32 MPH Super Monarch AWD E-Bike review

32 MPH Super Monarch AWD E-Bike review

The Super Monarch e-bike offers 2 batteries, 2 motors and dual suspension. What’s not to like?! Check out our full review at https://electrek.co/2019/12/03/review-32-mph-super-monarch-awd-full-suspension-dual-battery-e-bike/

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. What is the price?

  2. TooFastNoBrakes!!! March 22, 2021 @ 11:15 pm

    $3100!!!? I’ll just buy a motorcycle 😂

  3. Nice video. I think one would be fun, but I worry about battery life, 3 or 4 years down the road those really expensive batteries are going to be a really expensive replacement every 3 or 4 years. I currently ride a 2008 Kawasaki KLR650 dual sport street legal trail bike. The battery costs me about $60 every 3 or 4 years, oil changes every year or two about $30. Plus it will run 60-70 MPH. All day on a 6 gallon of a regular tank of gas, ride with the flow of traffic not on the side of the road with trucks whizzing past you. Plus you can carry your GF on the back. You can buy used duel sport KLR650’s for $2500-$3000.

  4. is it just me or are flashy colors and big logos a no no

  5. for dual motor I would choose Ariel Rider Grizzly. You can get 2xsuspension, 2x battery and faster motors.

  6. Orange 🍊 is not a color that I would ever be seen on, I am sorry ☹️ but it’s just not my flavor. It screams please somebody kick 🦵 my ass.

  7. Competition level fat tire bike? What would the competition be, riding through a mine field?

  8. Dude nothing is free, didn’t your mother teach you better

  9. I bought a strong 💪 bike rack and connected it to my tow bar, but it is still a one foot 🦶 lift onto the rack you can buy that rack where you can just roll it onto the rack, but the rack cost $400 plus dollars 💸. Good luck 🍀 if you got the money us old guy are spending that half million dollar 401K money so it’s not a problem except when your children complain that your spending their inheritance like it’s no tomorrow.

  10. Yea. To bad shes completely illegal EVERYWHERE in The USA! 750w max…. not 750×2, Or 1000×2. If your white in white places this is fine. Whites dont F with whites for stuff like this.

    But if you live in the city, and aren’t lucky enough to be givin the same respect as a white…. this WILL be taken from you by a cop that likes to confiscate shit just to keep it. Wants it for himself or his kids. Or just doesnt like non whites depending on lvl of racism.

    Go ahead and ride this S in the hood….. as a younger Brown person. Go ahead and look like your having fun…. I dare you. That bike wont last a year in the hood. All someone has to do is walk up to you with a fake/ real gun and its gone.

    If ppl see you riding that, they’re gonna know you got money. And or other expensive digital gadgets in your home.

    This bike will raise the likelyhood that you will get robbed at some point by at least %50!

    Having 2 of everything makes it even more robable.

    Having a bike like this in the hood is a bad idea.

    This is worse than JORDAN’S shoes could ever be. If your gonna get this….1) Get GPS tracking ASAP! 2) Get a Gun, Sword, shock stick…. something. And let ppl in your hood know that if they wanna rob you…. its gonna take more than intimidation. 3) Dont stop at lights! Keep moving or you will get yanked off the bike hard. Red light? Use the crosswalk. But to be safe you cant stop at red lights. Slowly, safely rolling through Red lights is the only way to be safe in the City.

    Shes a pretty machine. But cops are the biggest thieves I know. And they dont like to see young Browns having fun en masse. If your gonna get this, or any bike that is Illegal! Be careful.

    HNY! #F!2020

  11. It will make your trip more relaxed,convenient and environmentally friendly.

  12. Micah Toll said, "Unless you’re like me and you keep it in all-wheel drive mode all the time and rip through the trails with reckless abandonment". Has anyone ever noticed Micah has a good sense of humor? I’m dead. This is one my favorite reviews he’s done besides the Frey electric bikes.

