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  1. My battery won’t stay on. I have an A2B Alva+ just like this. I turn on the battery (light goes on) and then the battery shuts itself off within about three seconds. I have no idea why.

  2. Hi We have an A2B Obree ebike brought in to my workshop, The bike has fallen over off its stand no sign of any damage or any marks to where it’s hit ground and nothing
    broken. Could you help where to find a fault, display is not showing any life. Connections seem all good with plenty of battery power.

    Or if you could point us in the direction who could assist

    Thanks Ron

  3. Mines to smh

  4. Mines the same … not a clue what’s wrong with it

  5. Kevin, Mine has trouble turning on and off. don’t know if its the battery or the key fob

  6. Hi Kevin
    Did you find a solution ?

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