2020 Cube Stereo Hybrid 140 First Ride Review – £4699

2020 Cube Stereo Hybrid 140 First Ride Review – £4699

I test ride the new 2020 Cube Stereo Hybrid EMTB. All new bike, 2020 Bosch Generation 4 motor, 625Wh battery, carbon frame and a whole host of excellent specced components.

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. Cube e bikes are a steal at any level , entry to high end . I have a mid level stereo hybrid race that i paid 2500 € for about three years ago . Nothing comes close in that price range .
    AND, they are assembled and serviced IN Germany . and as we all know The germans are very conscientious and detail oriented and the bikes show it.
    Yeah you can get flashier and more expensive bikes but for the money they are impossible to beat.

  2. I read on the Emtb forum that you found the noise on the bumpy bosch gen4 … It is present on 4 bikes out of 4 I try.



  3. Have you ridden the Stereo Race?

  4. Edkaszwagrakobitybrat 1 December 4, 2020 @ 8:06 pm

    And I look on 800£ bike and still think it is expensive.

  5. michael thompson December 4, 2020 @ 8:06 pm

    U post this on u tube but answer no comments load of ££££for u

  6. My dad is getting the 160 version this week

  7. Goran Mijailovic December 4, 2020 @ 8:08 pm

    The bike should be flying for that price!!!!!

  8. Ketten abdeckung fehlt. Ich will öl sparen.

  9. Carbon frame only has 2 year warranty? Thats a worry! My Giant Anthem has a lifetime warranty on the alu frame. My mate had to claim on his after 6 years, no problem, new frame supplied. If the cube breaks after 2-3 years then what?

  10. why the hell would you do that, bike is meant to ride on flat , clean roads , once you go into rocks, holes , etc – parts start to crack, and good luck with repairs on a 4700 EUR bike …. I’ve broken spokes on my hardtail MTB " Fivestars" made by Sprint Sports Bulgaria (1300 EUR), just riding through the city. On that terrain you filmed , I’d probably would have arrived home with only my handlebar left from my bike
    **** love the cube stereo , can’t afford it though , I rent a cube stereo hybrid 120, but keep it in the city , it squeeks hard enough as it is , don’t wanna put it through offroad and break something , shop owner claimed 2600 EUR for it second hand — can’t afford that, I am building a full suspension frame in China for 209$ and I am moving all my parts from Fivestars Michael hardtail to the new full suspension frame

  11. Decent review.
    That’s $8500 CAD. Seriously? I can’t find ‘Kinematic’ in my dictionary, sorry.
    What the fcuk does it matter how much an eMTB weighs ffs?
    Noisy? What tunes are you listening to? You’re not?

  12. Great spec and price. Cube been at the front for price & spec since they first arrived at cycle surgery. They were out best selling bike… Frames never had a warranty I knew of in over 2 years I was there… Best brand on the market in my opinion… Rock on Cube

  13. Hi Rob. My work have just upped my C2W scheme limit to £4k. Not quite enough for the Levo I had my heart set on but seems silly to pass up a £1600 tax/NI discount. What would you get if you only had £4k to spend?

  14. Is Cube Stereo hybrid 120 Pro 625 a good bike?

  15. Moritz Trischberger December 4, 2020 @ 8:17 pm

    Cube ist die beste Fahrradmarke der Welt 💪

  16. Rob, would you go for this Cube or YT Decoy 29 Pro. Virtually same price point. I’m more about Trails than Enduro. Thanks

  17. we call it camping December 4, 2020 @ 8:18 pm

    Rob, I’m just shy of 6’1" tall, relatively long arms and maybe on the shorter side of legs. Would you recommend a 20" or 22"? I ride a Canyon Neuron in a "large" comfortably. Greatly appreciate the input, ordering today!