  13. This is my impression after receiving my camo E-cell Monarch Crown AWD about three weeks ago; I have put in nearly 200 miles of riding on it thus far. Every day, everywhere I went, I would have admirers asking me about the bike! I parked and lock it in front of supermarket and at least a couple of people would come up and ask about it.
    – – –
    So, here are the personal impression of the pros and cons of this bike thus far…
    – – –
    Extreme eye-catching and attention-getting. It’s a MASSIVE bike and weight in just shy of 100 lbs.!
    The company has been extremely courteous and responsive with emails and call backs and Dave Cleveland, the owner was very personable, knowledgeable and helpful with all my inquires.
    All the extra goodies came as promised and I have made use of the easily clipped-on double pannier bags almost daily. Both front and rear luggage carriers have been very helpful.
    The bike has lots of power, especially when I put in the dual motor mode when I start out after waiting for traffic light! I then switch over to the rear hub drive after the start to conserve energy.
    I have since rode in pouring Seattle rain with this bike and the front and rear aluminum fenders worked magic to keep my pants relative dry!
    The Vee brand Bulldozer tires appeared to last better than the Kenda Juggernaut tires I had on my last ebike!
    The color cockpit LCD was very bright and easy to use; I especially love the inclusion of a clock on the upper left hand display so I don’t need to whip out my phone to check ETA, etc.
    Excellent shocks front and back, though they are a bit stiff just now but I will adjust them accordingly soon.
    And I cannot forget the very fast charger included with the bike! The bike has three charging ports, one of each individual battery and then a combined charging port located near the base of the frame that I could charge BOTH batteries at the same time thru it. E-cell even included a Y- charging cable if I wanted to charge both dismounted batteries all at once!
    – – –
    Now for the CONS-
    It’s a BIG and HEAVY bike; be prepare to make room for something the size of a single bed in your home!
    Maybe because I was use to slightly narrower handler bar, I found the steering becoming a bit unstable if I was to let go one hand, like when I had to adjust my glasses, etc., that meant the same turn used to take less arm movements in the past now would need for me to ‘stretch’ out just that tad bit more to steer around the same turn; the bike would readily wobble and if I was to take in even a little air or even just over some bumps, I definitely have to keep BOTH hands on firmly on the handle bar. While the extra wide palm extensions were ‘comfortable’ when cruising, they became less easily to grip firmly thus making me feel less in control of the steering. I had decades of experience riding single tracks and this big bike really take some new getting use to. This handle more like a speedy truck than a nimble SUV.
    Lights- while the bike has both head and tail lights, both could seriously use some upgrading! While the headlight was adequate and mounted firmly right above the front fender and powered by the bike, it was not a big or bright light; easy solution would be replace it with any after-market CREE high lumen light. The tail light was not a brake light as in my last ebike nor was it powered by the bike; it required its own AA batteries that will need to be replaced from time to time. Thinking maybe I would simply rig a long thin USB cable from it to the USB port by the frame mounted front battery.
    I loved the 3-prong fast charger but the very loud fan inside the fast charger needed some getting use to!
    Cable bundling could use a little more streamlining as the way it is now, it took up a big portion of the front luggage rack space, leaving little room on that small rack to strap anything bigger than a bread box. I could see using it to strap soft bundles like a sleeping bag for camping? I wish I could add pannier extensions below it too.
    For some reason, even when fully charged, the power level only show being 97% full; another Crown owner has made the same comment here also.
    I love the included mirrors but because of the width of the handle bar and the mirrors being bar end mounted, I could not use them; it would have been great if the mirrors could be mounted ON the handler bar like many motorcycles ones. I could barely get the bike thru my front door and would be impossible if the mirrors were mounted too.
    – – –
    All in all, I couldn’t think of anything else I could add to my comments on my new bike. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great looking, fast, powerful and sturdy bike that could go on and off road equally at ease. Just don’t expect it to handle like a true mountain bike though!

