80 mph on an electric bicycle!!!

80 mph on an electric bicycle!!!

The first ride of the year (2011) with this Ebike. The Ebike has a front hub 48 volt 800 watt motor powered by a 48 volt 20 amp hour ping battery. The bike is around 13 years old and the motor and battery were purchased off of Ebay.

My ride time was 10 minutes and 45 seconds, distance covered was 3.05 miles. Average speed was 17.02 miles per hour. The top speed achieved was 25.30 miles per hour.

The statistics above are per my favorite Iphone bicycle app, Cyclemeter.


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  1. I thought i was going to see something impressive. My 2 stroke impresses me more than this. Its not even a 4 stroke

  2. High on life mate! Thanks for the comment.

  3. does it take you 80 minutes to travel a distance of 80 miles?

  4. Thanks! 80 mph is way too fast to "pop a wheelie." I can do it at 79 mph though!

  5. Total BS馃枙馃枙

  6. Thanks for the comment!

  7. Don’t be a nerd.

  8. No, it takes me 80 miles to cover a time of 80 minutes.

  9. I actually got interested by your title thus I recommended. in case you dont know, ebikes are capable of doing 80mph with right setup

  10. Sorry to say the title is totally misleading. I’m using a 1000w 48v system and max speed is 30 MPH.

  11. recommend you change the title to something believable

  12. It’s a joke!!! Ever hear of a joke?

  13. Nice bike. You might want to get a speedometer though.

  14. nice bike and I laughed thinking your roads look just like Anchorage…wait a min her…OK fine I have no excuse not to build a bike this year

  15. Why the gay music?

  16. 80kph is hard to believe with that setup, more like 20mph perhpas.

  17. ok….who’s pushing? :)))) nice bike.

  18. Was this supposed to be a joke?

  19. You have used a very misleading title for your video & the content does not reflect what viewers are expecting to see. This leads to very disappointing viewing & wasting people’s time.

  20. Dude You have Guts !!!
    20 -30 Kilos E-bike + No Front brakes + Wet Brakes on rear wheels ( on Ice )
    I’m Not calling you fat as everyone knows 20ah 48 battery’s are extremely
    heavy however those rear brakes probably have to cope with 100 kilios or 220 pounds (lbs )
    Conclusion, I think is fair to say you have no Brakes !!!
    In a bike that can reach 30 mph +

  21. lol u suck looks like 20mph..

  22. recommend you get a sense of humor

  23. sorry but you are not going 80mph. yo umust be high!

  24. No, that would be too slow. 80 mph means I go 80 miles in 1 hour or 60 minutes. If I use my twin turbos I can go 120 mph which would get me 2 miles in 1 minute of travel, once I’m up to full speed of course, not accounting for acceleration. I’m thinking of adding a third turbo which I believe could put me up to 180 mph but that would be just silly to go that fast.

  25. lol I was joking, it’s in reference to the youtube video "the real meaning of 80 MPH"

  26. it was a joke, some people don’t have any sense of humor. real top speed is just under 30 mph on the flat with a battery just off the charger.

  27. fake. fastest e bike speed I`ve seen is 66mph

  28. Click bait

  29. How will life go on with your "DISLIKE!!!" That is coming from someone with a user name of "im a panda 500." Go eat some more bamboo panda!

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