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  1. Buongiorno, ma dove si trovano parti di ricambio in Italia?

  2. Is a2b still trading ? I’m in the UK and they don’t respond to any messages and I hear they arent trading anymore. Is it still possible to buy replacement new batterys for the a2b speed / shima anywhere ? Thanks ! Anthony

  3. WOW….as an A2B Shima owner, there is so much BS (like 28-30mph & 40mi range) from this "first day on the job" reviewer. The real World range is around 15mi. But they are good cardio ebikes, and the trigger throttle is only good to around 12mph (not mentioned). These Speed/Shima’s need regen braking, batteries upgraded to 52v/17’ish Ah, with an unlimited throttle, that work/overrides the PAS. My average level speed is only 20-22mph while pedaling, though on a slight downhill and pedaling hard you can get 27/28mph. A shame the Company went BK.

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