A Guide To Bike Lights | How To Choose Lights For Road Cycling

A Guide To Bike Lights | How To Choose Lights For Road Cycling

As the nights draw in it’s important to stay safe and visible on the roads. Here’s Ollie with some advice on which lights to choose for cycling in the winter months.

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Each lights output – for example whether you just want to be seen or use the light to see with, flashing modes, and method of charging are all things to consider when choosing a front and rear light.

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. Jackson Phillips February 5, 2021 @ 8:22 pm

    You can see his soul leave his body when he promotes subscribing in the beginning

  2. Nobody reverses on a bike- laughs in track bike

  3. Keep it at least a few metres ahead for upside down signs , fallen branches and dog turds.

  4. Good advice – especially the suggestion to have more than the basic two lights. I have at least two at the front and two at the back. I also have a small light on the top of my helmet, white front and red rear, both flashing. For sideways visibility at night I have fitted spoke reflectors to my wheels. Car headlamps light me up like a Christmas tree. Some cyclists might feel self conscious with those but at least I can be seen when I’m waiting at a junction and there’s no mistaking that I am on a bicycle. The only drawback is that they are easily knocked off the spokes when I pass my bar lock through the wheel so I also bought some tiny cable ties (zip ties in the USA) to tie the reflectors on. It’s fiddly fitting them but well worth it.

  5. You mind letting me know the name and model of the front (square) light you are using and which saddle bag is that with then neon like light on the back? Maybe post some links of which lights you are using to help us out? Thanks for the video.

  6. Can someone identify the light at the 5:50 mark? Thanks in advance !

  7. Stephen Macdonald February 5, 2021 @ 8:30 pm

    exposure nothing else comes close

  8. Too vague. What is the point of repeating “bike lights” for 10min? If you aren’t reviewing any? Look like product placement over stock footage.

  9. Thank you for the quality information and help. I have only my bicycle for transportation around town so I want to be seen well. This video sure helped me.

  10. Excellent video. Thank you

  11. chocolate squiggle February 5, 2021 @ 8:31 pm

    Have you guys seen the queue of traffic behind your two demo riders at the beginning of this video? Why are you riding side by side holding all that traffic up? Whether you think you’re in the right or not, that is what frustrates drivers and will lead to poor decision making by some. Just ride single file ffs.

  12. We’re not that rich sir

  13. The Bat Signal example elevated this video tremendously. Cheers!

  14. Not bad, but there are other set ups. Lumins are not the whole story. I have a set of cree t6 from China, with an external battery set up. 1.6k lumins for £15. Nice enough, but white a limited spread. 4 modes including flash. However, I would not necessarily use them off road. Some of the off road lights can be expensive. Lupines flagship is eye watering, while exposure rocks up at about 500 fir their biggie lights. I am learning towards the light and motion seca series for my next, with the off road dispersal. This will give me dual usage. The race is good with 3 batteries, while the endurance, with 6 gives a 12 hr burn time. Enough for over night rides. Not sure. But anyway, road lights, as you know, have a beam set for a longer distance than the mtb, with wider dispersion for tricky trails. I can then use the cree as a helmet light, also useful for the trails, or as a backup main light. What light would you say fits nicely in both camps on a budget?

  15. Lights are for soyboys and noobs. Once you get sick skills you don’t need to see at all.

  16. QBQB front light? is that what he said? I’d like a link to amazon for it.

  17. Thank you for showing me the light.

  18. Sooo fricKen Smart, witty and WiSe…I have learned more than something…Grazie🔥🌪🪘

  19. oh i like you lol had me at the accent but the info and humor were right on thanks.

  20. Please give us the brand of that saddle bag with the red lights.

  21. You can get a decent 3000 to 7000 lumen light on Amazon that runs off 18650 cells for 30 pounds. Just don’t use it on strobe mode as you’ll blind oncoming cars. You’ll also need to angle them down every time there is a car on the other side of the road

  22. 6:44 Lights using AA or AAA batteries CAN use rechargeable batteries, and to buy a light with a built in battery means that after 18months when the battery life becomes noticeably degraded you can’t change it without it being uneconomical to keep, whereas it’s easy to pick up some decent AA or AAA rechargeable batteries and just swap them.

    Not forgetting to mention that for longer trips you can pack a few pairs of precharged AA or AAAs, which you can’t with a light that has a built in battery.

