First look at my new 2021 Trek Rail 5. This will be my long term bike, its the 2021 Trek Rail 5 with the 625 battery. Priced at 拢4150 from your local bike shop.

Aluminium build, 160mm fork and 150mm rear travel. Looking forward to making some upgrades to this one, starting with a ROCKSHOX ZEB and Mullet wheelset!

Here’s the link to the bike on TREK’s website: https://bit.ly/3oAN03H

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  1. Trek Powerfly 7 long term review…

  2. My wife ordered the Rail 9.8 XT. 1. because of the ZEB. 2. because of the colour (Solid Charcoal to Root Beer Ano Decal) 馃槈 . 3. because of the XT equipment. I also like the Rail very much, but it seems quite small even in XL (I’m 1.96 tall).

  3. 拢4100 and have to change all the parts

  4. Why is having a bigger wheel only at the front called a mullet? Shouldn’t it be called a fringe?

  5. Have you tried the powerfly 7 by any chance? I do love a hard tail and I鈥檓 shortlisting the powerfly 7 as it鈥檚 just under 拢4K and has really nice specs. I just can鈥檛 find anything worth whilst watching about it on here.

  6. Erm now another choice it looks good and good value .

  7. Hi Rob. I have a 2020 Trek Rail 9.7, really its the same bike as yours. Ive had the same ideas you are talking about so I look forward to what you have to say. Im wondering if a mullet will lower the bottom bracket??? If you do this, please provide some information about what went into setting the bike up with the new shock and mullet. Thanks so much for the great content Rob!!!

  8. I’m waiting for mine. Another week and it’s home. I’m excited

  9. That "budget fork" is still light years ahead of my crappy Suntour XCM34 with it’s weird clunking noises and dubious effectiveness.

  10. You can change the damper to a 230×65 and you will get something near 170mm of Travel at the rear. I did it on my rail 9.7. I think rail 5 has the same geometry.

  11. Hi Rob, any thoughts on this Trek vs the Marin you recently rode? They both sound like great bikes, but i’m finding it hard to pick one!

  12. Buys a trek and wants to test shocks with it

  13. Sram SX derailleurs hideous! Their plastic and snap after 4 rides like many others i know. Did Sram field test this derailleur before they mass produced it 馃馃馃馃

  14. Christopher Mihalyi January 30, 2021 @ 8:13 pm

    Happy days. I’ve got last years Rail 5 . I preferred the Olive Green over the Rail 7 Red. I’ve swapped.

    Brakes to MT520 4 Pots with Ice Tech Rotors and Pads.
    Dropper lever to One Up V2
    Drivetrain to GX Eagle
    Grips to Death Grips
    Minions Front and Back
    Had it fully wrapped by Shack Wrap before I rode it. Well worth a look.

    The stock shocks are fine for what I ride and the dropper does me too.

    Really looking forward to following this. Great stuff 馃憤馃憤馃憤馃憤

  15. Hi Rob, I got the 9.9 and love it however, few things to keep an eye on.

    The rear arm where it meets the frame next to the chain rings, the paint brakes off as the gap is very small between the frame and rear linkage (just behind where you open the charge port).

    Something else is the bash guard can rub the motor and give you a creak at random times, if you get a creak take it off and see if any of the pain came off the inside.

    Please put a paint protector on the rear bit I explained, mine has almost no paint left in that area now.

    Great vid

  16. the price for these is still stupidly obscene….. for the price if this low power toy you can buy a Horwin CR6 electric motor bike with a massive battery and onboard quick charge. sure a road motorbike is not the same as a trail bike sure but the point is the the price to what you get and it simply does not make sense as to why these are still so stupidly expensive

  17. The Color is PRIMO… I’m thinking about a 7 or 9.7 hmmm

  18. Rob, as a novice all round trail / dirt road and enduro rider would this be a good place to start. Looked at the Dengfu piece you did recently but this now seems an option?

  19. Also I had seen a video of yours about smaller crank arms. the rail has 165mm and I ordered some 155mm . Do you like the 165mm and what鈥檚 your thoughts of going to the 155m:. Thanks

  20. This downtube design is an unnecessary structural compromise requiring a much heavier layup and therefore weight in an attempt to claw back *some of the structural integrity given away. It also spoils the look on that side of the bike.
    The cable routing looks rather sloppy and that Bosch display is a carbuncle.
    Trek need to raise their E MTB game.

  21. I have a 2020 9.8 and you can retrofit the Kiox. It is incredibly easy and a much better setup than the Purion. Any Trek dealer should be able to get it for you and it does not require a reflash. https://www.bosch-ebike.com/en/products/kiox/

  22. get onto facebook rob and join our TREK ON group for rail owners

  23. Trek Rail is an awesome Bike.

  24. Amazing bike but why would Trek quit making this perfect bike

  25. I want one of these BAD…. but apparently in the USA the Rail 5 is only available in olive or grey or some lame color! Why do bike companies INSIST on painting their bikes (for the most part) Black or grey??? This is NOT 1902, nor are they selling Ford Model T’s!!! PLEASE, for the love of GOD…start painting your bikes in EXCITING COLORS like this Rail 5!!! AND…Trek… if you are going to sell the Rail 5 in this BEAUTIFUL color, make it available in the US!

