2020 Best Value Electric Mountain Bikes | BUYERS GUIDE – EMTB

2020 Best Value Electric Mountain Bikes | BUYERS GUIDE – EMTB

2020 is a huge year for E-MTB’s, there have been huge improvements in geometry, motors and batteries! Here’s a few bikes that I think represent the best value on the market!

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. Integrated the way to go once the batteries get above 700

  2. Ok, stop buying this overpriced shit
    It’s utterly ridiculous what these things cost
    My BMW GS motorbike cost less

  3. If you’re looking for an affordable quality eMTB you need to check out the CYBERBIKE Mullet 2927 – an awesome bike for $2499 US!!

  4. Will Hall's Music March 19, 2021 @ 10:35 pm

    How tf is 5500 a budget bike?

    Check out the vitus sommet emtb 3000 and really nice specs

  5. That one dude was a fucking clown I see what you doing getting paid taking money from Little People to make them bigger I dont like u I see what your about

  6. Jeffrey Stromyer March 19, 2021 @ 10:38 pm

    stopped watching when you said value to you was over $3000 USD. We are not all rich.

  7. Stock Block Boost March 19, 2021 @ 10:39 pm

    Why are electric bikes so expensive? I can by a motorcycle for the price of these.

  8. Tim Eyring [Virgin Valley HS] March 19, 2021 @ 10:41 pm

    Can you call me 435-669-6212? I also want a bike that is $5000 or less, removeable batt, good range, good suspension.

  9. can you do one more vid like that and include the Santa Cruz new ebike as well and maybe the Specialized model 2?

  10. 06:53

  11. Asshole that is like the most expensive e-bikes; look for scott u can find models for like 2.5 K $

  12. I’m surprised the Cube Hybrid Stereo 140 RACE didn’t make the list, with 29” wheels, Bosch Performance CX, 12 speed SRAM, integrated battery etc, carbon front triangle, for the same price as the Merida 160 5000, and sold at the same shop. Did you miss it, or do you not think much of it?

  13. It seems like ebikes are flying off the shelves at the moment, but I’m struggling to find any online used. Where do people usually flog them?

  14. You just created a new YT, @23.26, YT RADON, OOOOOOOOOPS

  15. Cube stereo hybrid 160 team action 2020 ,,, cant seem to find a better spec bike for the money!!!

  16. Great list!! Merida E-ONE looks pretty awesome. Also, You should try looking into Jeep’s all new electric mountain bike. It might deserve a spot in this list — https://ebikegeneration.com/blogs/news/quietkat-jeep-e-bike-a-review

  17. thumbs down for 7 minute intro

  18. Follow this link to get $100 off on a brand new Super73! ​https://www.talkable.com/x/Li5tH0

  19. 2020 bikes first of all are restricted and difficult for tuning .
    It is EU parlament joke to restrict e-bikes to 25 kph when analog bikes allow go faster.
    If we stop buying than maybe they will cancell this very stupid regulation.

  20. Great guide.

  21. How E-bikes can help Australian and Foreign Students to earn up to 5k while you learn


  22. Just speak slower English

  23. any of them under $3,000 USD?

  24. Why would you show the price in British pounds, thats over double in Australian dollars. Why didnt you show some aussie ebikes, like Leitner, an Australian company doing dual suspension Ebikes for under $2000. aussie dollars

  25. You look like you’re about to laugh at me

  26. Austauschbare Batterie hat entscheidende Nachteile: weniger Stabiltät, dickeres Unterrohr (schlechtere Optik), diebstahlgefährdet, mehr Gewicht!

  27. New York Vagrant March 19, 2021 @ 10:59 pm

    $7999, for a …bike!? Rather put the cash on a Ford F-350 turbo diesel. FYI: Walmart, recently has a hardtail e-mtb with Alex 29er wheels, SRam X7 groupset, a RST 120mm fork, 2.25 Kenda tires, a 500 watt battery, and Yamaha PW-TE motor. All your’s for a $999. Now that’s…practical.

  28. Terminal Velocity March 19, 2021 @ 11:01 pm

    Hello and thank you for this information. Are there e-bikes that have a way of regenerating their own battery energy (by pedaling or going downhill I suppose)? I would be willing to pedal without assistance while it’s recharging itself.

  29. Thanks for the video bro!

  30. Am looking at e-mtb how fast do they go and how many miles do you get out of them

  31. Frey AM1000?

  32. I’ve noticed that rock bikes from Canada are the only ones that don’t use the crank as part of the motor so to me that’s a big advantage, the problem is the cost of those bikes

  33. Looking at a rail 9.8 or levo specialized

  34. you been smoking wacky weed these not affordable bikes

  35. how long are you going to fucking talk for

  36. hahah no point putting value bikes, this will make people pissed off and not subsribe!

  37. Propain Ekano??? Customisable build, maybe be a Shimano motor but tried and tested and very well priced spec.

  38. Thank you for this video, it definitely help me decide

  39. Thanks guys really clear practical advice.

  40. Should do a new ebike buyers guide for 2021 bikes!!

  41. I have a Giant shop nearby have you tried a 2020 Stance e 29r ?

  42. At $3600 U.S. , the Giant Stance E+2 is a little heavy, 53 lbs. And no dropper seatpost,200 bucs, But it’s got all the magic these wonderful bikes posess.Check the specs on the Giant website, you’ll find ITS ALOT FOR THE MONEY ! I’ve had my 2019 for a year and a half , super bike ! Mine’s 27.5, also come 29’er, same price.

  43. Jonathan Davies March 19, 2021 @ 11:24 pm

    Specialized turbo levo

  44. What about Ozy stealth eBikes? Aren’t they have great specs and price too?

  45. I Guess no Merida for the USA(:

  46. This is an awesome review!!! I think Jeep electric bike by Quietkat also deserves a spot on this list – https://ebikegeneration.com/blogs/news/quietkat-jeep-e-bike-a-review

  47. Any thoughts on the Merida eOne Twenty 500? It’s significantly cheaper than the one sixty & I can’t find anything that highlights the differences, cheers

  48. Best value has to be the Decathlon Stilus. Not sure if they do them in OZ.

  49. Shred ready for pinners???? Sorry I needed advice on buying an e bike but to be honest this level of detail is way over my head.

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