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  1. Christian CROWN March 28, 2021 @ 11:09 pm

    Thanks Mate for the other video you did regarding the HP Deskjet 2510. Save me a packet. Your look a bit older now…LOL. Cheers from New Zealand.

  2. Are you doing the whole ebike to road legal motorbikes? If so I’m sure you have seen Andy Kirby’s vids, may save some time and hassle, I’m a Little bit behind you but great to watch you build, well done

  3. That bike looks so sweet with that seat 馃槷

  4. Awesome love from India

  5. great! what size is the air shock by chance

  6. The editing is on point ngl. Great as always!

  7. Yes, on my 3rd, got some footage on my channel Terry Forster, started with a 500w bits and pieces, then wifey wanted one, 1000w MTB, and now my 1500w creation, just fitted the rear wheel

  8. thubsthitute

  9. Where did you buy this frame can you please gave me the Link?

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