A2B Metro Gen 2 Main Battery Rebuild Upgrade to 36V 21 ah

A2B Metro Gen 2 Main Battery Rebuild Upgrade to 36V 21 ah

Test ride of 2011 Ultramotor A2B Metro Gen. 2 after a complete battery rebuild and upgrade from 36V 11.4 ah to a 36V 21 ah pack. The original battery was 7 years old and no longer holding charge. New LG 18650 cells were packed into the existing downtube battery case and reinstalled. The ebike can now do close to 40 miles on a single charge and single battery without adding to the overall weight of the bike! 馃檪 If the rear rack battery is rebuilt to 21 ah too then this ebike can have a dual battery 70 – 80 mile range…Maybe I’ll do that later but right now I can do a round trip commute of 20 miles without having to recharge at all and still have plenty of juice left to almost do another round trip.

If you need batteries for an older model, discontinued ebike, you can get batteries rebuilt at Electric Bike Marketplace in Las Vegas, Nevada: http://www.ebikemarketplace.com

E-Bike: A2B Metro Generation 2 (2011 model year). 500W Driect Drive Rear Hub Motor with 36V 21ah Lithium Ion Main Battery Pack in Downtube. Full Suspension with hydroformed aluminum frame.

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  1. Urban Fatbike Rider December 16, 2020 @ 9:39 pm

    Not as nippy as your Super 73 but is it a more comfortable ride because of the front suspension ?

  2. hi ive had my metro for about 7 years and it only manages about 3 to 4 miles now and the acceleration is not as quick off the mark like it used to be, i have the rear聽battery only 聽can you recomend a certain 18650 cell or anywhere to buy plz ,,,many thanks

  3. Hi ebikefan. Do you know what BMS is in this battery and where I can get one? Thank you for the great video!

  4. So who do you recommend I reach out to when it comes to reviving a dead battery because these are brand new batteries and I鈥檓 not looking to spending a ton more. Anyone you know who鈥檚 a bit better equipped to help with the revival of a battery? Thank you again for all your help, means a lot!

  5. Hello ebikefan! My name is Conor flanagan and I own 2 a2b metro ebikes, one black with an internal and external battery and one white with just an internal. The batteries are brand new but the chargers always go to green and the batteries aren鈥檛 charging please email me conorjf20@icloud.com I need help!

  6. Hi We have an A2B Obree ebike brought in to my workshop, The bike has fallen over off its stand no sign of any damage or any marks to where it鈥檚 hit ground and nothing
    broken. Could you help where to find a fault, display is not showing any life. Connections seem all good with plenty of battery power.

    Or if you could point us in the direction who could assist

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