5 Best E-bike Conversion Kits

5 Best E-bike Conversion Kits

5 Best E-Bike Conversion Kits that can turn your regular bike into an electric one and increase the convenience of your bike riding.

Best E-bike Conversion Kits List:

0:00 – Introduction

00:54 – 5. Aosom 26 Bike Kit
Amazon US: https://amzn.to/3jYpFav
Amazon International: https://geni.us/gGWVt

02:54 – 4. HalloMotor 36V 1200W 48V 1500W
Amazon US: https://amzn.to/3188tXl
Amazon International: https://geni.us/aT2a0

04:50 – 3. AW Rear Wheel Electric Kit
Amazon US: https://amzn.to/313XMp0
Amazon International: https://geni.us/0UZNg

06:44 – 2. JaxPety Front Wheel Conversion kit
Amazon US: https://amzn.to/3i6o2WL
Amazon International: https://geni.us/F52UbS0

08:51 – 1. Bafang 8FUN
Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2Xes3QB
Amazon International: https://geni.us/eFIvxA
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  1. Thank you for sharing this video with so much good information.

    As far as I know, there is a kit. Which I like a lot. Learn about this kit

    more information

  2. can you add a link so tat I can purchase in UK Thanks

  3. জানতে চাই ? January 30, 2021 @ 8:25 pm

    I also liked the video a lot. There was also a lot of information.
    thank you

    But as far as I know, there is a site that has some good information,


  4. Mr. Sheep killer January 30, 2021 @ 8:28 pm

    Csc is a forgotten brand. Larger 26* 25mm rims instead of the 19mm. Built two 48v 1000w and put over 2000 miles in two years and no problems at all except tightening spokes. Dual mode controller or hall sensors, 32 mph might want to review that next time

  5. Bafang BBSHD enough said.

  6. DEVIL EMPEROR 666 January 30, 2021 @ 8:37 pm

    Bro I love everything in you show in all the videos and Specially Specifications and Pros and Cons… No One does it… I don’t know why in these many weeks people haven’t Subscribed your channel… They don’t know what they are missing… Bro take my suggestion for 2 things… First start advertising your channel on YouTube , Facebook and Instagram… Second Never show your face coz some like it and many won’t… Hire few beautiful girls , shoot their footage sayin about Disclaimer in different clothes and keep addin them in different videos and but remember use those footage only for One month videos and keep repeating the same every month… Coz the Best part of your videos is you Narrate and we can focus on the video while watching it without pausing… In other Channels the just use subtitles and we have to pause each time to read it or if we read without pausing it then we miss the Products… If possible Hire Female voiceover artist coz it helps alot… All The Best… I really enjoy all your videos… Keep up the Good Work bro… GOD bless you and your family and your team and their families with lots of love and happiness and with good health and wealth…

  7. pitifully obvious January 30, 2021 @ 8:40 pm

    Politicians are too lazy to introduce sensible laws for e-bikes.
    E-bikes need a speed limit of about 40 to 45 MPH so they are able to
    keep in the flow of normal motorised traffic flow. ESPECIALLY ON
    HILLS where an e-biker limited power to 15 MPH, is going to be
    reduced to 5 MPH up hills leading to a potentially DANGEROUS
    situation given the impatient, inconsiderate average motorist.
    Motorist are too stupid, too lazy or too fat to use e-bikes for local
    journeys. Politicians and most car drivers are too stupid to realise
    that the e-bikes WILL solve traffic congestion, obesity AND traffic pollution.

    Imagine our cities where 90% of us are commuting across town by e-bike or

    e-biking to and from the train station. Trains can be easily adapted
    as necessary. Pollution levels and the gorgeous whether would return
    to the levels we all enjoyed during the Coronavirus lock down.
    Pitifully Obvious – unless you are a dumb politician. E-BIKE REGULATIONS NEED TO BE UPDATED.
    ie your mum and dad ) TOXINS from ever increasing motor vehicle use
    are poisoning us and our children. All of us are wasting thousands
    hours of valuable time in unproductive traffic congestion. The e-bike
    – tandem e-bikes – e bike trailers for the kids and shopping is our
    likely salvation !

    E-bikes need regulations if they are to become the most popular form of

    commuter vehicle. Unfortunately Registration plates insurance and
    construction regulations for safety, similar to mop-heads will have
    to be adapted. Hub motors are too unstable at speeds above 30 MPH –
    Mid drive compulsory – Rim brakes wear out rapidly on faster e-bikes and are therefore dangerous
    – disc brakes should be compulsory for e-bikes – Compulsory -e-bike battery
    detachable to prevent theft and for recharging at work
    or destination with employers require by law to facilitate. Lockable
    anti-theft tracker system – compulsory.
    Speed limited by law to 45 MPH but with enough power to maintain that
    speed up most hills. Motorway lanes adapted and progressively widened to provide 45 MPH e-bike and
    e-recumbent bikes/trikes lanes where riders are three or four abreast
    from initially using only the emergency vehicle access lane. Truck
    lane 55 mph and car lanes 70 MPH.

    In Life the sensible are handicapped by the imbeciles. The most common
    accidents on motor bikes occurs when folks pull out in front of an
    approaching motor bike because the driver didn’t see the motor bike
    which of course is bigger than an e-bike. I would strongly suggest
    fitting a LED head light which can be set higher in daylight
    preferably with a yellow cover to help the drivers see you
    approaching the junction. Bear in mind older drivers have poorer
    eyesight and much slower reactions. It’s not much help being in the
    right if your dead. At night remove the coloured lens cover and lower
    the beam. We all need to scream at our idiot leaders in all countries
    to adjust legislation to make e-bikes more popular. The Laws in the
    UK are ridiculous. Most reasonably fit riders can easily exceed the
    15 MPH limit without power assist but the same rider travelling above
    15 MPH on a e-bike fitted with power assist EVEN if the power assist
    is not being engaged WILL BE BREAKING THE LAW. Failing to registrar
    the bike as a motor vehicle – no registration plate – no insurance –
    no motor vehicle lighting regulations – not wearing a full motor bike
    helmet etc………………. Please copy and paste everywhere !

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