A few months ago we put the Super 73 Scout & S1 to the ultimate test cruising through the streets of Brooklyn, NY. Taking it to Skateparks, jumping down stairs, testing battery length, durability & etc. Today we tested an upcoming brand called E-Way Cycles and took the bikes through the streets of Manhattan. This bike might just be the next big thing.

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  1. So they show off riding off of brick planters on public property and post it on a public forum?? The bikes weight plus a 180lb rider moving at 15mph is enough to crack the mortar!! Hehe and the city was worried about skate birds and bmx bikes riding on the sidewalks!! Unfortunately they could have turned their stupidity into a financial goldmine. Ebike sales went up over 300%!! The last two years… If they did a real honest to God comparison between the two hottest sub $2000 minibike styled ebikes that are all on backorder for over 6months now… They could have picked up thousands of clicks VS the 400 that any teenage drop out could have done with a hair, nail, movie review, fast food, concert or movie review…. Now the have a reputation of being just plain immature and stupid…. Lots of youtubers already did the stupid shock thing and got thousands of clicks this one isn’t even close… Mr. Hand

  2. 6:12 that sign you flew by means ‘yield to pedestrians’. And 7:32 ? I would have punched you square in the jaw for that. Fucking muppet.

  3. two idiot

  4. Fuckin pricks.

  5. ExtrovertedCenobite January 9, 2021 @ 10:35 pm

    I will remember the name of this company and MAKE SURE that I don’t purchase their product. By allowing this type of video out as promotion, it informs me they are not professional or competent which translates in the product they put out.

  6. He said "Lol @ these comments" …

    State governments going be like "Lol @ these bans"

  7. I like the feel of the vid and the editing and sense of humour, props on that, you’re likeable guys! Though I must say I hope y’all become a bit more considerate of other people and animals.

  8. Not everyone can do reviews as these two prove. What a pair of chuckleheads, laughing as they cut off a woman, with the right of way, pushing her baby in a stroller in a cross walk. I was looking to buy two of these for our family, I wouldn’t buy this brand now on principle. What idiots.

  9. lol @ these bozos in the comments, honestly.
    Personally, this video made me want to buy an ebike for transportation purposes, but I dont know if I want to associate with a community of 50 year old ebike cultists.

  10. Yo these comments haha! These guys are fucking tools though. Why would you ever record yourself acting this way?

  11. Bro you hurt that inocent pigeon

  12. where do you park this bike very easily get stolen

  13. Do you have to be a soy boy to own one?

  14. Pussy behavior

  15. Reminds me Catfish and Rooftop from Strangers in Danger… anybody knows about that program?

  16. 8:00 ran over a bird

  17. You face Spongbob body Pineapple Hahahaha. Not cool man FVK

  18. This video should be titled "Driving like an asshat for 10 minutes" instead of "$1700 E-BIKE VS $2200 SUPER 73"

  19. How long the battery last

  20. Nathan Is A Car Dude January 9, 2021 @ 10:55 pm

    I genuinely loved watching this advertisement

  21. Video was funny as fuck guys. Don’t let these pussies stop you

  22. Panicked JerzeeGrL January 9, 2021 @ 10:57 pm


  23. Lol @ these comments

  24. Wow. This is one of the most idiotic and childish videos on YT. Came here looking for bike reviews and found two complete assholes.

  25. I love how this video is getting so much hate, but they’re just having fun. Some of it was uncalled for, and dumb, but they had fun. I can’t even be mad watching this tbh.

  26. Lame boys on lame bikes

  27. And there’s an atrocious cut/paste edit every three words? This is rough to watch..

  28. Yikes dude.

  29. #manchilds

  30. Too bad someone didn’t “Door” you jerks while you were splitting lanes. Nice touch cutting off the lady in the crosswalk with a baby carriage!

  31. I would buy the bike just to throw it at this Florida man, maybe it will knock some sense into him

  32. Whats the 50 cent song?

  33. Giving bike rider’s a bad name and not to mention getting them band.

  34. Is this company still in business?

  35. These guys drive like overtired 5yo that stole the key to dads motorbike. And the only thing that makes me happy about this video is the like to dislike ratio👌👍👍

  36. Pendejos . 😒

  37. Yep
    The video was interesting till i saw him doing stupid stunts like knocking cones. Then doing everything else that doesnt has to do with the scoots… kids

  38. Really? THIS is what you call supportive?

  39. Two words, obnoxious douchebags.

  40. Angelo Hernandez January 9, 2021 @ 11:14 pm

    Why everyone so pressed in the comments😂. Bunch of snowflakes

  41. skaters are so inmature… great bikes though!

  42. Lol these guys suck

  43. The site now sells them for $2900…rather get something way better for that price range.

  44. These assholes are dicks!

  45. dumbass

  46. Very poor character. Nobody taught this kid anything and he doesn’t seem smart enough to figure things out on his own

  47. I don’t care about the dude, I care about the bike.

  48. This was the worst product review ever lol.

  49. 生まれ変わるならこの国だ

  50. As soon as her cut off the baby carriage going 30 and laughed i kinda cringed… Comong brothaa.. Im outa here. Im a 24 year old guy and i don’t think this video is remotely funny.. Who the fuck watches you?

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