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  1. I’m guessing you converted it using American parts rather than UK parts cos UK parts means 15 mph American parts means 20 mph plus.Only problem is if it is American parts and you are in the UK it’s now illegal cos it goes to fast.I really don’t understand why we are only allowed 15 mph in the UK when road cycles regularly go over 25 mph with no motor.You did a good job though looks good.Oh the give away sign is the crank it still has the gen 1 crank which is the American crank, the gen 2 has a pedelec crank plus twist grip.

  2. Hi,
    can you please tell me where can I get the locker? what is it called?

  3. Not sure if you know about the female mirror threads built into the brake lever perch? I bought 2 BikeMaster Scooter Mirrors (Part Number: P/N60-0020) that look very similar to the stock one that comes with Gen. 2 Metro and Octave.  Threads are same 8mm universal for both left and right.  The mirrors screw directly in to the brake lever perches after you remove the little black round rubber plugs.   Look on your brake lever perch for the black rubber cap/plug and remove it to reveal a hole with 8mm screw threads for accepting 8mm thread scooter mirrors.

  4. 4 years! That’s pretty good…I’ve got the Hybrid 24 and preparing myself psychologically it might fail within 2 years. That gives me hope! 🙂

  5. lindsey cuesta March 2, 2021 @ 10:50 pm

    Where did you get the parts for the conversion?

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