Enjoy an inside look at the sport of Junior Drag Bike Racing as young children and teens Motorcycle drag race and gain valuable experience in front of a massive crowd at the FIA FIM European Drag Racing Finals from Santa Pod Raceway in England. While NHRA and IHRA allow Jr. Dragsters, there is not a program for Jr. Drag Bike Racing. In this video we hear from the young male and female racers in the sport, the parents, the crew, get a close look at the custom motorcycles and examine the safety record of the class. As you will see these kids are having an absolute blast and even do a little dancing in between clean up delays. We are asking if you would allow your child to participate in this 1/8th mile racing, yes or now and why. In this video we meet Meg Talbot, Blade Dummer, Casey Holgate, Liam Holgate and Madleen Rosen. We ask the racers about their future plans. In our opinion this is a wonderful character building sport for the young racers that will no doubt help grow the sport.
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Readers Comments (50)

  1. yes if my kids had the drive I would do anything to let them fulfill there dream of racing. just a bit of my history I raced motocross and died from a wreck revived at the hospital as soon as I was able I got back on a bike and rode 40 more years. no I never raced again on a bike but did race again in a car dirt track racing

  2. I think kids should be able too run drag bikes

  3. We use to do this with the national sprint association back in the 70’s in the UK.
    We were only allowed to run solo passed but ran the full 1/4.
    Myself and mytwin brother ran a 50 cc bike in the under 12 category.

    Getting kids into motor sport (any flavour) in my experience, give them a goal in life,understand respect,lossing and winning with dignity and why speeding is just for the track.

  4. Hey man, I’m watching from the US (Alabama) and I agree with you on getting more interested and involved in this sport!

  5. NHRA needs to look into this a little bit harder. but then again I started running my dad’s old gsxr 7-11 back in early 90s at orl, speedworld. I was only13 but 6′ tall best pass with me on bike was a 9.04et all motor big bore ported pops yosh head and yosh cams electron carbs more air shifter and a monster tach still have the bike in the barn

  6. Kids are the future

  7. I would love to see NHRA and IHRA get this sanctioned here in the States! This is much safer and better monitored than dirt bikes, and with proper training and good grades, these kids are on top of their game, as displayed here.😁👍

  8. Oh he’ll no. I literally think these kids have more ballz than I do. Not sure I could ride these dragsters. Maybe it’s my teenage fear factor has left me. Lol!

  9. My trx450r can beat them😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  10. elizabeth woolsey December 23, 2020 @ 10:03 pm

    Not only yes but heck yes I think it would be awesome .

  11. Christian Campbell December 23, 2020 @ 10:04 pm

    I’ve seen a lot of bike racing in uk from kid’s. U.S. needs to get kid’s off the interweb n out doing.

  12. It appears to me that this is much safer than racing MX. My daughter raced MX for years, with many trips to the ER.
    To bad this isn’t allowed in the USA.

  13. 13 tahun di indonesia uda terbangin motor dijalan raya😧

  14. Iron Guts Speed Shop December 23, 2020 @ 10:08 pm

    Say limit it to air cooled singles with a max size of 350cc. or twins of 250cc, you’d see a good variety of bikes, they’re all dirt cheap. don’t need slicks at that power level. just lower it and strip it down, cheap to run. 15-18 limit it to 7 flat in the 1/8th and you’d have some good, cheap, safe racing…
    When i was 16 I had a Kawasaki Ninja 900, illegally street raced it.. Paid for everything myself. Well, this is a lot safer than that!
    A 300ft sprint series is also an option.
    A scooter setup would be really economical.
    I’d be looking into an enduro bike based build, like a dr350. lowered, change the forks and put on a small 1/2 gallon tank.

  15. So much safer than Moto X.

  16. Wonder why an Englishman has Maori face tattoos…kinda strange, but might be an interesting story.

  17. In Australia we have junior dragster and junior drag bike they both only allow 12 yrs old with only 150 – 300cc engine they increase the age up because one little girl who is 8 yrs old in Perth, Western Australia was kill on her dragster to the side wall

  18. It’s a good healthy outlet for young people and it gives them something to look forward to and to work for. I raced boats when I was 12 years old and I thought it was a greatest thing to be involved with.