  18. Do these e bike recharge as you pedal them? How many hours roughly would you get out of this on one charge?

  19. Nice review and video. What camera did you use?

  20. https://youtu.be/TvPBk0xMeqI. My kids getting confident on there cube stereo 120 youths

  21. Great review… … and super honest! I would have a question … I have a height of 193 cm and a weight of 105 kg. Would size XL or 2XL suit me? Thanks,

  22. Laure et Mark DINGLI December 4, 2020 @ 8:24 pm

    i just got this bike. the ride is fantastic.=>share4.photo/SchwinnHBike?ニ i love the hydraulics on the seat and front wheel. Makes city riding more comfortable. When i hit a bump dont really have to lift butt off seat unless it is a very high one like a speed bump. I changed the seat to one I had on a cruiser bike. I took it for a spin 2 days in a row and it rides so nice. I was able to put the bike together myself. The only assembly was to put the bike pedals, handle bar, front tire, and front fender on. It took me 3 bikes to get the right one. I have to sell the other 2 now. No need for 3 bikes.

  23. At 5"11 is a large big enough ?

  24. ma le palle non vi fanno male poi?

  25. Mr Slack Strap, leet

  26. Looks so sexy solid as hell but I duno 625 watt I would deffo miss my bufang 1400w rock hoper set up, as it is I want more watts more more more;)

  27. Best value for money

  28. Ive had several dealers tell me to keep away from cube . After having a good look at one myself I can see why , As In most cases you get what you pay for .

  29. This vs levo expert?

    Is more fucking expensive than the ENTIRE HONDA 125cc Range .,,, of 5 motorbikes currently on the market ..And they are all priced under 4,000
    Price is a rip off .. and it doesn’t even recharge no dynamo system lolol , How long does the power last no fucking mention surprise surprise …
    For the Money it’s a fucking rip off .. also Never buy a bike that has a carbon frame or wheels ..because if you have to crash and dink the frame the chances of frame suffering a catastrophic failure is increased .
    Why do you think Gordon Murray refuses to even use Carbon Wheels on his Cars even on his latest T 50

  31. A nice alternative to the big three. Would like a Focus but they don’t sell them in 🇨🇦. Thanks for all your reviews, learned a lot watching.

  32. If I’m 5’11” would I be safe with XL?

  33. Hi Rob im looking at the next Cube up from this one the one with the Factory forks and shock and dropper at £5500 or would you say the Levo comp is the better bike at the same price?

  34. Get yerself a pop screen

  35. Hi what type of stand you use

  36. Lot of bike for your money, you kidding me… This is a massive no for me…

  37. I have the 2019 version and i am extrem in love with it. Did the first 1000km in 3 months with it.

  38. Hey Rob how does it compare to the Merida eOne Forty?

  39. What do you think of the new Hybrid 140? Amazing spec at the £4699 price point, with dealer backup too.

  40. Nice video. I live there (Marktredwitz) but I got no bike haha. But maybe I buy this next year

  41. how to remove the speed limit?

  42. Corfu Lifeguard Organization December 4, 2020 @ 8:57 pm

    Great woods most of all!

  43. New York Vagrant December 4, 2020 @ 8:57 pm

    Two decades ago, I…just a everyday, year-round bike rider/collector, made a statement that the direction American bike companies (Trek, Cannondale, Marin, Diamondback, Santa Cruz), are going, they’ll put themselves outta business with ridiculous overpriced bikes. Europe will move-in and dominate. They should have listened. Cube, Ragley, Whyte, Vitus, Radon, Raymon, are all taking over. Why? Bikes with consumer friendly prices not aimed at the wealthy six-figure income folks. Isn’t that right Cannondale & Trek?

  44. Thanks, will buy one this summer!

  45. Pity about the motor noise. Surely Bosch could reduce this. Regarding the carbon frame, is this an advantage? I note the Trek Rail 5 is aluminium but a bit lighter.

  46. Was this filmed with a gopro 8.?

  47. how many miles on a full charge can you get if you’re pulling  doggie hut trailer with your doggie mate up hills touring anybody?

  48. What do you think about the 140 tm vs cannondale moterra 2? Im in love with both 🙁 please help to make a decison. Thanks

  49. e-bike 29 experience December 4, 2020 @ 9:01 pm

    Hi Rob, I’m glad to see that there are more people enjoying these fantastic bikes. I have a CUBE Stereo Hybrid 140 HPC SLT 625 of the year 2020. In my channel I talk about it and tell my experiences, as well as other interesting things. Well, delighted and I hope to hear from you … I SUBSCRIBE to your channel.

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