5 Components That You Will Need To Replace On Any E Bike

5 Components That You Will Need To Replace On Any E Bike

Chances are you E Mountain Bike is your most prized possession; here are the top 5 things that will wear out on a bike. Looking after these components will help keep your bike running better for longer 🔧

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What parts do you change the most on your E-MTB? Let us know 👇

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. Bought my first EBike (Merida e160) in February this year and am surprised how quickly I am going through consumable parts ( my last bike was a 2018 Merida 140 non motor ) I get only 400km out of my rear brake pads Shimano BO1S which incidentally is the same pads on my old bike which I could get over 800km out of. The chain which is a 12 speed I get 500km before replacing. The rear Maxxis minion DHR will have to be changed after my next ride at 1200km as the middle knobbies has worn down to being unable to see the horizontal v line on it. I ride in the same area where I rode my previous bike mainly in the Glasshouse mountains just north of Brisbane Australia.

  2. Is this because a bunch of stupid twats get pissed when there e-bikes eat chains. So many stupid people on e-bikes. Go back to your BMW’s and get away from bicycles.

  3. two freehubs, another two hub bodies for stripped out ring gears, not to mention wheel rebuilds, ugg.

  4. Channel Zero One January 5, 2021 @ 10:17 pm

    More concerned with the parts than make it an e bike than the traditional things. Thank you for stealing 15 minutes I could have used elsewhere.

  5. Lansdowne Compliance January 5, 2021 @ 10:18 pm

    Don’t knock this please, just because you’re seasoned bikers. I’m not. I had no idea that I would be replacing my cassette, chain, pads and tyres so soon. When my brake pads wore out it was a complete shock that in 4 months I had covered 1200kms

  6. Electric Mountain Bike Network January 5, 2021 @ 10:19 pm

    What components do you replace the most? Let us know 👇

  7. Aluminium, never heard of it.

  8. Many Thanks for this very informative video 🙂

  9. Sram NX 11 speed 600mls Bin! Swapped to Shimano 11 speed SLX 7000 lasts a bit longer but not great, freehub destroyed so found a steel body made by Swiss for there Specialized wheels ( Roval ) Chains was running 12 speed on my sram 11 speed works great and now running Sram GX 12 speed derailleur on my 11 speed as bent my sram one.

  10. The shimano steps motor after only 3500km. Because it’s not serviceable.

  11. Can you get an e MTB without gears? I don’t know why but I can’t keep a derailer on my bike for more then couple weeks it rips off and costs 1-200$ to fix. No idea why but would love an e bike with no derailer to actually be able to pedal up hill without fear of getting hurt from chain snaps or derailer ripping off.

  12. Metallic pads seem to last a long time

  13. Geoffery Jenkinson January 5, 2021 @ 10:24 pm

    Just on my 3rd Bosch motor in 2 years on my trek power fly 9.7 LT

  14. Specialized Levo 2019 S-Works…16 months usage (every single day with 10000kms+), so far my components that replacement were done are : 4 chains(3 brands with 2000kms+3500kms+4000kms), 3 cassettes(2 models at 3000kms+3500kms), 2 tubeless tires(9000kms), 2 derailleur wires, one brake handler(got a guide model and not a match for rsv), 1 chain ring(8500kms, if you ride a lot get a bigger one), 1 brose motor(barely 7500kms on it), one post ring seat, a pair of pedals, a pair of handle bars. Brake pads are certainly overdue (I only brake in emergencies) and a spare derailleur is a plan, plus a spare battery is a good idea accomplished but the seat post wire might die soon on me (i really abuse it) , the carbon frame must be protected at all times or else better have a carbon frame specialist handy (cheaper and faster than a replacement). No matter how careful you are the lifetime of a chain is almost 1/3 of a regular bike and a cassette is almost 1/2 , do not get the aluminum version just go iron/steel or harder/heavier ones!!!

  15. Before watching the video I predict:
    1. Cassette
    2. Chain
    3. Chain ring
    4. Brake pads
    5. Tires
    I’ll edit if I’m wrong

  16. I have a ebike without a cassette and a chain. I suppose not every ebike has them.

  17. 5th month on my m1 spitzing 4300km driven and changed 3rd chain 2kassettes and 5 times the little 11th pinion and 2nd pads on it already!

  18. Agree with everything but replacing brake pads…I’ve brought contaminated ones back to life lots of times. Just rub them on a piece of gyprock sandpaper until the shine comes off. Clean the brake plate with isopropyl alcohol. Wear them in for a few minutes, job done.

  19. Drivetrain companies need to take a serious look at ebike drivetrain upgrades. I have a Decoy and frankly the biggest issue I have with this bike is skipping cassettes. Using normal MTB drivetrains on ebikes is not working.

