2020 GoCycle GX Review: This is premium e-bike design

2020 GoCycle GX Review: This is premium e-bike design

The 2020 GoCycle GX has several new upgrades that make the highly-engineered folding e-bike better than ever! Check out our full review at: https://electrek.co/?p=149222

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Readers Comments (41)

  1. Different Perspective December 18, 2020 @ 9:51 pm

    $3299 馃槷 beauty comes at a cost

  2. ah yes, the go-kickle

  3. please show specs as text on the screen

  4. If you like cycling and drinking alcohol put a like and than look at the video on my channel 馃憤馃馃

  5. Easy to watch and informative as usual Micah!

  6. Geez, is it quality or high ebike demand during the pandemic? Knock off 60% from the price and I鈥檒l be all over it.

  7. The motor is noisy and I don’t like the cables that are visible in front of and not very esthetic.
    and it lacks the test of this bike to climb the slopes ?

  8. Imagine in heavy rain catching that water with your bottom…..

  9. Battery?

  10. How is handling in the wet with front wheel drive? I can imagine that makes it a bit skittish?

  11. Nice review dude did u get the headwear from buckets .com 馃馃槀馃憤馃徎

  12. Amazing design but it鈥檚 not worth paying more double for it compared to folding eBikes on AliExpress

  13. Cool bike and probably one of the best folding bikes but it still doesn’t have it’s own display. I don’t want to have to use my phone.

  14. I watch his vids just for fun…I can’t actually afford any of these bikes.

  15. Sorry to harp on about this but at GoCycle could, and should, include lights and fenders which cost 拢165 as accessories.

  16. really great how you handled your camera extention rod in your videoWELL DONE.

  17. such a neat design!

  18. I could swear they already did a review for this…

  19. Pretty slick bike. Maybe for my next one.

  20. Not much good without mudguards on wet days. Pricing is about right for this kind of tech

  21. 300 wh for that kind of money, not interested. Even with double the capacity at the same price, it’s pretty pricey

  22. iphone of the bike world plug and play …just jump on and go ,,,looks great ,,,and nice review

  23. Dream ebike

  24. I鈥檝e had my GX for a year and I love it.

  25. For such an upgrade GoCicle bike and and it’s high prize should come with Anti-thielock .馃槧

  26. Gocycle gx vs Fiido d11? Which one would you prefer? In terms of performance rather than the aesthetics.

  27. All this great, futuristic design yet it still makes whoever is riding it look like a tool.

  28. Anthony O farrell December 18, 2020 @ 10:33 pm

    Nice bike

  29. How long do these batteries last for be before they won’t able to hold as long of a charge?

  30. I bet it’s not study enough for me. I’ll keep looking.

  31. You are the master. I was interested to see how you were going to handle this one. The bike is never going to sell at that price, even with the upgrades with its puny motor and battery. The design is nice, but Americans ask three questions about e-bikes (or any PEV) 1. How fast, How far, How much? Keep up the good work.

  32. 3,500

  33. Great review. Thanks!

  34. Over priced for sure

  35. best ebike reviewer!

  36. This video rocks a lot. Keep up the good work馃憤

  37. Overpriced. It should come standard with front and rear lights and possibly fenders. Also the throttle only works if the bike is already in motion.

  38. Lectric xp sort of heavy and bulky to fold. I’ve been able to bring it on the bus but the farther I go from home the less chance bus and trains will let me bring it back home. This bike looks small enough to not bother anyone

  39. Great review & great bike!
    our one reservation is that the plastic pedals look like those cheap folding ones that most folding bikes have, the ones that flex when you try to pedal. Can you confirm if they are please or have we got it wrong?

  40. Just a thought for the designer:

    Micah isn’t all that tall, I believe, and yet at his height he has to hunch over to push this bike. Not a huge deal for a short push, but is uncomfortable for any length of time.

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