2020 Giant Reign E bike Review Is this too much bike??

2020 Giant Reign E bike Review Is this too much bike??

I just got the brand new 2020 Giant Reign Ebike and I am starting to really like this bike. When I first rode it the bike came with a 45mm stem even though it should have a 35mm stem. It felt very unstable to me, after tweaking and putting a new race face 35mm stem the bike is feeling great! If you get a chance try the bike out it is a blast to ride.

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  1. How fast is it?

  2. Hey, you confuse me! You sold off your Trance SX noting it was too heavy & wanted something more lively. I just cant see that this Reign is much diff. Weight wise it is virtually the same. Sure the componentry is higher level, but surprised you wanted another crack at Giant after riding those sub 50 pounders. BTW, Same 470mm chainstays on the Reign vs Trance. In any event, its good to see you on the Giant! I really like my 2019 Trance 2!

  3. 170mm of travel. That’s about 7 inches, not a lot IMO. Dirtbikes got good when they got to 12 Inches.

  4. Great video….did you keep the default power settings or did you change them via the Giant connect app?

  5. george hernandez December 24, 2020 @ 9:47 pm

    Congrats Nando. Would’ve liked to see you hit the jumpline or lobo on it too. I guess I will have to do it in person. 🤘🏼

  6. Great video. Sweet bike. I’m buying an e-bike as soon as Orange County changes the laws forbidding them on anything but paved streets.

  7. I ordered one yesterday

  8. Giant makes Mopeds? I thought they only made bicycles?

  9. Colin Williamson December 24, 2020 @ 9:51 pm

    very nice bike

  10. What about the battery, what is the maximum distance it can last on about 4 degrees hilly road?

  11. Raymond San Gabriel December 24, 2020 @ 9:58 pm

    hey mate from fathom e hardtail im upgraded my to trance sx 0 loving it!

  12. Does it make noise when pedalling? I mean innoying?

  13. Hi..I just picked up the YT Decoy base,so far so good,still learning with 29er up front.Might change out rear shock for Fox x2. But it does roll over anything with no problems..Weight is not bad at 49lbs..Nice review

  14. Any chance to try the Trek Rail? I heard it’s a blast

  15. Man, you’re really good at this, I could never even dare to do those speeds on that terrain.

  16. Great to see you like it. I’ve got one on order. I would like to know how you’ve set your suspension up. It’s easy to get lost in all those settings.


  18. Giant Reign e+1 is better choice than this one with extra useless accesories

  19. At the start of the video you go up a mountain and I think the engine makes a lot of noise there, you don’t need an e bike to ride down …

  20. i would just get a dirt bike lol…

  21. 1:09 Just Googled the price of that Reverb AXS seat post: $800!?!?!?
    Holy crap!

  22. How is the drag from the new Yamaha motor when you hit the limit? My Trance is great until you hit the limit and then the bike slows pretty severely. Even with the motor off, you cant really pedal it easily on a slight gradient downhill. Of course when it’s real steep the drag is overcome by gravity but just isn’t good on milder downhill sections.

  23. Looks really good i love the SX E Tance but the only e bike ive rode

  24. I can’t fault my levo 2019 with coil on back you can send it!

  25. Brendan Ouellette December 24, 2020 @ 10:17 pm

    Why dont anyone wear clips on these?

  26. nice job Nando, good review

  27. I am glad you like it because I ordered one!

  28. *I bought this for my adult son and he loves it◔◔>>**share4.photo/ebicycle?37わg **   Most bikes I looked at were so much more expensive. I highly recommend this one.*

  29. I have an Amit-E that has had nothing but issues since I purchased it in new from my local dealer in 2019, and LIV/Giant is refusing to stand by their warranty. The local dealer, Glacier Cyclery in Whitefish, MT has been incredible in dealing with all of this, and they are as disappointed in Giant as I am. Giant refuses to replace the bike, even though it’s spent hours at the dealer’s shop in less than a year of ownership, it’s had the defective motor replaced, and has ongoing battery and electronic issues that have ruined almost every ride I’ve taken it on. BEWARE OF GIANT AND LIV BIKES, as they won’t stand behind their product when things go wrong.

  30. Do you have anything to say about the battery pack? I know is a 500 36V – I notice that most of the other brands are in 650 to 700 and some of those you can piggy back another battery.

  31. CArlos Sam Hernandez December 24, 2020 @ 10:24 pm

    Were you using the electric power on those hills ? If you did, damn man that’s crrrrrrrazy!!!! lol you got skills.

  32. nice looking paint job ,Like it but motor high pitch noise & weight are not acceptable ,as more other bikes come in lighter .

  33. italiano?comunque non spiegate molto bene le caratteristiche della bici…es.con che marcia si affronta una salita eccc.

  34. 25kph top speed on E tech drives me cracked 😏

  35. POS get an SWorks Levo

  36. 35mm stem was it a game changer?

  37. I would have to sell my car t afford one of those. I guess I will keep grinding on my trail bike.

  38. Douglas Propper II December 24, 2020 @ 10:34 pm

    Went from the Giant Stance 2020 to Trance SX 2019 🙂

  39. Is there a separate battery for the wireless shifting or is it powered by the main battery?

  40. Motore moto sega

  41. Albertech Swinchte ❶ December 24, 2020 @ 10:38 pm

    Can I keep the bike in the compound walls and remove the battery for charging it inside my house?

  42. you should retitle this video ”me rambling on about nothing”

  43. I currently have a 2019 Trace E+1 Pro and am thinking of trading out for a 2020 Levo comp. Test rode a Levo and the motor is a huge upgrade from the Yamaha IMO. My Trance falls on it face with too much drag for fast trail riding and the Levo keeps on pulling with no noticable drag. Did you notice that when you rode your buddies Levo? You looked much faster on his Levo BTW

  44. Fun Trails at Dog Park San Clemente, but WATCH OUT FOR TICKS!!! I got bit there and ended up with Lyme Disease, which took almost a year to properly diagnose. Had to leave my job on disability and still struggling to recover after nearly 5 years. Lyme disease sucks folks, and IT IS in San Diego/Orange County!!! – MAKE SURE YOU DO A TICK CHECK AFTER EVERY RIDE, USE DEET OR PREMETHRIN ON SHOES, SOCKS, CLOTHING AND PLACE IN DRYER AFTER RIDING USING HEAT TO KILL TICKS… THEN WASHING MACHINE. An ounce of prevention, will keep you on you bike and enjoying the ride 🙂

  45. Hi Bikepark167, thanks for this review. I bought a Trance E+3 a month ago, before the Reign was available here in NZ. last Saturday my new bike started cutting out, with 2 bars left, and eventually would not go at all. Anyway, it is in under warranty, and as usual one look at other bikes when faults occur? So today I spotted the Reign E+1 and onto Youtube to find your review, just my luck that you seem to have had a Trance before as well, so the million dollar question, is it worth trying to get Giant to trade the faulty bike to Reign for another $1000 ? I love the Trance, but the extra suspension could just make it better? I am 48 years old, and like similar single track, technical riding. not much cross country. keep these videos comming, it is awesome!

  46. After riding the Decoy previously, any reason you opted for the Reign over it?

  47. If the handling isn’t great on this model, then surely lower models will not be better. In saying that setup is everything on modern bikes.

  48. It will be interesting to see if they upgrade to US quality and performance standards. 750watt, 48v 17ah is a minimum requirement for USA.

  49. Nice review. How much would this bike cost?

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