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  1. It is 2011 version? With snapping key?

  2. DO NOT RIDE A2B BIKES! They are totally unsafe and unreliable. Literally everything broke/died. Safety-cut off, torque sensor, battery, control unit, light, etc all died. And, A2B/UltraMotor/HeroEco/Whatever-rebranding will refuse to fix it. I mean REFUSE to fix it. Pay to send it to them, return just as broken, demand expensive servicing for no good reason, and when I complained they then refuse to do anything because the seller wasn’t "authorised".

  3. Also great for those of us that are tall

  4. I have this bike, the exact same model the only difference is I have cable brakes.

    Just a couple of questions if you still check this out from time to time.

    How fast does this bike in the USA go, as I said I have the exact same bike with pedal assist as well and it only gets up to 15.5 mph so I’m wondering if this is the USA model it would at least go 20.

    So is there any idea what has been done to my EU version bike that stops it going faster, I’ve been looking and asking but no one seems to have any answers.

    There seems to be a complete void of info on this bike.

    The next step for me will be to start to dismantle it bit by bit until I discover what’s holding it back.

  5. What is the difference between the disc brakes and the hydraulic brakes ?? 馃槰

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