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  1. That studded snow tire is nice. Hello from Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

  2. What’s the weight limit on the rear rack for the 2020 boost?

  3. Awesome. Really insightful conversation. Thanks for sharing. šŸ˜€

  4. This is great. I donā€™t agree with the idea that a full-on cargo bike has such a limited lifespan, but I love listening to you two cool dudes.

  5. Chris, you nailed it. ā€œEbike = expanding your worldā€. A couple of days ago I just did the longest day loop of my life. Way beyond what I used to do 30 years ago when age 30 (the last time I touched a bike). It wasnā€™t the number of miles I did, it was the sheer amount of beauty and great people I saw. All that beautiful countryside out of my backdoor has been waiting for me all that time. Places I never went before. Hills I would have avoided, leading to even more wonderful places. Inspirational. I thought I knew where I lived, but I donā€™t, because until now I relied on my legs alone or inside my tin can on wheels. What a fab discussion between the two of you. Give us more of these energised chats. Hear hear Chris: an Ebike does expand your world, and your days on this phenomenal planet.

  6. What brand is the kickstand? Is it available outside of buying the bicycle?

  7. I like that new low step bike. Looks really cool. I donā€™t really like how with the other bikes he talks about menā€™s and womenā€™s and as well on their website. I ride a Delite, and then I commute on a low step Dutch bike because it makes more sense for that. And I also have a Brompton, which actually eliminates that whole thing entirely because no one ever thinks about it.

    And it also seems like theyā€™re not doing anything other than derailleurs for their eBikes. Which to me makes very little sense.

  8. Thatā€™s cool, I like the army green. I agree bikes are too expensive to not be adaptable. I had a Yuba Mundo with 26×3.0 tyres for twin Yepps but sold it when the kids got their own bikes. Just a bit too big when not loaded.

  9. Michael Sprinzeles December 4, 2020 @ 9:07 pm

    Well thought out bikes. Cargo bikes seem to get a bad rep but with electric assistance they’re great for just about anything but down hill racing.
    If you get a chopper for Propel I hope it will it be electric;)

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