  19. santa pod is the best drag strip in europ

  20. Came to see the racing but anyway my hats all the young people

  21. i agree whit you brother

  22. This is such a cool concept, a brilliant idea, we need to encourage our youngsters to get out there and do these things instead of being stuck in front of a computer, a great production, cheers

  23. This is probably the best video of the series . I’m 68 , I started riding motorcycles when I 13 off-road in the woods of Pa. would of loved to have raced a drag bike when I was young . My parents probably wouldn’t of allowed it but I had an older cousin who raced a c/gasser Henry J and he might of helped me out .

  24. Start them young. Teach them a good work ethic, responsibility and how to sharpen their skills. It will pay off at the track and in their lives. They are having fun doing something other than being on the phone or a video game. This is a great learning experience that the American market is missing the boat on.

  25. Hell yes! If i had kids i’d thank my lucky stars that they were into drag bikes instead of gang banging or hanging out on the computer all day and night. Your kid could get killed crossing the street. Or shot and you don’t even have to be a gang banger to get shot as an innocent bystander. Ok. I am going to walk down my brothers street toward park.

  26. I think it’s awesome .

  27. This is incredible! Good work!

    America ‘You can have guns but don’t you dare let your kids ride a motorbike!’

  28. I think it’s awesome it will keep the kids from becoming video game zombies just saying

  29. brother i wish we had this here in the usa the kids need this

  30. Any parents that put their kids on bikes going 80 mph are idiots. Total idiots. Zero ways to defend it. Obviously you don’t give a crap about their lives.

  31. It’s BS that is not happening in the states. I bought one of my kids a PW 50 when she was three years old. Put the training wheels on it and she rode it almost every day in our pasture. When she got tall enough to hold it up the training wheels came off and she rode like a wild child. Next was a XR 100 then a CRF 150. I had an old F4 that are used to club race in the CRMA and I let her ride around on it. She has it in her blood and I let her sneak my R1 to school once in a while. I would put her in this in a heartbeat. She is 16 and a gearhead. I have two other boys and they ride but not as much as her. Once again it’s a travesty of justice that they don’t have that class here in Texas

  32. Christiaan Duvenhage December 23, 2020 @ 10:32 pm

    shut up and let us watch the video

  33. yes i have seen it but these kids run a full 1/8 even better then the kids over here that what we need herein the usa

  34. Absolutely brilliant what a way of giving you children an interest and something to be passionate about

  35. Wait a minute they have jr drag bike racing?

  36. This is great, thumbs up from me back in the states. 👍

  37. The Nhra needs to examine this class. The pro classes are starting to look like a senior citizen rally I know cause I is one ;).


  39. Not aloud in the USA ? But can play with guns, what is dangerous ?

  40. This is how you keep your kids out of the streets!

  41. Well done young lady. Well done dads

  42. Best video😰awesome

  43. The dad at 1.40 bad ass

  44. You guys are absolutely amazing well done guys I’ve got to find a bike for my kids

  45. I would have liked to have done it at that age.I was in my early 40’s before I could afford to race motorcycles. I told my daughter if she wants to ride a motorcycle she had to learn to ride a bicycle well. She turned into a young lady & that was that.

  46. Luis Bermudez cruz December 23, 2020 @ 10:49 pm

    Baaaa to slow

  47. Dammit america we invented drag racing wtf is wrong over here?

  48. I hope this keeps up. Thanks Jack.

  49. How about it NHRA, IHRA? Are you listening? As a former IDBA record holder (C/AT, NHRA P/S rider, I encourage parents to support their kids interest and petition racing sanctions to look into this.

  50. This is awesome to see! Only place that i know of in the us that allows kids to race is Reading Motorcycle Club. I wish i could have done this b4 i started racing my busa cuz its hard to learn racing a bike if you have never done it b4!

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