2020 new Italjet Dragster 125 / 200 First Edition & Limited Edition photos & details

2020 new Italjet Dragster 125 / 200 First Edition & Limited Edition photos & details

➢ A special version of the Dragster with exclusive colour/graphics only available for the 499 Limited Edition models
➢ Black fairings with Magnesium gold colour on aluminium SIS arm frame sections. Finished with “Limited Edition” graphics
➢ “Limited Edition” Dragster 125/200 will be in production by September 2020. Standard models production models will start immediately afterwards
Castel Guelfo di Bologna (BO), June 15th 2020
A special treat for our DRAGSTER Limited Edition customers, who placed advanced pre-orders for the first 499 units of this exclusive limited edition. Selling out only a few weeks after booking started at Eicma 2019.
This new exclusive Black/Magnesium gold version is will be made only for Limited Edition customers and will never be repeated on the regular production models. With Black fairings and aluminium parts in Magnesium gold, the “Limited Edition” logo is highlighted on the tail section, which gives an elegant touch to this aggressive Urban Superbike.
Every Limited Edition Dragster will be equipped by a special identification plate and a delivered with a Certificate reporting customer name.
“We wish that our first 499 DRAGSTER influencers own not only a special vehicle with identification plate, but can also show special graphics and colours, to get a full exclusivity and stand out from the standard production models. We want to gratify Dragster’s first customers as much as possible and make them feel truly unique” comments Massimo Tartarini, President and CEO of Italjet Spa.
This new livery will keep high the value of Made in Italy everywhere in the world. Bookings came from more than 30 countries around the globe. “Image and brand awareness of Italjet as a reference in 2 wheels manufacturing is acknowledged everywhere in the world. Orders for Limited Edition came mainly from Germany, UK, Italy, The Netherlands, France and Austria in Europe and Taiwan, Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, Korea and Indonesia in Asia. We are very proud to represent Made in Italy in the world, keeping high our values of creativity, design and attention to detail. The new version of Limited Edition colour/graphics follows our guidelines: make our brand more and more distinctive and acknowledged for its technological, stylish and specialist models, all out of the box” adds Sandro Caparelli, Sales & Marketing Manager of Italjet Spa.
Elected by FORBES magazine as one of the top 5 scooters in the world to be driven in 2020. The new DRAGSTER will be a design icon made in Italy and a technology icon in the motorcycle industry setting the bar high in coming years.

“It’s a truly unique product that has some astonishing fans, I’ve had messages from celebrities, film directors and even a designer from one of the worlds’ finest supercar manufacturers. For a new product to be this well-received so quickly is almost unheard of in the motorcycle industry. Most vehicles take years to achieve an iconic status, it would appear the new Dragster is practically already there, and it’s not even hit the market yet” Comments Bobby Beck Italjet’s UK marketing manager.
“No one had ever dared so much”, proudly affirms Massimo Tartarini, “We succeeded in recreating one of our biggest international hits of the 90s, thanks to our passion and new style concepts, welcomed by market with such enthusiasm.”
Due to Covid-19 emergency, Italjet continued its activities in smart-working and re-opened officially on May 4th, having implemented all safety procedures. All Italjet’s worldwide suppliers are gradually returning to business. Everyone is working hard to reduce the wait for thousands of Dragster’s fans, but this slowdown will lead to an inevitable postponement of the date of production.
Current forecast is that DRAGSTER Limited Edition 125/200 production will start in September 2020, while standard model production will follow immediately after in versions Anthracite/Red/White, Anthracite/Yellow and Black/Gray.New Dragster 125cc will be sold in Italy at 4900€ SRP EW*, 200cc at 5400€ SRP EW*. SRP in other countries may vary according to the different VAT rates and any taxes and duties.

DRAGSTER “FIRST EDITION”: pre-order ready on-line
To satisfy the requests from all over the world and the waiting list of the DRAGSTER fans, Italjet decided to officially open pre-order for first 499 units of DRAGSTER, each of one will be equipped with a special numbered plate and customer name. From November 5th, 2019, it will be possible to order the FIRST for all the covered markets directly on www.italjet.com

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    The chances of buying this in the UK are remote

  3. 200cc is really too small engine!! Minimum 400cc for that chassis

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