  23. Just subscribed and I don’t know I haven’t before seeing I watch at least 10 of your videos a week

  24. Out and about and cooking with Assunta Gill February 5, 2021 @ 8:49 pm

    It would have been good to have seen some helmet mounted lights as well 🙂

  25. Does anyone know where I can buy that saddlebag with the light in it?

  26. Lux aren’t everything

  27. usb light is also cool, because i always have a small and light powerbar in my saddel bag. in case my light or phone runs out

  28. YES POINT THE LIGHTS DOWN! You do not need to see 20m down the road.

  29. Whatever happened to the lights that were connected to a dynamo that had a roller that pressed up next to the tire?😀Yes im going back to the 1970s. They didn’t need batteries but the light would go out when you stopped. 😁

  30. Ok now I feel lighted…sorry brighted … I meant informed, excuse my English 😉

  31. Andrew Dennington February 5, 2021 @ 8:53 pm

    Flashing lights are great if you want drivers to see you at a greater distance but unfortunately they make it more difficult for other road users to judge your distance when they are at close range. Now I don’t of know anyone who was knocked off their bike by a vehicle that was 50m away from them at the time of the collision but know lots of cyclists that were knocked off their bike by a driver that misjudged the distance to them when they were just a couple of meters away so I don’t ride with flashing lights.

  32. American living in Germany. Awesome to get a specific example for where I’m living. Thank you!

  33. I love my Light & Motion SECA 2200… It’s been running perfectly for years:)

  34. I have seen the light!

  35. https://www.orb.bike/about-the-orb/

    These guys do a brilliant light package for side visibility.

  36. Thanks for shedding some light on this overlooked subject!

  37. John Robin Metcalf February 5, 2021 @ 9:02 pm

    I always wear hi viz jacket 🧥 with lights on my ebike

  38. I have been considering some lights above 1000 lumens, do you think the CatEye Ampp 1100 is a good option?

  39. Just sharing my personal experience since you showed a model that I own, the Cateye 800. It is solid as a rock ! It has fallen many times from my hands or my bike at full speed on tarmac and it kept working just fine even with scratches and bumps ; the front glass is virtually bullet proof, the rest is metal and a very durable plastic. Really a good value for money on the long haul… downside being it has a conical beam which means it may blind people riding or driving in the opposite direction if you set it at a high angle. Other from that, it won’t let you down.

  40. The thing about USB lights being more cost effective because it saves you buying new batteries is a bit of a hollow argument. It costs me anywhere between £12-15 for two samsung 18650 batteries… Im happy to pay £12-15 every 3-4 years to keep a good light in service then fork out £40-200 on a new light every 3 years when the built-in battery no longer holds charge. 18650 batteries are also rechargeable so you can charge them at work if your light supports USB charging or if you have a small 18650 charger for your batteries.

    The cost effectiveness of 18650s outweighs the cost of a new light and there is no extra fuss involved with 18650 chargers and you can get ones that charge via mains or the mini chargers that charge one battery cell at a time via USB.

    But even if you dont charge your batteries at work. A 18650 battery weighs next to nothing so youre not losing anything by carrying a spare battery at the bottom of your backpack or pannier in any case.

    Im aware that you can buy cheap 18650s that people use in vape devices but i wouldnt recommend them as some have been known to explode or catch fire (cheap chinese tat) You can buy them at your own risk but i only buy quality 18650s made by Sanyo, Panasonic or Samsung – whichever is available and cheapest at the time

  41. Actually lumen is not the si unit for measuring an amount of light. THE SI Unit is Candella

  42. I just want to use a torch, I’m just going to use a massive torch with elastic bands and duct tape

  43. The saddle bag with the light built into it.. I’m interested in buying. Where can i find it?

  44. in germany… so much regulations about this shit…

  45. 08:23 what you meant was scum

  46. Stay away from Moon products. Had three rear comets all fail within 2 weeks. They dont like water at all. The front light also failed after a year. You would expect an LED light to last longer than a year if it costs 60 pounds.

  47. Would you recommend narrow beam light or wide beam light for everyday use in all terrain?

  48. how much is the price of lights

  49. Nelson Camilo Pego February 5, 2021 @ 9:19 pm

    About those initial side lights in front?

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