and turn them into whatever we felt like turning them into mostly three-wheel trikes and some two- wheel bikes. Everything was from the dump and it was so much fun, I’m actually looking for a project to start with my dad it’s been a long time and I would like to get him moving again.

  38. Love the crafting and creativity. Awesome!

  39. Ahhhh. So nice to click on good vibes.

  40. Stupid

  41. With respect for that dude, some of those bikes might not be street legal.
    – Except in certain states, all e-bikes must have pedals, several of those didn’t.
    – One or 2 were electric kick scooters, which require a special license in many communities.
    – Electric bikes and electric kick scooters have a specific top speed of 20 mph/30kmph, all those bikes seemed to be going faster.

    Like made props to this dude, but he needs to be careful or he could get himself into legal trouble

  42. La police nous oppresse avec les restrictions de liberté pour les vélo et les trottinettes normale. Je ne vois pas comment de tel engins pourrait circuler sur la route sans que la flicaille ramène son nez là-dedans. Ce monde avec ces règles deviens très étouffan pour tout malheureux artiste qui souhaite réaliser, bousculer et donné du rêve au travers des ses créations à cette population française.

  43. My Old Motorcycle December 26, 2020 @ 10:44 pm

    This has future!

  44. WARBOW MAKING agincourt December 26, 2020 @ 10:45 pm


  45. Awesome bikes 👍

  46. A motor on these bikes is a must

  47. DJ ANOKE - Deep Art Berlin December 26, 2020 @ 10:46 pm

    Great Bikes! Rolling Artwork! great man!

  48. Where can I get a bike of those ??

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