2021 Trek Rail First Ride | Electric Mountain Bike

2021 Trek Rail First Ride | Electric Mountain Bike

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Shot on GoPro hero 8 black
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FMF, IMS Products, GoPro, Leatt, Ryno Power, Dunlop Tires, Alpine XC, Ares Manufacturing.

My ride: 2021 Kailub Russel Edition KTM 350 XCF, twin air filters, Dunlop AT81 tires, platinum nitro mousses, motorex lubricants, PMB ankle Savers foot pegs, pro taper bars, ODI Emig Pro grips, Precision Racing Parabolic Steering Stabilizer, FMF Titanium 4.1 Silencer, IMS 2.65 gallon Tank, Ares Disc Guard, bulletproof designs chain guide guard, AXP extreme skid plate

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  1. Looks fun! How come you went the 7 and what upgrades are you doing?

  2. You gonna race the sidra series again? In 2021

  3. Just sold my haibike allmtn 7.5 and bought a 2021 used trek trail 5. After watching your video I can’t wait till I get it. Looks like it handles great.👍

  4. Just yesterday bought the last one of these available in New Zealand (in size M & in red anyway). Picking it up tmrw, will consider modifications later. Can not wait to ride the big stuff at the weekend, over and over again!
    Think its worth getting a second battery to carry, for those long days? Or do you think moderate up/down/flat trail riding would last an 8 hour day, if you used plenty of your own power & eco mode?

  5. Ordered a Rail 9.8 and can’t wait till it gets here, nice to see more vids of the rail.. and curious to see the Bulit too!!

  6. Awesome ride and video Forrest! Rail and Bullit on my short list right now myself. Looks like totally hauling mail on that, great riding! What brakes (Code R or SLX?), what Diety bars (carbon or Alu?). I just cracked my third set of carbon bars, so back on metal myself. Knock block easy to swap out? What headset if so? Thanks for any input. Local shops have Rail and Bullit and planning to get ebike this winter/year. Mostly a Santa Cruz guy, on all their bikes over past 7 years and pretty happy, but Bullit XT so pricey compared to Rail XT. Curious your thoughts between the two bikes. I had brief shop ride on medium Bullit (usually size large) and bike felt pretty good despite being a little small and liked Mullet set up feel. Typically just run full 29 on all bikes. On 160/150 SC Hightower w/Cascade HT LT link. My go to trail shredder, but looking forward to some e-laps.

  7. Just ordered the same ebike here in the uk … nice to preview it in action… must say look pretty scary out on the ice… did you swap out the tyres for this or don’t have any confidence in the stock it came with ? Also I hear you say L what’s the reach like !?! You 6’ ? Cheers again for a great video

  8. Hi mate , just ordered the same bike but in the blue in a uk , I’m wanting to change the bars and stem also , what ones have you got also what is tool kit where the top cap is called. Thanks

  9. DUSTIN B. JOHNSON February 3, 2021 @ 8:42 pm

    Haha dude this is awesome!! Climb 4 like its nothing!! I just started laughing watching you climb that. How is that even possible 😂🤘

  10. Great video 🔥 I think you’ll get a kick out of my buddies channel too ——> #TacosAndTwoWheels 🤙🏼

  11. Sweet – I like the bike. Heard of anyone getting a ticket for E-Biking on those trails? Bullshiz signs everywhere but no idea if they enforce anything? Guessing you could easily out race them!

  12. JAMES ROBERT MTB February 3, 2021 @ 8:56 pm

    This bike looks amazing!!! Is it as noisy as the powerfly?

  13. I’m picking one up Saturday. After watching you… I know it’s gonna be me who is limited and not the bike. Pretty cool dude!

  14. how tall are you?

  15. Yeti snob here. lol

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