2016 Surface 604 Updates from Interbike

2016 Surface 604 Updates from Interbike

Dave Highway from Surface 604 showed off a custom surf-themed Boar electric bike with wood fenders, cruiser bars and a beautiful paint job. I’ve reviewed this bike at http://electricbikereview.com/surface-604/boar-e350/

– Custom wooden bicycle fenders hand made by Mark at MK Fenders http://mkfenders.com/
– Leather saddle and grips by Brookes http://www.brooksengland.com/
– Chrome cruiser bars (these may not be exact): http://amzn.to/1FTZVAO
– Custom paint job by Toxic Herald in Vancouver BC Canada at Toxik Design Laboratory in Richmond: http://www.toxikdesignlab.com/
– White fat tires by VEE Tire Co. http://veetireco.com/tires/fat-tire/

The stock Boar E350 that I saw after the surfed-out model had a front rack as well as a rear rack, both looked very sturdy and were painted matte black to match the tires, wheelset and some other accessories. The stock Boar E350 goes for ~$2,499.

Later on, Sam showed me a super light weight full carbon fiber 33 pound 27.5” cross bicycle that they are working on for both road and a bit of trail. He talked about how it’s designed to be light and affordable. The motor offers 350 watts of power and the battery is completely integrated and blends into the frame. They are working on getting it ready to ship for February 2016 and they will have a suspension fork option (120 mm RockShox Reba). The motor uses a torque sensor and is a Bofeli which is a French design that is manufactured in China (some limited info here: http://www.e-bikesusa.com/Bofeili%20Motor.html) the battery is a 20 Volt 6 Amp Hour system (120 Watt Hours total). The bike reminded me of the CyTronex http://www.cytronex.com/ and Keyde http://www.keyde.com/ electric bicycle systems that are so minimal and light weight. The bike will retail near $3,800 when it launches. EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at: ElectricBikeReview.com

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  1. Did you ever get the range on the Carbon E bike?

  2. Buddy this e-carbon is the most beautiful bike i ever seen. omg

  3. νικος γιώργος February 3, 2021 @ 8:24 pm

    Why the f..k are you wearing a helmet interviewing people?

  4. pierre marc Jette February 3, 2021 @ 8:25 pm

    I have been riding a surface 604 for one year now. I love it. Best of all, is the service that you will get from Dave and Cory.

  5. I have no idea about Surface motor system, but the lightweight carbon bike with that trim battery is design awesomeness & beauty… Funny: Anyone go to the wrong booth looking for "Serfas"?

  6. there is some kind if resistance to coming clean on this subject

  7. how do i change ny rear tire

  8. That carbon bike is bad ass 😀 and that price is super competitive 😀

  9. Hey can i get a link in Vancouver where to purchase this badboy thx

  10. Happy for new comment

  11. 👍

  12. No throttle. No likey…

  13. wrong info: the Motor is not designed in France and ist not from Thaiwan..

  14. sorry I’ve taken it too far

  15. nu one cn tell me , therefore i have come clean, I think its nothing but a capitalist scam to take yer money

  16. Bofelli bike nice commuter, easy on the eye, light frame & effcient mid-drive perfect for daily ride. It would be interesting to see if a watter bottle Keyde type battery could be mounted. This would provide extended range via stealth.. Just need to convert 33v to 20v…

  17. Nice to see that carbon bike deisgn. I think that is an interesting direction. Lightweight ebike that is for the cyclist that want to pedal, but maybe go faster with less effort.

  18. How come you never reviewed the Oryx Carbon Electric Bike?

  19. why can’t you tell me how to change my rear wheel

  20. liars, cheap chineese liars

  21. i am listening

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