  14. Where do you buy this bike

  15. Is there a reason that reviewers always mention lifting into a truck when talking about weight? Is there some reason a bike can’t just simply be ridden up a ramp into a truck?

  16. What not to like? It is heavy, ugly, front fender doesn’t keep your shoes clean and no torque sensor. These reviews are not talking about the small details that matter. Frame quality for example. How does the rear rack perform?

  17. boostercontrol100 March 22, 2021 @ 11:33 pm

    Shouldn’t it have a good torque arm on that front wheel to keep it from popping off?

  18. Nice bike but it really is a little pricey considering you can buy a real motorcycle for less.

  19. NIce and expensive at the same time.

  20. How do you get it shipped to Europe


  22. #buzzofftoxic Blog March 22, 2021 @ 11:42 pm

    Used to design in my mind a E bike fat tyres and awd 😁🌍👏👏👏cool want one #buzzofftoxic #nonproftleadership #ClimateCrisis #StopBurningFossil #ChangeWednesday #ConscienceLand

  23. 2:49, price of first bike given. 2:53, next video.

  24. William Penn jr. March 22, 2021 @ 11:43 pm

    how come you didnt include a link to where we can buy it?

  25. Bright orange 😎👍🏻

  26. When I get my e cell bike 🚴 I am going to put a sign on it that says e cell regeneration bike just to screw with people. Yes I am a rat 🐀

  27. Dear God that’s insane

  28. Very nice bike. Good for transportation. And reliable.

  29. Please subscribe to my channel and i will subscribe to yours: @

  30. Amazing!! I want one

  31. TooFastNoBrakes!!! March 22, 2021 @ 11:48 pm

    All that black and orange, wanna slap a sticker on it that says KTM super dookie 🤣

  32. John C. Bojemski March 22, 2021 @ 11:52 pm

    One word for "TRUCKING" thus bike… RAMP!

  33. The power of Dillon .

  34. What is the full range on a flat road on full electric throttle only at 20 miles per hour?

  35. How does the AWD affect handling and traction is loose/slippery conditions? does if prevent the front wheel from sinking into soft sand? does it help the front wheel rollover low obstacles like curbs and roots?

  36. All I wished is that this should be water proofed batteries and speeds up to 80mph that’s all with over 30miles of range for $34195 then I’ll 100% buy ut

  37. Christopher Pack Art March 22, 2021 @ 11:58 pm

    That looks like a pretty cool bike.

  38. Bradly Everett. March 22, 2021 @ 11:59 pm

    Is that the only color

  39. Hey everyone – how comfortable is the with the way your body sits holding the handlebars?

    I would be using it to cruise 4 miles on the road from my house to the beach and then to ride on the beach.

    Are you comfortable in that position? Does it feel more like sitting on a mountain bike a hybrid or a beach cruiser?

    How did it handle on the sand?

    How does it handle on the road for 5 miles?

    Much thanks!

  40. Those fat tires do take quite a hit on your range, tho.
    At least, rolling friction doesn’t increase to as high of an exponent of speed as does wind resistance, so at higher speeds, the difference is probably negligent. This calls for some testing with various tire sizes and types.

  41. This bike is extremely overpriced

  42. 왼쪽핸들바에 사이드미러한개는 기본으로 달아야
    함. 스포크를 오토바이용 굵은 스포크로 제작하면

  43. Nice Micha.

  44. 💛💜❤

  45. Would it be possible to add a mid drive motor as well? Asking for a friend

  46. Sokaribo Awusin-Yellowe March 23, 2021 @ 12:07 am

    I got me mine and boy! You can’t get a better bike, Okay, the 1500 model looks like an armored truck and will possibly out-perform it but this itself is making guys green with envy looking at me cruise by..

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  48. Intéressant

  49. I came back to this. A nice looking bike with lots of power.


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