  26. Bought a Rail 5 from Leisure lakes in Bury UK last Saturday, I got the matt olive and black, nice looking bike.Dont like the sram gears already bought XT derailleur and shifter, got a discount too

  27. Rob just watched video, and your upgrading straight out of the Box, surely Trek Rail 7 better option with better components?

  28. What size frame? And what鈥檚 your height?

  29. cool, send me those forks haha

  30. Too many budget components for over 4k, may as well spend 5k and get the bike you really want. Makes the decathalon look like an absolute bargain.

  31. I have a rail 9.7 and have been really disappointed by the stock yari fork and deluxe select plus shock. Changed out the damper in the fork to the charger 2.1 damper which made a world of difference. Now just looking to upgrade the shock because even after filling up the shock completely with spacers, I’m still blowing through the travel. I’m excited to see what shock you decide to go with and to hear how it rides

  32. Christian Johnston January 30, 2021 @ 8:38 pm

    Hi Rob, season greetings from NZ, how can you mullet a 29 ebike, won鈥檛 you lower the top assist speed, which
    is already a pain. Enjoining your content. I鈥檝e a 2021 Rail. 9.

  33. Just buy a radon render, better spec ,carbon frame etc

  34. Hey Rob what size did you opt for? I鈥檓 curious as we are the same height.

  35. I have the rail 9.8 and its my first ebike. Its taken me up munros and down again with no issues. Stunning bike

  36. More likely 3750拢 found it near a shop near my home

  37. I don’t understand why you buy the entry level bike and then drop probably at least another 拢1000 upgrading it, unless you have some kind of deal with a bike shop it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. And if you’re gifted the bike for the purpose of a long-term review.. well, you can’t really do a long-term review if you change the bike to that extent.

  38. Because of you i bought myself plus my girlfriend a kenevo. You recommended the brose. It was the right desicion! Clibs with eco modus are soo easy and the turbo modus is insane. No noises on downhills!!! Thank you! Keep going rob!

  39. RS 35 worst fork on Planet Earth

  40. Cannot wait for your upgrades on the Rail 5 Rob. I’ve ordered exactly one like this in your mini review 3 months ago and Trek is saying that the delivery will be around September 馃檨 Maybe sooner but nobody really knows.
    I am waiting, since I have no other choice, but meanwhile I am riding my Cube Stereo H 160. (one of the two will be my wife’s bike).

    Curious to see what you do, as if this becomes my bike, I will want Magura’s to replace the stock breaks, other tyres, etc

  41. Hi Rob. I’ve been searching through all your videos looking for a review on some sub 拢3k e-hardtails but can’t find any. Are you only interested in full suspension or would you consider looking at some hardtails ? Torn between the Cube Reaction, Focus Jarifa or Scott Aspect, thanks

  42. I pick up the 9.5 Rail this week, already got Fox Factory 36 forks (160) to go on, what shock are you thinking about putting on ? Thats all I need to get for it now, as I took all my bling off my Scott to go on it.

  43. Forgot to add. It鈥檚 a bit heavy at 24.7KG which is MUCH higher than Treks quoted weight!! If I can get sub 24 I鈥檒l be happy 馃槉 Also, as I had most of the parts from other bikes personally makes sense for me to do it this way rather than buy higher spec 馃憤馃憤

  44. That two tone / color changing paint looks amazing.

  45. Triggers broom?

  46. Hi I have this bike but I want to get a spare 625 battery can you buy a cover and all fittings as otherwise the spare will be no good would it … thanks

  47. Annemarie and Spartacus January 30, 2021 @ 8:55 pm

    Basically not worth the money if u hv to replace everything… btr off upgrading with all the money u will hv to invest… 馃槖馃槙

  48. Ok my wife would like a few words with you. I had a perfectly good ebike 2018 haibike Xduro with Bosch gen 2 motor I bought new in February of 2020. And I subscribed to your channel and like the content. We鈥檒l because of this video I had to get myself a trek rail 5. Well as you know everything was sold out, But I never give up . My good hunting skills found a guy selling a 20201 trek rail 5 used only 3 months that I will be purchasing tonight. Lucky I have an understanding wife and I was lucky enough to sell my haibike yesterday. Can鈥檛 wait till get the new bike and see the difference in the gen 2 vs gen 4. Also what you do to your bike. Keep up the great content. Oh don鈥檛 be surprised if my wife sends you the bill when I finish the rail project. 馃槣馃ぃ馃憤

  49. This bike is not budget. You are taking it backwards in performance with a "mullet". You are painting your house purple, it is not an upgrade… it’s purple. You cutting the springs on your BMW to lower it and it handles horribly. GTFOHWTHBS!

  50. Rob you should do a vlog of how the bike companies or products manufacturers contact you and how long you have the ebikes or products for your testing and reviewing. I am sure you don’t have a garage full of ebikes. Really interested as you have a different ebike every week and santa delivers to you all year round. Some bikes you test and review and others you change.

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