Zerodha Trading Tutorial for BEGINNERS | Account Opening, Buy, Sell, GTT Order | Stock Market

Zerodha Trading Tutorial for BEGINNERS | Account Opening, Buy, Sell, GTT Order | Stock Market

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1:54 – 1. DEMAT Account Opening on Mobile:
6:12 – 2. KITE Tutorial:
7:09 – Basic Features (Market Watch, LTP, Market Depth, Level 3 Data etc..)
11:45 – Product Type (CNC, MIS)
12:33 – Market Order
13:14 – Limit Order
13:50 – Stop-Loss Limit Order
16:10 – Stop-Loss Market Order
16:39 – RGLR Order
16:58 – Bracket Order
19:03 – Cover Order
20:14 – After Market Order (AMO)
20:45 – Good Till Triggered Orders (GTT)
24:30 – 3. Trading Demo
27:50 – 4. Investment Demo
30:02 – 5. Quick Announcement about the course
30:32 – 6. Bonus Tip


May be you are that person who wants to earn some quick money with trading, may be you want to generate long-term wealth with investments…. But whatever be your reason to enter the Stock Market, if you are going to lose all of your money on the first day, then please don’t watch this video.
But… if you have the patience to learn and understand the concepts first, then welcome, you are at the right place.
Today’s video is going to be a little long and a little technical. So turn on the subtitles to understand it better. I have even left the timestamps in the description so that you can go back to a particular section you find difficult and watch it again and you can even comment and ask if you have any questions.
But don’t worry….even if you are new to Zerodha or Stock Market..… I promise that today by the end of this video, you’ll know everything about how to execute your first trade and how to make your first investment. Because in today’s video we are going to see….
Today’s Agenda:
1)     How to quickly open a DEMAT account online using just your mobile phone.  
2)     A Quick Tutorial where I will show you some basic and some latest feature of Zerodha’s trading terminal, KITE.
3)     A demo of how to buy and sell shares for trading.
4)     How to do long-term investments in the Stock Market.
5)     I have a quick announcement about a new course that I am building for you.
6)     And in the end, I’ll give you a Bonus Tip so that you understand what you need to do to make money in the Stock Market.
There is so much earn and learn today … including the latest and most useful feature of Zerodha … called GTT.

Let’s start learning! 🙂


Basics of Stock Market for Beginners :
Basics of IPO (SBI Cards, LIC, BurgerKing India) :



DISCLAIMER: Investment/Trading in Securities Market is subject to market risk. Past performance is NOT a guarantee of future performance. There is no assurance or guarantee of returns on investments. We, The Urban Fight are not responsible or liable for any losses resulting from any kind of investments. Kindly seek professional guidance before investing. We, The Urban Fight are not responsible or liable for the Trading & Investment Courses that Zerodha has promised to offer. The offer validity, availability and access is held solely by the Zerodha Team.


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  1. MatSci Odia by Basant Sir February 19, 2021 @ 9:36 pm

    Is the course offer still valid?

  2. Mrutyunjay Patra February 19, 2021 @ 9:41 pm

    If first I will put equity then can I add commodities later.

  3. Prasanna Lakshmi NS February 19, 2021 @ 9:42 pm

    Liked each n every vid of urs mam.💕😍.the way u organize the things step by step and putforth in a "thrilled" manner😁 makes me excited n watch more of ur vlogs mam😍💗love u🎁😄

  4. sister i cannot understand the validity day option…does it mean if i buy a share selecting cnc ,it will be in my demat account for only a day or as long as i want? i mean how do i get that share in my holding section?considering i want hold it for long term

  5. Please provide the google form link?

  6. Kulkarni Studios February 19, 2021 @ 9:45 pm

    That " awake " at 24.14 has seperate fan base😘😘

  7. OMG Excellent ! explanation… I just started my account.. Thank you so much !!

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  10. shouldn’t this be taught in schools and colleges. WTH!!!!

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  12. This is a great video but beginners in forex trading would find it difficult to grasp because they lack the proper tutelage. So in order not to loose money to bad trade invest with a reputable broker like Ms Charlotte Briggs

  13. i don’t get zerodha course although I opened account to your link

  14. Krishna Chaithanya Udayagiri February 19, 2021 @ 9:52 pm

    Hi, as you suggested in this video i use the link provided in the video description. But I didn’t get any free courses. Please let me know how to access the tutorials.

  15. Thanks a lot, it helped a lot

  16. Very Impressive. Watched your video very first time and became your fan for lifetime. Whenever will make any marks on stock market will thank you.

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  19. I thought that I am in premium trading classes !! 🤝

  20. I’m totally proud to learn the method of investment by you…now I am also thinking of start trading…. thanks for your teaching

  21. Anindita Chatterjee February 19, 2021 @ 9:58 pm

    What about the taxes?? Do we need to pay taxes? How? Where? When??

  22. While I trying to exit the order in market it show error… when I try to put in limit it not works very quickly can you please explain about I lost 26k 😢

  23. The best…. Thanks lot👏

  24. Hey! Hope you are doing well! Just wanted to know if these 7 courses are still available if I open my Zerodha account via the given link?

  25. Hi ! Can you guide me on how to find a internship for my son who is currently pursuing mechanical engineering from rvce with poor scores and is in his 8th semester.

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  28. Thank you. You explained it very clearly.

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  30. Crystal clear explanation of the entire process.

  31. I really appreciate for content that delivered in this video thank you so much

  32. Open Your Zerodha Account here:
    1. DEMAT Account Opening on Mobile: 1:54
    2. KITE Tutorial: 6:12
    – Basic Features (Market Watch, LTP, Market Depth, Level 3 Data etc..): 7:09
    – Product Type (CNC, MIS): 11:45
    – Market Order: 12:33
    – Limit Order: 13:14
    – Stop-Loss Limit Order: 13:50
    – Stop-Loss Market Order: 16:10
    – RGLR Order: 16:39
    – Bracket Order: 16:58
    – Cover Order: 19:03
    – After Market Order (AMO): 20:14
    – Good Till Triggered Orders (GTT): 20:45
    3. Trading Demo: 24:30
    4. Investment Demo: 27:50
    5. Quick Announcement about the course: 30:02
    6. Bonus Tip: 30:32

    Happy learning! 🙂

  33. Ma’am where is course link?

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  35. Good evening Maam
    I have successfully opened zerodha DEMAT A/c via above mentioned link but till now I haven’t received 7 free courses.
    Could you please resolve this.

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    You’re the best!

  39. thank you so much for making this video , its very useful for new traders.

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  42. Thank you so much for making this video. I watched it 3 months ago and it was so helpful in learning the Zerodha app, especially the GTT part.

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    I think now i hav a clear picture about how to place a order.. Thank u so much maam.. Much needed. Its d best tutorial video till now.❤

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    Mam i want to place a order at 210 and now running at 200 then how can i place it. I will be unable to watch market

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