  20. James Goodsell has a 2021 Specialized Levo comp and has a YouTube channel.
    Only had it a few weeks and had water inside the charging port. After a wet ride . Also the the bike was cycling on and off without touching the button.

  21. Rotor even do a 13 speed cassette. You do need to use their hydraulic shifter and cassette. It does still use a 12 chain.

  22. So, the same as any other bike then? got it!

  23. 👍🚴‍♂️

  24. I resent having an extra long chain, 124, though chain packaging has a checkbox for longer versions, no-one I know of sells them in Canada. So users will need to buy two chains initially, to provide extra links on chain chains.

  25. Sounds like an absolute money pit, back in the day we only needed to repair a puncture…

  26. My cassette goes to 11

  27. every one of his bikes is the same but different color lol

    (Turbo Levo SL The same one that I have)

  28. I think you’re reaching with this video. All things you’d need to replace on any bike under heavy use.

  29. What is this Chain-checker? Do you have a link?

  30. Is it an electric bike, or an electric mountain?
    How about "mountain E-bike".

  31. I have a TREK POWERFLY FS 5 Im using on cycle tracks here in South Island NZ & done 5000 Ks in 13 months. Thats all , i just wanted to brag a little bit.

  32. Love EMNB!!

  33. Yeah, when the inaccurate tool* shows 0.75% of chain wear you better go and change your whole bike, BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY! And it will keep our sponsors happy.
    * It’s a known fact that majority of these tools have enough play that you can get various readings. The most accurate ones are the ones made by Shimano. Or just use the vernier calliper

  34. This is such basic information. Why not add how long the item should be expected to last and a bit more info. You guys are starting to treat your viewers as thick with this basic crap.

  35. I live in scotland does anyone know the best place to buy a budget priced bike or the best place to go for a second hand bike I’m looking for either a hard tail front sus or a full sus medium size 27 inch wheels thanks

  36. Great video mate 👍👍 got my first e bike yesterday.. a lot to learn

  37. I live in Scotland, so very hilly and wet trails, I only get 200 miles out of my chains and I have tried e bike specific chains with same results. I have a haibike with the ses system, which has the two cogs at the front. Would be interesting to know how much miles other e bike users get out of their chains.

  38. I replaced my chain with the original KMC chain that came with my bike. What I didn’t realise is that the chain ring was so hooked and worn I got chain pickup or what Chris referred to as chain suck. The chain picks up round the chain ring and jams. I then changed the cassette and chain ring and found the gear changes were really poor and clunky. So I bit the bullet and bought an expensive Shimano Siltec Ebike chain. Wow, what a difference that made, immediately I had super smooth changes. For perspective I am a regular luber, but a bit of a lazy cleaner. I changed the Cassette and chain ring at 2500 miles. However that was the 3rd chain in that mileage. Hope that makes sense.

  39. so the things you’d have to replace on a normal bike too? lmfao……………. ffs

  40. What a top video, real explanations that make sense thank you so much!!

  41. having a nightmare with brake discs , cant find 200mm anywhere so got 203mm but they rubbing tried washers but no luck, anyone know adaptor needed for front and rear on turbo levo ?

  42. Is there a kit out there that has all these tools?

  43. Alfred Feuerstein January 5, 2021 @ 11:05 pm

    Cassette, brakepads, tyres, chain, chainring. Who would have thought 🙈. You’re welcome 🤗

  44. Tried to watch your other on changing the parts, wont let me any ideas cheers

  45. Im thinking of buying my 1st Ebike, and budgeting £4-£5k. With extensive research over the last two months, whats frighting for any buyer is the lack of authentic, unsponsored information about the quality or lack of it when it comes to aftercare. Additionally, the contrasting information I have had from Tredz, Wiggle, Chain Reaction etc about Bosch or Shimano being brilliant or garbage in equal measure makes it impossible to make an informed decision. I love the channel and would enjoy seeing this covered by you guys, especially the aftercare situation. One of my shortlist is the Decoy from YT but many reviews on aftersales murders them as a choice. Whereas Merida, very strong.

  46. Oleg Petelevitch January 5, 2021 @ 11:09 pm

    Chain !

  47. Less gears means wider stronger chain … try a 7s I run 9s they last much longer

  48. I have found the low end Sram Eagle derailleurs to be a high wear item , I am on my 3 rd derailleur , they last about the same distance as a rear tyre . Both NX and GX seem to be about the same wear wise . The wear I have experienced is around the pivot pin that screws into the hanger , it gets so sloppy the shifting is impossible to get adjusted right to get all 12 gears .

  49. Add a bearings kit,motor rebuild,especially if it’s a plastic fly on motor.

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