3 Upgrades to make your Sondors Ebike FAST! Step by Step Tutorial

3 Upgrades to make your Sondors Ebike FAST! Step by Step Tutorial

Does your Sondors Ebike need more power? No problem! This video is a bit longer than usual, but it’s a complete step by step guide on upgrading your 350 watt bike to 750 watts.

NOTE! I didn’t include details on how to do this for a 7 speed bike, but the process is the same. In that case I would get the removal tool and chain whip (links below) and reuse your existing 7 speed freewheel.

Where to get the parts! The following parts are available from Velomobile Shop.

Bafang 750 watt 175mm dropout fat bike motor https://bit.ly/2NKw1ts

Motor Controller (25a and 35a options)

NEW! Color LCD: https://bit.ly/2NbhQRb

Juintech Hydraulic Brakes: https://bit.ly/2MIvsny

ALL of the links below are affiliate links. *Disclaimer: Velomobile Shop (owned by Kyle Chittock) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.

Security Bit set for removing motor plate: https://amzn.to/2oHkU9Z

Cable Guide Adapters for Hydraulic Brakes:

The freewheel used in this video: https://amzn.to/2wIUfx2

Chain Whip with removal tool, good for swapping your 7 speed freewheel: https://amzn.to/2Nmf2B2

My preferred Dewalt power tool for ebike building and maintenance: https://amzn.to/2Nfgvc6

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  1. Thanks Kyle. I always wanted to upgrade my RadRover motor to your 750w but I thought I would have to re-lace the wheel. I had no idea you could just swap the new motor in original motor case. Great video. Please keep at this.

  2. Kyle I am impressed. You are an outstanding instructor. Through out the video presentation you stayed focused on point, were clear and concise. I have ADD and I stayed with you all the way. Well done man.

  3. Never heard of Allen Wrench, in Aus we call them an Allen Key.

  4. What’s "current limit"? Do you leave that alone?

  5. Can i put a 750w motor on my sondor smart step. And move it up to 48v.?

  6. This thing with upgrading your electric bike is really an ego thing. You spent thousands on a bike and you spend the same amount of money to replace most of the parts///…. HMMM?

  7. "Power is nothing without control." Said by many

  8. Where can I find the controller now, link is 404

  9. the motor also does that sometimes when you’ve been in very muddy or slushie (snow mixed with water, it’s fun /s) conditions which tends to rip the oil off your chain/cassette and make the thing "seize" up

  10. friend i have a bike with shimano steps e6000, my battery has gone black, i can put a non original shimano battery

  11. Very nice video, thank you. I’m interested in trying this. Any news on the kit?

  12. How can I make my Zipper Z4 ebike faster?

  13. Hi! I have a similar fat bike with the 500w bafang motor, 48v battery and upgraded 25 amp (13 nominal) controller. The lcd8h display shows 1000w when I accelerate from 0 and then drops to about 500w. Max speed is about 36 – 38 km/h. Do you think that upgrading to the 750w motor will give me more speed?

  14. I would like to mention that there’s a final step. You need to go into the settings of your display panel (Hold the up and down buttons at the same time) and then enter the parameter settings (do that again) and press power until you’re at P5 (power monitoring mode) and change the 12 to a 16. This will let it know that it now has a 48V battery instead of a 32V.

    There might be another setting to tweak for the motor, I haven’t personally made sense of all of it yet, but you can view the instructions as well as all the settings here: https://sondorsforum.com/topic/3-sondors-ebike-lcd-display-setup-instructions/

  15. Love the channel and content you provide. Would The new 2019 Sondors XS that says its a 750w motor, 48v 17.5 Ah battery. If thats the case would it be comparable to your upgrade done here ? or still not as good?

  16. OhioPreparedness February 2, 2021 @ 8:38 pm

    Excellent, well done young man.

  17. Can a 48v battery be operated with the same controller for 36v? In case i wanted to upgrade the battery, can I still use the same controller?

  18. Loved the video, very well done, however, I would of just bought a Rad Rover, comes stock with a 48v, 14.6ah battery and scrapped the Sondors. Not sure what you did was cost effective. $1699 for a new Rover, what did all those upgrade parts cost you?

  19. Do you have any recommendation/upgrade for the Sondors Fold Mini? The Battery is different in my model

  20. …or you could buy the Sondors XS which comes stock with all of what he mentioned including brakes.

  21. You don’t mention to viewers of the video that the plug on the controller will not fit into the 750W motor. A new motor plug on the 25a controller is needed and no one sells them. Do a video on how to make a 25A controller plug!

