Yamee Fat Bear 750s Electric Bike Review | A feature packed dual suspension e-bike

Yamee Fat Bear 750s Electric Bike Review | A feature packed dual suspension e-bike

We take a look at a pretty sweet fat tire e-bike, the Yamee Fat Bear 750s. It’s a pretty awesome electric bike with tons of features. Join us for a scenic ride around San Francisco as we talk about the bike.

Get the Yamee Fat Bear 750s here: https://yameebike.com/products/750sre-order

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00:00 Intro
00:37 Unboxing
02:00 Ride and Review
06:49 Alien Rates
08:09 Ending

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Readers Comments (40)

  1. I got a dualtron thunder full pmt magura carbon handlebars etc and i would be super hype to get this thing for daily confortable commute

  2. And there you go lol
    I just ordered one using the link in the description lol. I hope it worked and hope it helps.
    thanks again man 🙂

  3. Alien ride about to be the Doug demuro of PEV’s

  4. Hello dear friend
    It s Switzerland
    Excellent idea to speak about
    Different kind of electric vehicles
    As beach cruiser bicycles and long boards 🙂

  5. how much day pay you to read The Script review this is not your review you’re saying what they want you to say on the paper

  6. You might not want to unbox against a black background, hard too see 😉

  7. OldGorillaScooterClub January 13, 2021 @ 10:51 pm

    I like the look of it, I want to get an e-bike and/or moped to go with my scooters

  8. Sharp looking foldable fat bike with full suspension. I can see this model selling really well on Amazon. Great review and editing again. Cheers👍

  9. Happy holidays everyone! We’ve got more E-bike and videos on all kinds of PEVs coming soon. Subscribe and let’s ride

  10. Folding Bikes are the only type allowed on some city metro systems in Europe. So this is a major selling point in cities that have the rule.
    Do you have a table of features so we can search a bike based upon the features we are interested in?

  11. Excellent review!!! Love the Fat Bear! If I needed a folder, I would order it in a heartbeat! Happy New Year, I am looking forward to the Twilight Zone Marathon!!! Keep up the good work.

  12. hear me out.
    what if somebody did a conversion kit to a motocompo ?

  13. Максим Макуха January 13, 2021 @ 10:58 pm

    Cool bike! Cool backpack! Oh, where’s the translator? 44°6′19.1″N, 39°4′48.7″E

  14. Steven Schwartzstein January 13, 2021 @ 10:59 pm

    Rating system. Love it. The kinda thing I hate about Electric Bike Review. Every review is basically the same. But not here. Awesome. BTW no ‘quirks and features???’ Come on! Get on that!

  15. Any fat discount codes?

  16. Well done, thanks for the review!

  17. Excellent review ✌️

  18. can you do a review on the Y11 PLUS ELECTRIC SCOOTER from yumeway.com thank you

  19. Another great review right on time. I was debating between Rion RE60s now oran Ebike. Since I already have a Turbowheel Lightning+, I think this ebike will be a great addition. I might sell the scooter someday for either a Rion or a Dualtron Ultra V2.
    Thanks man, I appreciate the video

  20. E-Bikes I’d like to see reviews on that are available in the U.S. are:
    Totem TC3
    Gotrax EBE1
    Swagtron EB7 Plus
    Fiido D2S
    ANCHEER 20” Electric Bicycle

    Thank you for the video too 🙂

  21. Like your new system so far…..good idea.

  22. which one do you reckon is better? radmini step thru or this?

  23. Now do a high power bike 😍

  24. The 500W version is on sale for $1149 and for that price there’s really nothing comparable.

  25. That’s cool!

  26. Jeepdogs Camping January 13, 2021 @ 11:12 pm

    Nah, i will take the Lectric e bike for $900, i also hear people have been modding that little FIDO e bike to go over 50 MPH 😳😎👍

  27. I really like that display. Looks like you can get the info you need at a glance. It would be nice to see something like that on scooters. Alien Rides do you mind if I ask a couple of questions?
    I have got 11 inch tubeless street tyres on my scooter. What tyre pressure do you recommend? Also how do you handle wheel spin from pull away? Do you pull away in eco? I get loads of wheel spin and was wondering if this was normal? It’s a bit disconcerting in traffic. Lol

  28. Like your new rating system. Super idea!!! All the best from Canada AR!!! Merry Christmas!!! 🎄🛴🛸

  29. Cool man😳😳

  30. Please say the measurements in metrics aswell. 95% of the world use the metric system and YouTube is international. You loose viewers by only using imperial measurements.

  31. pls review inokim ozo for us here..

  32. No hill climb test like the scooters review?

  33. Robert Fontanosa January 13, 2021 @ 11:23 pm

    Good to see the Alien Rate system! I had a custom e-bike years ago that I gave away to one of my friends who did a lot of camping. I was able to store in my garage but I have a lot more stuff these days. The Yamee is a cool bike at that pricepoint. Thanks for the video and Merry Christmas!

  34. Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

  35. Question is off road or street tires better for a scooter?

  36. It a nice review. People buying this bike would care about more comfortable and range.

  37. I use lectric xp ebike it is cheaper.

  38. IMO I feel especially with draggy 4" fat tyres and a full weight ebike 1500 watts is the minimum and a torque based sensor for pedalling.

    I appreciate scooters can start at say $700 on a scooter for a good experience but with an ebike and all the parts it needs to come together and work well with increased weight $1500 is the minimum needed to get a good motor/battery combination as well as a warranty/service experience.

    I think a key part of the experience is does the shop/store you are buying it from commit to a warranty for a year and do they have spare parts year round for the product whilst genuinely offering a warranty repair/replacement service. A lot of places that sell scooters and bikes do not tick those boxes regardless of continent.

    Nonetheless great review but I think fat bikes need motors committed with 1000 nominal 1500 peak motors in rear hub formats.

    Thumbs up to support the channel.

  39. I have the shengmilo modele, the same, but 500 watt and 25Ah for the battery. Very fun… I just added a saddle suspension to avoid the rebound effects of the balloon tire. Speed max with mine, 50 km/h… just enough

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