12 Incredibly Cheap E-MTB Upgrades| E-Bike Modifications

12 Incredibly Cheap E-MTB Upgrades| E-Bike Modifications

Electric mountain bikes are not cheap, and you might think that maintaining or upgrading them costs a lot of money too. But that’s not always the case, here are 10 easy upgrades that you can make to your E-Bike without breaking the bank. Get the most from your EMTB with these simple hacks that will improve your riding and make your bike maintenance easier.

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Readers Comments (38)

  1. when your trimming your zip ties use a flush cutter so you don’t get left with a razor sharp edge.

  2. found Punisher Valve Plugs…now its perfekt 🙂

  3. you guys going to cover replacement/second batteries..and how the "compatible" but ie non yamaha or bosch branded fare?

  4. Hey EMBN Team, wonder if Chris got any problems with the dopper Post cable mounted that way. I got the same frame and think about mounting a dropper post with internal cable instead of the stock XLC one. THanks!

  5. The best upgrade is…..

    Buying a real bike!

  6. What gearing do you have on your ebike?

  7. Ergo grips. Way more comfy…

  8. Spend 4k on a bike and 1$ On coloured zip ties, what a joke.. better don’t make video and waste our time then make it like this guys :-/

  9. Needs more RGB lighting

  10. Sorry meant hardtails on a budget….suppose it would be good to compare both if at same price.

  11. Erf… well if you want to be mingled with a christmas tree those are good ideas…

  12. What about converting a std bike to a ebike. Did you tried kits, with engine in the wheel, or in the main crank ? This should make a cheap ebike.. But what is the result ?

  13. Thanks, mine rides much better now.

  14. 13. Remove the battery and motor 😂

  15. Dimitris Panagiotakopoulos December 25, 2020 @ 10:08 pm

    Consider coloured socks znd coloured shoelaces.

  16. What bike is that?

  17. 2:46 someone know where I could get this thing? Thank!

  18. That’s a gorgeous haibike

  19. All isnt for e mtb

  20. First like

  21. looking at a battery cover now…nice one!

  22. love just looking at it ha ah….yep

  23. So basically coloured zip ties… Coloured grips…. Coloured zip ties…. Coloured valve caps… More coloured zip ties and a battery sleeping bag. Oh and coloured zip ties.

    I love this channel but some of these videos seem to be made purely to fill the gaps and are really poo

  24. Why doesn’t this channel review and do challenges of bikes under 2k, to help encourage newcomers. No challenges involving hub motors, hardships on a budget……just seems these guys are missing a trick…why would you use a premium bike to add poundstretcher upgrades. Need to be far more inclusive and leave emtb snobbery at the door. Sorry just saying.

  25. when you going to start doing actual bike tests ?

  26. Well that is 20 seconds of my life that I won’t be getting back. 🙁  20 seconds being the time that it took to skip through the content.  Easily the worst EMBN effort to date.

  27. anyone know where you can get a battery pin cover from , I’ve temp taped a old innertube when transporting to try and stop rain going directly in the
    open cover causing faulty ie wont turn off until dried out

  28. Hold on. Aluminum pedals are terrible in winter climate. You need nylon or composite pedals with metal spikes only. Aluminum gives cold feet because it transfers cold temperatures into your shoe.

  29. SuchtFaktorHoch10 December 25, 2020 @ 10:35 pm

    Just a mind thought about transporting your bike and removing the battery.
    How is it that slamming and ramming your bike along the trails is ok for the battery and the connectors.
    But on/in your car/bus/van where it is by far much safer and way less shaky because of the smooth road it is now unsafe to keep the battery in place?
    That doesn’t add up at all.

  30. So You’re saying i wasted my time searching eMTB hacks when just MTB hacks would have done? No wait, apologies, the last two covered batteries, my bad

  31. I have a lower spec version of the Haibike AllMtn shown in the video. Is it difficult to convert the factory 2x chainring to a 1x system, as shown on the bike in the video? What size chainring is recommended; 38t?

  32. Hiiiii

  33. SKIP to 5:30 You will thank me later

  34. If you going to use alloy valve cap’s then make sure you brush a thin coat of anti seize compound to the valve threads. If you don’t then you running in to big problems trying to remove them due to oxidising.

  35. Does your ebike has a 10 speed xt derailleur? How can that be on and expensive new bike?

  36. Ben Mcgillivray mtb December 25, 2020 @ 10:43 pm

    U copied Seth bike hacks

  37. Nice job Chris. Great tips.

  38. None of these have to do with the "electric" bit of the bike

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