  22. " 3 Upgrades to make your Sondors Ebike FAST "

    1: New battery and controller ok we are of to a good start

    2: New motor guts wait what? The stock ones are more than capable of taking well over 1000w at 48v and will give you similar power and top speed, the guts might give you more power by a very small fraction it really will not be noticeable and so is just an uterly pointless swap and i say swap because it realy is not an upgrade as the performance is so minor.

    3: lmao the hydrolic brakes are another pointless swap, " if you want to stop you need these " erm no lol thats not how it works, this is only true if you are increasing the rotor size, but in this case where the rotor is staying the same size then moving to hydrolic is utterly pointless and will not increase your braking power as at the end of the day the same sized pads are still in contact with the same sized rotor and you will still be able to exert the same pressure to the disk before it locks.

    So out of those everything is just an utter waste of money other than the battery and controller.

  23. Can u do something about jucied bikes?

  24. I don’t see a link to the battery you used. Also, the display and motor controller links are giving a 404 error (page not found).

  25. I have the 2018 X version and I’m wondering if it’s easier to just buy a new 7 speed sprocket and install, or is it easy to remove the one that is on the old 500w motor casing? I read that it is a destructive removal to get the old sprocket off. Thank you -Michael

  26. Everything was fine until hit the throttle and the motor just spun inside the casement but wouldn’t engage wheel

  27. Great video! Very detailed.

  28. Hi. Where can I buy the clips you used to hold the brake line on The existing brake line holes?

  29. Great video, Thanks

  30. As of Jan 18,2019,you still think Sondors a good buy and reliable?

  31. Most excellent.

    You are masterful.

    Maybe an inventory and money tally for parts and labor to give people an idea?

    I picked up a SONDORS XS Torch at the factory today after riding (to death) a yellow Sondors Original from the 2015 batch.

    The XS is a bad mamba jamba but out of respect I am going to hotrod that yellow Original in true hot rod fashion – keep everything that is solid and original and good, and upgrade everything else: faster, stronger, longer.

    Your video showed pretty much everything I want to do: More motor, more battery, more controller, better LCD screen, hydraulic brakes.

    I am tempted to upgrade to the 1000-watt motor, just to be a jerk. Thoughts?


  32. Can you update some of the products in the description to similar ones since some of them are out of stock or sold out

  33. great video

  34. What about a fold x

  35. I have a RadMini but like knowing how this works as you describe it. Thanks!

  36. Can’t seem to find the links about the 7 speed free wheel gears. I would like to add the 7-speed as well when upgrading to a 750 watt motor. Most bafang 750 motors take the larger connection from the controller (35amp). I have a 25amp controller and would like to it if possible. Is there a specific model motor that accepts the smaller connector?

  37. How fast it will go?

  38. hands down you make the best ebike instruction vids i’ve found on youtube.
    if the quality of the instruction and information remands as high as your other vids, i can only see this channel getting much more popular.
    the vid where you took out rad rover motor to double check the 750w claim made me a channel fan boy.

  39. Great video. Do you ship to Canada?

  40. Great 👍 Thanks for doing the video! Will I have any problems when I put the 7 speed Freewheel onto the motor ? Also what is the correct product number of the 7 speed Freewheel that fits the 750W motor ?

  41. Fantastic video. I’m inspired to upgrade as well. Considering cost, I want to do it over a period. As a first step, can I upgrade the battery alone?

  42. I haven’t the faintest idea why everybody nowadays works the tiniest of screws with motorized devices.

  43. 1. You just breeze thru this like everyone has taken apart 1000 bikes
    2. All this for 5 more mph? And void the warranty and no service. The selling point isnt speed for everyone. An extra 5 mph is great but that’s a 2 week job for me. If i have to do all that id buy a $300 bike and just get a kit . i dont understand paying this much for a bike then totally rebuilding it. Smh

  44. What’s the cable I need to add the 750w motor to my Sondors original

  45. You did all that and didn’t even hit the throttle? #fail!

  46. Is this particular model gearless, as in just one speed? I don’t understand the lack of cassette with this standard Bafang motor. Please explain. Thanks!

  47. Do you have any recommendation/upgrade for the Sondors X fat bike? Thank you for this amazing videos and tips!

  48. Kyle. You show the new 750w motor with the 7 speed freewheel on it. But you don’t show how to remove that freewheel. You just move straight on to the motor without it. And I’ve noticed it won’t go over the power lead that comes out from it where it joins to the controller. Could you explain to me how you did that?, Or link me to a video where you do it.
    Best regards,


  49. They are called torx screws

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