14 Things You Should Never Do On Your E Bike | EMTB Mistakes

14 Things You Should Never Do On Your E Bike | EMTB Mistakes

There are loads of things that you should be doing on your E Bike, but here are 14 things you should never do. Not doing these things will help your EMTB stay fresh for longer and keep you safe on all of your epic rides!

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Have you made any of these mistakes?

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. Sebastian Braun March 4, 2021 @ 10:00 pm

    #1 wear a helmet


  3. Work stand? My e bike has 70 kg 😂 . I dont know how to charge it because I live in an apartment and you need to open the whole thing to get to the battery.

  4. What about riding through water ? Puddles etc, trials covered in streams ? Are these safe on emtbs ?

  5. I’m glad i saw this video by chance a couple of weeks ago, as today my ebike got caked in mud, would have been tempting to flip it upside to give it a good scrub, but now i know i should never do that!!

  6. Is it worth buying insurance for your e-bike?

  7. ive had mine a day and im already gonna hack the speed by moving the sensor.

  8. What kind of bike is that?

  9. 1) dont get one if your not disbled or old

  10. Does anyone know what bike this is please?

  11. Ow-My-Achilles March 4, 2021 @ 10:07 pm

    A WORKSTAND is true for ALL bikes. Best tool for wrenching your own bike. I still use a folding portable Park Bike stand I bought almost 30 years ago. It’s where I usually park the bike after every ride.

  12. Great vid. At last someone who knows how too manage a batteryI I’ve been driving EVs for some time and the tips given here are spot on. Never leave it discharged, never store it fully charged 60-80% is spot on and the timer is exactly what I’ll be using. Only thing I would add is in the winter let the battery warm up in the house before you charge it and if you can charge it for 30- mins or so before you got out a warm battery is better. As a new e bike owner (Volt Pulse) I’ve been looking for tips on my bike and this channel is covering it without the over inflated ego that I see elsewhere.


  14. Really useful – thanks

  15. The Strava tip is a good one, even on my car GPS I don’t have "Home" set to where I actually live.

  16. Florens Friedrich March 4, 2021 @ 10:12 pm

    I had my chain drop once and I had my motor on so it scrathed my frame :/

  17. What kind of wheels are on the kenevo? I love the decals all around the rim.

  18. Working on the chain with the bike powered on is a MASSIVE no-no if you have a mid drive bike, but this also counts for hub-drives.
    If you’ve got the thing running while you’re down there, and you bump your pedals, that motor’s coming to life and that bike could very easily trample you.

  19. I don’t think these expensive ebikes are durable enough to handle a lot of dirt and woods. Better get a dirt bike motorcycle and do it right for nearly the same amount of money.

  20. Richard Jeffery March 4, 2021 @ 10:17 pm

    Silicone mastic around the motor and battery

  21. i have the same and when in high gear the chain makes noise

  22. Electric Mountain Bike Network March 4, 2021 @ 10:23 pm

    Have you made any of these mistakes?

  23. Fantastic advise…all of it !

  24. After cleaning and lubing my e bike, I always wipe the brake disc rotors with pre-paint panel wipe on a peace of paper towel, this will remove any grease or wax from the surface, and it won’t damage the paint work, you could use brake cleaner but don’t get it on the paint as it can damage it. Cheers mate good tips, 🇬🇧👍

  25. In the Blue Mountains, in 45 degrees Celsius, I nearly died of thirst because I forgot my water bottle. Luckily two women gave me a hitch and saved my life. The battery timer is a great tip and I have just bought one for $6.

  26. Number 1 don’t buy a ebike

  27. ‘Don’t overtake a roadie’ …. Fuck me, I don’t understand cycling elitist etiquette. Do whatever you want it’s a mode of transport, we’re all just riding bikes.

  28. Howard Wielhouwer March 4, 2021 @ 10:30 pm

    Well done sir yes a plethora of information and I consider myself well informed yet again I overestimate my skills thank you

  29. Wow, to all the haters , why are you even watching, just salty cuz they cant keep up with the times and don’t wanna dump 4k for a sick ass bike

  30. I take it was a choice between an ebike or a new kitchen 😂 good choice !!

  31. You should never turn a bike upside down full stop!

  32. This timer trick might actually backfire if you use the type of timer you showed in the video. If you set it for 4hours it will charge for 4 and charge for 4 every next day until you unplug. So a smart charger that would charge battery and switch off would be pluged in and restarted every day.

  33. Another helpful tip is to remove your battery before transporting on a bike rack

  34. Thank you for sharing these tips, learned a lot 🙂

  35. Turbo or nothing

  36. I put bar ends on my e Fat Tire Bike just so I could flip it upside down without scratching display.

  37. Well done video

  38. Tienes un doble que habla español en youtube!!!!

  39. How do you charge a battery to 60%?

  40. How do you clean the brake pads if you get lube on them?

  41. WTF! Not only stupid but also false recommendations!

  42. Dean Radz Photography March 4, 2021 @ 10:53 pm

    Super tips, I’d rather stick to pedal power, what a hassle and waist of $$$ getting BPBs 😉

  43. Excellent tips

  44. FullFledged2010 March 4, 2021 @ 10:56 pm

    1:33 No no an no! A charger needs to be connected for sometimes even a few days to balance the cells. I’ve had batteries that were so far out of balance that it took a full week to rebalance it. Also unplugging the charger the moment its done charging is a great way to actually get a unbalanced battery pack.
    A bms works by measuring the lowest and highest charged cells. then it puts a load on the high cells (with resistors and mosfets) until the voltage drops to the lowest cell’s voltage. Then it charges everything back up again. This takes time (days and in some causes even weeks) and only works when the charger is plugged in.

  45. At the beginning of September 2020 I was on a sales phone call with M… from Flyride USA who claimed to be the COO of the company he was trying to sell me an electric Bulls bike. I asked him about the known problem Bulls e-bikes have with the Brose motor. He assured me that Bulls has no defects with their Brose motor. He further informed me that it was only SPECIALIZED e-bike (which I wanted to buy from him in the first place) that had "bad motor" issue due to their dumb tampering with the motor software. So based on his recommendation I bought a 2019 Bulls E-Stream EVO AM 4 (S Mag) Black matt/grey 49cm which I received on Sep-05-2020. After riding the bike for less than 500 miles the Brose motor suddenly jammed and locked and threw me off the bike causing me serious injury to my knees and elbows. It seems the motor belt got broken after being jammed inside the sealed motor which was exactly the known defect I inquired about and was told “it did not exist”. I also had more than 5 different parts failure with the braking system and the e-bike frame hinges which was another disaster. I communicated all the bad news back to the COO of Flyrides USA. He completely & utterly refused to solve these serious defects and blocked me from receiving phone calls to his mobile number and referred my emails to "the company lawyers". Now, the new Bulls e-bike has been sitting at my neighborhood bike shop for the last 55 days with its completely disabled motor while all my $5,500 investment was turned to waste toped with pain and suffering of my injury. This is the worst experience bike experience I’ve had in my life and I’ve never been lied to in such a massive way ever. I highly recommend not dealing with this company. You have been informed.

  46. I carry inexpensive computer mouse pads (3) to pad contact points when bike is upside down. The pads are light and roll up into a small space.

  47. You should use the appropriate gear for the hill or it shortens the life of the motor.

  48. Havent done mistakes like this, but i dont have a ebike, i started off with a regular cheap mtb trek marlin 5, and one thing i’ve learned is to always have some minitools and a pump with you on your route.

    anyway, im looking to start off with an E-bike MTB, and was thinking of Haibike SDuro FullNine 4.0 with the yamaha engine, any thoughts ?

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