2020 Benno Boost Electric Bike Review

2020 Benno Boost Electric Bike Review

Super excited about this bike and to share it with you guys! We have been very excited about what Benno has been doing over the years and this new Boost with the Gen 4 Bosch speed motor is a match made in heaven. Some exciting updates to the Boost include a new frame, new motor, updated accessory options, including the ability to carry two kids.

Hope you guys enjoy the video.

Here is a link to the specs (please note the image is of a 2019 bike, but the details are for a 2020): https://propelbikes.com/product/benno-boost-e-10d-speed/

1:00 2020 Updates
2:25 Wheels/tires
3:26 Drivetrain
4:05 Motor
6:44 Battery
7:36 Display
9:38 Shifter/brakes
10:50 Back rack/seats

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Readers Comments (17)

  1. Very nice look with a large choice of options. For sure a suspension seat for all day city riding.

  2. Guillaume du Laurent November 25, 2020 @ 7:31 pm

    Hello Chris, great review. With bike would you recommend for someone who has 2 kids ? The Tern GSD or the Benno Boost ? Thx

  3. Can you please tell me if this bike have a throttle?

  4. I am curious how they price each part if that is possible to know, for example how much are you paying for the frame compared to the electric bike parts?

  5. Thank you for another great review, Chris. Hoping you’ll get to review the 2020 Benno eScout soon.

  6. When used everyday in all kinds of weather, you will soon get a rusty chain and therefore dirty trousers. Would have been nice tot get a better chain guard on it. And wouldn’t some cost be saved if 26" wheels were used?

  7. Chris, another great review: concise and to the point. I really appreciate the quality of the videography.

  8. Seat seems way too far back. Your weight needs to be over the crank for power.

  9. They should offer a belt drive and internal hub option for low maintenance. That’s a lot of torque going through a long chain! Personally I prefer the ‘step-through’ design to look at, but that removes #2 battery option, so it’s a ‘nope’. Otherwise it’s pretty great, love the 24" wheels, small but not too small. Kudos to Benno for jumping to latest Gen 4 motors right away with 2020 models, while other competitors were napping.

  10. Thanks for the GREAT video! 馃檪 But who in the world can afford these things? $5000 for a BIKE??? You guys buying these are lucky. 馃檪

  11. Another great in depth review from sunny SoCal, thanks Chris. Sunny bike to match! Really admire the Benno design ethos: function first, plus the Benno form is always so so easy on the eye too. Remarkable achievement. Benno came across as such an inspirational and entertaining bloke on your Eurobike film. He sees things differently for sure. Hope his Etility line is super successful and continues to push into other functional areas like Enviolo/Rohloff Belt options and front and full suspension frames. The more competition there is in the innovative active transport sector, the quicker things will develop and benefit us all.

  12. Is this bike recommended for somebody over 250lbs?

    I would like to see this bike equipped with a belt drive and internal gearing!!!

    From what I’ve seen with cargo bikes this is my favourite by far!!

  13. Michael Sprinzeles November 25, 2020 @ 8:01 pm

    I can see why these would be popular. Benno seems to put a lot of thought into both the practicality & longevity of his bikes. I could easily see a Benno replacing the family station wagon once my nest is empty.
    Sorry I have to wait. Even with e-assist there’s little chance of transporting my over 6 ft sons and/or shopping for them;)

    Minor note – your dork disk looks bent. Not that it matters. I’m sure your derailleur is properly set which makes it unneeded.

  14. Hi Chris, thanks for the thorough review. I need your advice. I live in a Colorado mountain town, I’ve been shopping around for an e bike as an around town bike .I would love it for hauling groceries, farmer’s market type trips, for errands, trips to the gym, trail trips, etc. After tons of research, Benno seems like the perfect, rugged fit. I’m torn between the Ejoy, the Boost E step-through and the new Remidemi. Can you please advise? Many thanks!!

  15. Great review (as always!). I added your video here: https://ecargobikes.info/bikes/benno/boost-e/10-d-speed/

  16. I wonder how long this long and thin chain will hold.

  17. The bike looks very nice/ I鈥檓 confused with the soldering around tubes?

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