55mph italjet formula with 70cc cylinder kit big bore fast scooter moped

55mph italjet formula with 70cc cylinder kit big bore fast scooter moped

Rolling Wrench tries to show you the performance of a 70cc scooter. with a arisal 70cc cylinder kit the scooter has great acceleration and top speed.check us out at www.rollingwrenchdenver.com to purchase your very own scooter big bore kit.

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  1. Haha I can get that put of my 50cc gilera runner šŸ˜‚

  2. I was more worried about my phone then anything! šŸ™‚

  3. Hi high have a taotao a1 4stroke. I want to put a (47mm)70?72cc bbk on it. how fast will it go? also im not trying to put no 50 or 52mm kit on it! Just 47mm and add more parts. But for now how 47mm. Im weght165.

  4. top speed will increase maybe 5 -7 mph if that.

  5. And we all know how accurate scooter speedos are, don’t we, especially Italian ones!

  6. The top speed will only go up about 5mph because the big bore kit doest mess with the gearing on the scooter. if you want more top speed you can install heavier variator waights and get a nuraku gear kit. But if you increase the top speed you will loose low end torque. Check out our other video on our channel and subscribe we are always adding content,

  7. where can i buy your silver mirror ?

  8. My 50cc Yamaha Aerox 2004 went faster than this. It was de-restricted but had no performance parts.

  9. 50 cc 4 stroke scooters suck even with a bore kit If u get a 4 stroke get the 150cc or 250cc and up motor and get all the mods and possibly get a BBK 30 or more cc 50 cc 2 stroke built or any 2 stroke is the way

  10. Bring your "speedfights" up here and have a go. You will see the difference. In fact, bring any vehicle up here and see the difference. Also, your grammar and spelling needs work. Maybe money for an English tutor would be better spent in your case.

  11. Ben Wackyrandomnesstv February 13, 2021 @ 9:09 pm

    i dont know why people get bore kits because anything with petrol will only go as fast as the gears will let them my moped does 50 mph standard at 50cc and if i wanted to go faster i wouldnt get a bore kit i would change the cvt size to a bigger disk because after all when the belt gets to the end of the disc thats it (unless your going down hill) so all im trying to say is get your moped up to speed at 50cc to start off with my speedfight got to 70 on a 50cc just with changing the cvt size

  12. the big bore arsehol is good

  13. sure they can

  14. sure they can

  15. I just got hold of a standard low mileage formula it dose 60mph šŸ¤·šŸ¼ā€ā™€ļø

  16. You must live at sea level. We live way up in colorado (5280 feet) we loose 20% of power up here. So its actually really good top speed.

  17. Take off the Morini and use a Piaggio Hyper 2 or Minarelli LC !!!

  18. Thats slow cuz speedfights and aerox and nrg can all do do 55 to 62 on a 50cc and u got 70 ha money must grow in ur pocki

  19. Yeaa I would recommend malossi, pollini or stage 6 these are all very good makes ive never hurd of airsal plus they all cost around the same price

  20. what if i just i stall a 72 bore kit, everything else stock? will increase top end?

  21. 55mph on a 70 smh thats not good should be doing a genuine 70mph lol well it should just hope u have a yanusi exhaust on there, definatly in need of a upgrade variator maybe malossi brand possibly lighter rollers say 5 gram and a 21mil to 25mil carb with jetting lol make ALOT of difference

  22. We have 80cc big bore kits on our web site (rollingwrenchdenver com). for $150. We have installed hundreds of these kits on tao taos. I cant tell you what top speed you will go because there us alot of variables. But I will say this kit will make your scooter feel like it has twice the power.

  23. Andreas Jernstrƶm February 13, 2021 @ 9:37 pm

    So a 70cc does 55 and my 50cc goes 78 and no performence parts

  24. Jayman@gmail.com February 13, 2021 @ 9:41 pm

    I got a 62 bore kit be it loaing power it 35 but dont even hit 40 I use to have it up to 45 50 now it go 35 I dont know nothing about it just need a tip but when it try to hit 40 it like pulls back on me hit me back at jayblay0000@gmail.com

  25. That is how you do it. Remember a scooter purchased at 49cc requires no license plate or motorcycle license in Denver. A simple upgrade will make your toy a useful commuting vehicle.

  26. selling it??

  27. That looked safe lol

  28. My taotao goes 45

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