Work On Your Electric Bike With Ease

Work On Your Electric Bike With Ease

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If you need a new display because of previous mishaps?

This may just do the trick!

Motor Controllers and Displays


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Readers Comments (50)

  1. 13 years a Prepper R.J Tilbury. January 26, 2021 @ 7:51 pm

    Dang I was carying 2 house bricks ,,, Thats a lighter way

  2. I need help my lcd display isn’t showing my speed at all it’s showing wattage PAS THE SPEED DOESNT MOVE NOR ODOMETER I HAVE RADRUNNER PLEASE HELP

  3. Clerisson Mesquita January 26, 2021 @ 7:52 pm

    Amazing product, great idea, congrats.

  4. disposablefiend nuxmu January 26, 2021 @ 7:53 pm

    What kind of a person gives this video a thumbs down? Jealous People? Jaded?

  5. too repeditive….just wanted to know about the bike taking too long…trykng to buy a bike

  6. Just ordered 2. Thanks for the recommendations. Two thumbs up for your videos

  7. The black foam pipe insulation that is split down the middle works great. A couple of short sections weigh almost nothing and could be stored on a part of the frame/ tube.

  8. Yousavedbro Heaven Bound January 26, 2021 @ 8:02 pm

    Genius! God does say people are fearfully and wonderfully made God is the creator. How awesome people use their god-given talents and abilities to be a blessing to other’s.


  9. From Sydney Australia. Just received mine. Great product and well built. Very impressed.

  10. Won’t work for my bikes I have mirrors and radios and speakers on my handlebars

  11. where can i buy one?

  12. Thanks for the code! I’ve been needing something like that. I’m thinking a Bolton ebike is in my future!

  13. I appreciated the additional tip on turning your bike over.

  14. I just used the foam that came in my bike box when I put it together

  15. mod 1 – Go Pro camera trail tripod stand – include a rubber band long enough to secure the camera to the stand.

  16. 1×4 piece of wood, 6" long, drill 32mm hole, cut straight through the holes, so now you have 2 pieces of wood with half half circles in each… Scrap wood so the whole thing cost 0 😁

  17. Use some cord and tie it to a tree… works great and light to carry and cost almost nothing…

  18. Wow, 4 minutes just to get to the tool. Not interested.

  19. Please get to your point…

  20. I just bought a set of the way cool Handle Bar jacks – – They now come with velcro straps instead of ol rubber O – Rings !!!

  21. Took longer over this contraption than he does on his bikes !

  22. Hi, do you any of this to protect your radrover 5 / gps protection, lock, insurance, also electric air pump, if you do please let me know thanks.

  23. I really like that little tool

  24. Cool product. So the handlebars don’t move around on those small contact points? Your floor is flat and not likely to be on the road. Will it rock? I have paddle style grips but think I can still mount them. Maybe.

  25. I have a rad rover, and I love your detailed style, simple and straight- forward, I look forward to your videos on improving my bike, I am an ancient Canadian, who rides everyday, 6ooo km a year, I don’t want speed, but I want power. and better tires, brakes pads etc.

  26. $25.00, I’ll just use 2 bricks EZ peazy

  27. 1.5x speed. you’re welcome.

  28. If they could push into each handlebar would be better

  29. Bought one for a bike on back order. Just used it. I like it but the legs close up a little too easily so I would recommend the manufacturer change that to be harder to open and close the legs. However, it was excellent for keeping my LCD display, throttle, and brake connections away from the ground. And was certainly more stable than my bike would have been just laying on the handlebars alone. Thanks for all your reviews and tips in general and specifically the review to show me this product which I purchased only because I saw it on your YouTube channel

  30. We have an older heavy type ebike.. Male to female type battery charger connectors… Femile inside bike needs replacing.. What do I buy? What are they called? And cheapest way to do it? Did it once with music type connector.. But didn’t work long.. Any ideas gratefully received.. 🙏Thanks

  31. So where is the link for the handle bar jacks and discount ?

  32. Elder Mike Davis January 26, 2021 @ 8:31 pm

    What protects your seat and fenders

  33. Really like your tube show sounds like fun I love my electric bike.

  34. I live in California, I’m actually waiting for my front e-hub to arrive, my first ebike, turning my bike into an ebike, but I wouldn’t mind having one of those really nice ones, not saying my first ebike isn’t gonna b nice, 52v 1000w battery, 48v 1000w hub, it’ll work but wouldn’t mind having another one for my sister ,

  35. The display on my bike has a quick release and is removable so I remove it before flipping the bike upside down. Easy peezy.

  36. How cool jack stands for your bike

  37. No Doubt you make more $$ from YouTube than your bike business.
    This could a been a 4 minute video

  38. I bought one of these Handlebar Jacks.. it works great! Thanks Kyle…

  39. I bought a set after I saw this a while back. There are soooo many guys on the Tube showing You what junk they are setting their bars on while they do work on their bikes. I can’t believe this product is not more well known !!!!!

  40. Thanks for the review. Wife and I recently purchased e-bikes (love em) and on a recent ride got a small thorn. Fortunately, made it home without noticing until the next day. I woke up this morning realizing that I do not want to turn this new brute over on the side of the road with all the "very important" stuff on the handlebars. Plus the grips are a beautiful brown leather. So, half awake, I started thinking of inventing something to support the handlebars. After coffee, I decided I better check and see if someone else already thought about this (typically true). This is much better then my pre-coffee invention.

  41. Use your shoe pair.. It gives cushioning and grip which keeps it steady..also enough clearance for all the handlebar stuff.

  42. Just buy bar end handles and you are done.

  43. Black Mountain Percussion January 26, 2021 @ 8:46 pm

    17 minutes too long.

  44. Ordered with your promotional discount…thanks for video!

  45. Good suggestions

  46. Alejandro Torres January 26, 2021 @ 8:48 pm

    Thank you!!!!

  47. Also carry new chain link& chain tool, rags to wipe your hands, pump, new tube or patches, ect… I hate tire flats. My chain recently broke and it ruined my day.

  48. I think mirrors would be too long for those handlebar jacks

  49. Pops aka Pop-Pop Paulie January 26, 2021 @ 8:49 pm

    Thanks Kyle these work GREAT… actually bought them and am using them to install my Juintech/Bolton M1 hydraulic calipers…

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